Ryan K.


Richland, WA

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December 3, 2013

I am this kind of geek?

Yeah something about computers has always had my interest. I am not up to par on codes or anything like that, but I really enjoy learning about them. I just need someone with some patience and good knowledge to meet up with me from time to time to answer questions I might have and just really take me under their wing and teach me a few things. Also maybe start up something together and build an online business.

I like to wear hats?

Nope not a hat guy. Used to be, but my hair is thinning out and so i am scared if I keep wearing them, my hair will fall out completely.

I am awesome?

Awesome? IDK about that one, but I do know I am honest, shy, hands on learner, works hard. Have a lot of people to prove wrong. Motivated for sure.

I'm willing to help people in the community with...

I don't have a lot of skills to say the least but I am compassionate for those that have less than I have been blessed with. I always see people on the street and think to myself what can I do to help that person, or if I only had.....I would help them...For example my kids and I have been saving up Pop cans to take to the Wal-Mart in Hermiston (I work in Hermiston) to change them in for something cool, a toy or game. We had 6 big black bags we had saved up full of pop cans. As we were in line a hispanic lady got behind me with little in her cart and she looked so tired and worn out. I felt so much compassion inside for her, so I asked her to watch my bags for me because we had so many that only 3 would fit in the cart and I went and got the other 3 out of the bed of my truck. I said "these cans, are for you" she said "I don't understand" I replied "I give them to you" "I want you to have mine" :) she gratefully accepted.

My skillset generally looks like this:

To finish my story under helping in the community with...I might not have the skills to help build a house, or design a custom place,or anything like that, but I am willing to take some time out of my day to help others when I can. I work a pretty flexible job but also have a family of 4 kids that keep me busy. Giving to that lady was something greater than me netting $30.00 at a grocery store. I believe in Karma and helping others will help you. It was a life long lesson to teach my kids that physical things like a game or new toy can defeat the purpose of helping someone out in need. I just hope they understand that as life continues :) and they were actually super excited that they helped someone else out who was in need, so it felt good.


Only one in my family to NOT graduate college with a Masters degree, let alone an associates degree. Just want so bad to prove to them, that I can do something on my own as I am in the family business and have been for 12yrs. I need a Mentor. Please

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