Dachshund in need

From: Trish, Bailey,Ace, Sisko, M.
Sent on: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:42 PM
Dear Members,

Once again I am copying you another sad story of a dachshund in need. Please do not take offense at any of my postings. I do volunteer for rescue and my forwarding you is just another form of networking. I am a firm believer that YOU NEVER KNOW and if you don't ask, you won't find out, so I will always ask but there is NEVER any pressure on anyone. Our meetups are social events and times to play and share. If any of you have something you need to spread the word about, let me know and I can pass it on.

Thanks for caring. Hope to see you on the 13th at Barkham.


My name is Elena Delgado. I currently live in Florida, and I am the proud
> and happy owner of a lovely Dachshund named FRITZ.
> I found your e-mail in the website of Dachshund Rescue South Florida. Says
> there you are the owner surrender coordinator.
> I already wrote to the contact e-mail for the Foundation, but I also write
> to you, in the hope you can help me.
> Never in my life I thought I would be writing this, but I need your help in
> finding another home for my dearest FRITZ.
> The reason I have to separate myself from him is that after the economic
> crisis (lost my job and haven't found one) and the consequences of an awful
> divorce, I am currently in a very bad shape, financially speaking. I have no
> choice but to move to New York and start all over.
> I will be living with some relatives (yes, I am losing my home too), but I
> cannot take Fritz with me because the children of the house, and one of the
> adults, are highly allergic to cats and dogs. And I have nowhere else to go,
> at least until I can find a new job.
> After inquiring for MONTHS among my friends and acquaintances, after posting
> ads in billboards an letting everybody know, I have not found ONE soul who
> would give him a home. That's why you and DRSF are my last resort, before
> the horrifying perspective of a shelter.
> My FRITZ is a lovely, spirited 9-year old smooth black and tan. He is a
> very courageous little guy who survived a devastating disc injury that left
> him paraplegic in 2006. BUT with an amazing surgery, and many months of
> rehab in special facilities and at home... HE WALKED AGAIN!! Now he walks,
> runs, and is the same energetic dog he always was.
> However, he needs a little more "attention" than before, since even though
> he perfectly walks and runs, he's a little crooked and cannot jump more than
> 10 inches, or use his paws to scratch himself. Of course, he cannot climb
> stairs. But other than that, is a perfectly normal dog. Only that he LOVES
> when someone scratches his head, since he can't.
> Aside from this, FRITZ is a very HEALTHY DOG. Has NEVER been sick, except
> for a flu when he was a puppy. Has NEVER had a flea or a tick in his life.
> His teeth are PERFECT (he's had a dental cleaning once a year his entire
> life). He looks great for his age: he has received high-quality medical,
> preventative and cosmetic care all his life. And aside from grooming and
> dental cleanings, he is very low maintenance, as far as actual medical bills
> are concerned. He is a little overweight (23 lbs), but mainly for lack of
> enough exercise (we live in an apartment), and an overindulgent mommy who
> gives him a few too many treats. And because of this setting and his past
> injury, he has his little "accidents", but not very frequent. I'm sure that
> in the proper environment this won't be a problem. He's not neutered, but he
> is useless for breeding or even "humping" because of his past injury. But if
> you need me to neuter him for adoption, let me know.
> His temperament is typical of a dachshund: lively and a little stubborn, but
> very affectionate. NOT AGGRESSIVE at all. He can get along with other dogs,
> when slowly introduced. He is not very demanding, except when he's hungry or
> thirsty. He is playful, (LOVES TUG-OF-WAR and fetching), but independent...
> loves his toys. And he is not a barker... only when someone's at the door o
> he hears something strange. Makes a great alarm dog, but is not a constant
> annoying barker. Loves the outdoors, and travels by car with no problem -
> loves it.
> Attached please find a recent picture. It's not very good, but it's the only
> one I have. But I can take more.
> I need your help in finding this little guy a loving family. If my heart is
> breaking for having to leave him... I AM DESPERATE because so far I have not
> found him a home. If you help me find one, the lucky family or foster home
> will receive a healthy, clean and groomed dog, with his complete medical
> history and vaccines up to date, recently cleaned teeth, with all his
> blankets, cushions, towels, new toys, floor pads in case of any accidents,
> and his own food for six months. I do not want the Foundation to incur one
> single monetary expense with FRITZ, which is why I am willing to donate a
> reasonable amount of money that can offset any cost... even for other dogs
> in need. If I have to borrow this money or sell my few personal possessions,
> I will, but it's the least I can do to help you help Fritz find his way into
> a loving new home. Unfortunately I cannot give him that anymore... at least
> not for now. If I could, this baby would stay with me FOREVER (I don't have
> children).
> Please feel free to contact me ANYTIME at the address or the numbers below
> if you have any questions, or to tell me what to do. I sincerely hope you
> can help me with a prompt response, since my time here in FL and my options
> with Fritz are running dangerously short.
> I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you in advance for your attention.
> I'll be praying for your help, and God Bless You.
> Best Regards,
> 10770 NW 66th St., apt 404
> Doral, FL 33178
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> [address removed]

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