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philosophy of offense-2

The second of two articles on thinking about what it means to be offensive, particularly to religious sensibilities.

Adobe Acrobat file 503K Massimo Apr 22, 2015


Qualia is the philosophical term for subjective sensorial experience, "the feeling of what happens," as neurobiologist Antonio Damasio put it. Here is a brief introduction to the whole idea and its implications.

Adobe Acrobat file 287K Massimo Mar 10, 2015

Science as guide to Metaphysics

A somewhat (but not too much) technical article by philosopher Katherine Hawley of University of St Andrews.

Adobe Acrobat file 172K Massimo Dec 20, 2014

Why not Stoicism

Indeed, why not?

Adobe Acrobat file 353K Massimo Oct 14, 2014

Stoicism & Logotherapy

An article exploring the similarities between Stoicism and the most effective modern types of psychotherapy.

Adobe Acrobat file 728K Massimo Oct 14, 2014

Introduction to Stoicism

A brief introduction to basic Stoic thought and practice.

Adobe Acrobat file 167K Massimo Oct 14, 2014

Boghossian on the concept of genocide

NYU philosopher Peter Boghossian on the concept of genocide.

Adobe Acrobat file 150K Massimo Sep 16, 2014

Abandon nearly all hope

Hope is a positive thing, right? Not so, say a number of philosophers that we ought to take seriously.

Adobe Acrobat file 114K Massimo Apr 21, 2014

David Hume then and now

David Hume, the basics.

Adobe Acrobat file 572K Massimo Apr 21, 2014


A longer article on the use and misuses of the term "consilience."

Adobe Acrobat file 1.2M Massimo May 23, 2013

Democracy and Truth

The complex relationship between democracy and truth.

Adobe Acrobat file 918K Massimo Jan 2, 2013


Adobe Acrobat file 240K Massimo Mar 15, 2011

David Hume

Adobe Acrobat file 247K Massimo Mar 15, 2011

Moral objectivism

Adobe Acrobat file 244K Massimo Mar 15, 2011


Socrates, a brief overview of the most famous philosopher of all time.

Adobe Acrobat file 408K Massimo Aug 30, 2009

Massimo on hypotheses

Massimo on the role of hypotheses and data in science.

Adobe Acrobat file 126K Massimo Aug 10, 2009


The life and thought of a much-maligned philosopher: Epicurus.

Adobe Acrobat file 246K Massimo Jun 15, 2009

moral machines

An article by Wendell Wallach in Philosophy Now discussing whether machines can be moral, and in the process exploring what we mean by morality.

Adobe Acrobat file 201K Massimo Apr 13, 2009

welcome to class

A letter by lecturer Wayne Buck to his class, on how to read, write and think about philosophy.

Adobe Acrobat file 204K Massimo Mar 7, 2009

Massimo on Darwin

An article in Philosophy Now by yours truly on the status of evolutionary theory, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species

Adobe Acrobat file 211K Massimo Feb 5, 2009

08-11 experimental philosophy

A brief article on experimental philosophy by one of the leading scholars in the field.

Adobe Acrobat file 108K Massimo Oct 26, 2008


A classic essay by Robert Ingersoll in defense of heresy and against orthodoxy.

Adobe Acrobat file 165K Massimo Jun 9, 2008


A classic essay by G.K. Chesterton in defense of orthodoxy and against heretics.

Adobe Acrobat file 402K Massimo Jun 9, 2008


Medieval philosopher William of Ockham (the same one as the famous "razor") on heresy and heretics.

Adobe Acrobat file 216K Massimo Jun 9, 2008


The Catholic Encyclopedia entry on "heresy." A must read!

Adobe Acrobat file 385K Massimo Jun 9, 2008

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