Hints and Tips..

To You New Dive Bar Adventurers:

Here are some guidelines to get the most out of our Meetup:

1) Please ! Post a picture of yourself. We are not Stalkers!!! I as an organizer look at the pictures and use them to spot you at Meetups? In fact I print up RSVP lists and those lists use your picture.. Unless your doggy is coming or your cartoon friend from the Simpson?s is taking your place, a picture is crucial. This is Meetup not MySpace? We actually meet up?

2) Describe yourself and answer the questions. A picture gives us a clue, but the questions give us a vibe. I as organizer read everyone?s answers. If you don?t take the five minutes to answer the questions, well, how do we get to know you? Besides it?s a good conversation starter? So fill it out!!!

3) Every Monday night at 9 pm (Unless otherwise noted) I will be having a Newbie Chat. New Members must visit!!! Please go to www.webchannel.com/chat.html. Any browser will work, its java applet. So your Apple, your Linux, and Microsoft web browser should work. Unless you have super duper freaky security? Just login with any name, and introduce yourself.. All are invited, and Newbies!!! You are required to stop by within 30 days or else!!!

4) Questions? Please email me.. Or you can Instant Message me on AOL: koldwyn, Yahoo: koldwyn , MSN: christopher_david_kaufman, Google: cdkaufman, or Skype: koldwyn? If you have free email then you can chat, or wait until Monday night? Or just click on an organizer link... I do read email... Don't be shy say hello!!!

5) Meetup Store: Please Visit Mister Blinky?s Café Press Store.. We have a special on Thongs click here: http://www.cafepress.com/misterblinky.185357424.... As Organizer I pay $72 every 6 months, and since I have 6 groups I require two accounts 3 each. So I spend over $300 dollars a year for managing and designing and delivering Meetup Events? As such, your purchase goes directly to paying for the cost of the Meetups? Check back often new stuff all the time? All part of the WebChannel Social Network? Just buy a button: http://www.cafepress.com/misterblinky.185369759

6) The night before any event your Meetup Organizer or Assistant Organizer will post a Final Event Update. So please check your email that morning for any changes to the event and please update your RSVP accordingly? We will try to include maps, parking instructions, pictures of our Meetup Organizer, directions, contact number, and any other instructions that can help you be as comfortable as possible for our meetups.

7) Not showing no longer hurts my feelingsconfused. It used too.. But now it just ruins other persons feelings. I go to events not just for the event, but to MEET UP with new people, and if you don?t show some people feel disappointed. Plus, it labels you as a flake. Who wants to be friends with flakes??? So rather than kick you out or label your name with the Meetup Title ?Flakey? on your profile or shout which some Organizers do.. I will just assume you are not very friendly or nice.. And just a note, I do get the gossip about the flakes?

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