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Tell us your stories

Drache R.
Columbia, SC
Post #: 6
I find one of the greatest things about RP'ing is the wonderful stories that happen.

Why not tell us about your heroic moments or your comedic failures. Or post your characters back stories if they have good ones. A few of my characters have back stories so long they are almost small books. Show me what you have
A former member
Post #: 3
Heroic Moment: D&D 3rd ed. Aravalar, Elven Wizard/LoreMaster (Item Creation focused)

At level 5, survived over 30 rounds single handedly fighting off 4 trolls. Most of his spells were already used and he was forced to go melee early in the battle. The fact that he survived was a feat in itself, but he also saved the lives of 3 other party members who went down, as well as, the two children they were escorting. He would later become my first Epic Character.

Comedic Failure: D&D 2nd ed. (Skills & Powers) Loken Swiftfeet, Halfling Rogue

Just joining the game, Loken was "coincidentally" traveling towards the adventuring group, which had just forced a small group of Fire Giants to flee. Unfortunately for him, the Fire Giants fled in his direction. Need I say more. biggrin
Drache R.
Columbia, SC
Post #: 11
all I can say to the Halfing is ouch.

So how did the Aravalar survive? what did you do? Trolls regen and all that slop. It sounds like there was a long fight leading up to this point already There is a story here and more of a story in how you survived :D
A former member
Post #: 1
Around lvl 7 or 8 my bard/ranger Audelaine was growing tired of her group of single class chars mocking her songs- as well as her limited fighting abilities. We were having a heck of a time dealing with a bunch of undead. Main tank was nearly down. Our only cleric was way too busy and getting low on heals. It seemed like we may be about to turn the tide of battle when suddenly the necromancer behind the mayhem snuck in through a side door. Thanks to my ranger spotting abilities, I was the only one who saw him as he began motioning to cast Heirouneous knows what on us from the other side of the melee. My only real option was to loose two shots with my new compound bow...20....20(and I actually rolled near maximum for damage). As the Dm described it, his body went slack, and hung from the wall by the two arrows through his eyes. The tide was turned and the rest of the battle was just mopping up.
A former member
Post #: 5
Beauty, eh. Through the eyes...nice.

My first character was named Shathur du Bois - Tolkien fans will recognize the name from Fellowship as one of the two mountains flanking Caradhras. Anyway. His first adventure he fell into a vat of acid. He had about 6 hp or so, and I wasn't sure what I was doing (I was about 10 at the time), so after three times of the DM asking me what I wanted to do he finally said, "Well, Shathur's dead...what are the rest of you going to do?"

What makes that particularly sad...we resurrected the name (if not the character)...Shathur du Bois II. On his second adventure he stuck his hands in a pile of dirty rags in a dank and musty dungeon...and came away with a hive of rot grubs burrowing into his flesh. Everyone had already left the room to continue on as I was rooting around...I left through the wrong door...they found my body on the way out.

I've never laughed so hard with the death of the second one as that - the DM was a real character who 30 years later I can recall vividly, and likely the only reason I kept playing.

PS - Ironically enough, I had a magic user named Puma (10 years old, the 'in' sneaker...I wasn't very creative...) that actually did much better than the tank...I think I retired him at about 18th level or so.
Drache R.
Columbia, SC
Post #: 19
tis what sticks and sword are for...not touching musty stuff..but true nuff wether it but musty zombies or musty rags..they all have ways of killing you

A former member
Post #: 7
Ranger/Blood hound 3.0ed

Saved with the group saved the most notable elven civilization in FR. Dragged the rest of the group back that were half dead. Gained the elven mark of friendship.

Fought a demon; arm got cut off. The god of magic (it changed in the game through out the sortie) said that he would help me if I fixed one zone of dead magic. Thought I got someone I could trust but was cast to stone and then pushed into the dead magic area.

500 years later was revived found out that my greatest enemy was alive again. Was able to kill him and make sure that he was dead and then was almost killed by the dependents of the elven civilization that I saved earlier in the story. When they saw the mark they stopped in confusion took me in for study. Was later released and started my own blood hound enclave.

And the whole time my character had a Con. score of 9
Columbia, SC
Post #: 4
Favorite moment happened in a 3.0 adventure. My human fighter saves the decimated party from an Ankheg, slicing off its natural weapons, then skinning its natural armor, which was taken to a dwarven stronghold to an armorer who owed the party a favor. Ended up with Ankheg armor. Which is nice.
A former member
Post #: 24
Had a thief once named Switchblade, stereotypical D&D fantasy chick in chainmail. Red hair, large ahem fun bags etc.. etc.. well anyway the adventure when like this. Long time ago some Deity got pissed off at a drawven city and grabbed it and threw it into the deepest sea. We had to go into this city and retrieve a amulet so one of the characters could reclaim his birth right. Place was full of Derro, anyhow a ways into the adventure Switchblade sees a bunch of Derro hauling a chest. So she goes to get the shinny coins, she goes down some steps into a 10x10 room and gets ambushed and knocked out.

Well along comes the rest of the party sees bunch of Derro and the chest (it was low light so they couldn't see Switchblade lying down knocked out cold. Wizard of the group does the logical thing and casts lighting bolt (this was back in 2nd edition where lighting bolt bounced until it ran out). He read it from a scroll he had wrote by his archmage (20th level) mentor. So Switchblade gets hit for every bounce and I fail my saves cause I am knocked out (like -8 penalty to the save).

Before the DM ruled that the lighting bolt had weakened the wall for it to collapse and the ocean to flood the place Switchblade was at NEGATIVE 83 hit points.
Neal R.
user 10620037
Columbia, SC
Post #: 2
One of my all time favorite stories was from when I was a DM. At this time I had a small group of just 3 players playing a 2nd Ed. Campaign. The group was a Fighter/Mage, a Psionic, and a Druid. Mostly they just caused trouble everywhere they went. In one adventure they were supposed to help a Shaman and her Huge Barbarian brother defend a village from an undead uprising. But over the course of the adventure, they ended up destroying half the village and burned up the tent the Shaman and Barbarian had brought with them (along with a ton of the couples most valued possesions). In the end they saved the shaman from mortal peril but were far from forgiven, and the group left hastily by cover of night.
Fast forward about 4 levels. The PC's have been following rumors of a tournament being put on by a rather full of himself Knight in a neighboring kingdom. The prize is said to be a powerful magic sword, and a kings ransom in gold, and the group arrives at the tourney with a glint in thier collective eyes. To improve thier chances, they all enter the tourney, and one by one they step onto one of many granite fighting platforms to face thier opponents. The fighter was first faced with a rather lowly cleric (I had made a random opponents list and rolled for each contest) who he throttled mercilessly. Up next the psionic was faced by a mage and after a VERY unlucky streak of 3 straight 1's being rolled was taken from the platform battered and very burnt.
Now came the fun part, as the druid stepped into the ring, I can still remember the look on his face as accross from him stepped up the barbarian from that village so long ago, with his sister still in tow. Now for those of you who may remember 2nd ed. Barbarians, they used to work themselves into a rage, and then simply went crazy attacking until thier enemies were no more, or they were dead, which ever came first. Terror showed on the face of my cloth wearing, staff carrying druid (who was just 1 level shy of being able to transform into animal form, another older edition restriction) and I declared "Roll Initiative" as I described the flurry of curses being sent his way by the barbarian and his sister. The Druid, my friend Bert, won the roll and so had a chance to make atleast one clean strike as the barbarian charged across the ring. So imagine my shock as he declared "I cast Meld to Stone and fall backward INTO the ring". For a moment I didn't know what to say as the realization of what he had just done sunk in. With ALL of the players smiling like proud children, the only thing I could do was describe how the barbarian, having lost sight of his initial target, was now charging into the crowd to fight the only enemies he COULD percieve, the other participants in the tournament. One by one the barbarian attacked various low level participants until he ran out of cannon fodder. Here now is where another one of those old school "restictions" you might call them came into play. When a barbarian ran out of enemies, he became sorely fatigued and could take few of no actions for a period of time. So once the barbarian had blown himself out, up popped the druid, who smuggly strolled over and bludgeoned the barbarian into unconsiousness.
Now DM's out there, I realize that if you played 2nd Ed. I was probably stretching the rules of what the Meld to Stone spell was capable of, especially its duration, but come on. A player that came up with such a unique way of defeating a character (whom with a couple of levels more than the druid) should have by rights beaten him, needed to be rewarded, at least in my opinion. All of the group was eventually bested, and they later came back and stole the sword from the corrupt knight, but it is the story of THAT particular battle that ALL of us still talk about to this day. I've had hundreds of things like that happen while being a DM, more than I could probably ever share, but I hope those that have read this were reminded of events they themselves had that carry on with them, all these years later. Thanks for letting me tell my story.
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