I am not really happy with Meetup.com

From: user 2.
Sent on: Sunday, April 8, 2007 6:50 AM
Hi gang,

I am not happy with this mailing list. I am really not happy with this mailing list. I am even more upset at Meetup.com for crappy design and configuration of the organizer portion of this, this mailing list tool.

I sent a complaint about it to Meetup.com, and after you read it, please note also the Google Ads link as a additional revenue source for Meetup.com.

A IRATE (Emphasis IRATE) group organizer.

I have a few issues with your system.

Issue - the inability of your developers to design for a cancel option. There is not a cancel option in the set up of the email list.

Issue - the assumption that a group of people who are working 60+ hours a week will be interested in expending the effort to meet monthly.

My issues with the email list start from a simple position. It justifies your business needs more than my people's needs. The business need which it justified for you was the desire to reduce the increase of spending on storage and backup of the messages stored on your server. The solution does not match the need of my people not to be bothered any more than they need to be.

I did not appreciate finding myself in a loop in the organizer center with no way to cancel, to the point when I shut down with out sending the confirmation, the system does it any way.

I suspect that your system will proceed to irritate my people to the point that the will leave the Denver .NET meet up. I will attempt to keep them together, even if it means building Meetup.com competitors.

I figure that my people on the Denver .NET Meetup have on average 5 years of experience (I have a few college students in the group) in software development. I figure that when they note that Meetup.com collects $70/6 months/Meetup group, they will have a rough estimate of how much money Meetup.com makes. They might figure that they could do Meetup.com in a short time. So the only question that they will have is 'Can they do it so that it will be worth their time/effort?'

Now an additional problem is that I don't know what I will find to be an acceptable solution on your part for my people, since an unsatisfactory solution will result in a Meetup.com competitor going up.

I would appreciate a prompt response.
Steve Anderson
Denver .NET Meetup Organizer.

I really do apologize for disturbing you about this, it is my attempt to explain the situation. You can tell me if I am over-reacting since I did this without input from you.


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