Crownsville, MD

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April 7, 2013


How long have you been gaming?

Since 1997 for video games, but only recently started roleplaying. Been in a total of 2 amateurish RP groups, one DnD 4E and one Pathfinder group, and would love to learn more and RP more. Definitely need help with character sheets and the like...

Describe a favorite character you've played / are playing...

don't have much back story besides: gnoll who grew up in a generally neutral-aligned group near a human village. light brown fur w/ dark brown stripes + gray eyes, wears a bear-claw necklace and foot wrappings to go with simple leather clothes.

Describe a memorable gaming moment...

lawful neutral dwarf fighter yelling at a castle gate in 4E, insulting the people behind it. he ends up getting an arrow to the face and the tip breaks against his skull, earning him the nickname "hard-head." those natural 20s...

Describe a memorable gaming moment...

No answer yet


Relatively normal 18 year old. carry cheez-its most places i go.

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