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WMC Fest 2012 Dribbble Meetup

Selected By: Jeff F.

iLTHY Store/Gallery

5304 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH (map)

Selected by: Jeff F.

Hey CLE Dribbblers, let's meet up at the next Weapons of Mass Creation Fest on June 9th! The iLTHY building will be hosting the WMC Fest gallery which will display the works of roughly 30 hand picked graphic designers, illustrators, and artists. While you're there, check out the speakers across the street at the Reinberger Auditorium and bands at the Happy Dog. WMC 2012 will be awesome and a Dribbble Meetup is a no brainer!

Selected by: Jeff F.

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Cleveland Dribbble Community

Cleveland, OH Founded January 10, 2012
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