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Costs to keep the group on Meetup

Dublin, IE
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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if everyone is aware, but charges organisers to maintain the group. It's $72 each 6 months. I've been paying it for the last 5 years, but can't really afford to do so at present. Therefore, I think we have two options:

1. Charge everyone a membership of €1 - hopefully enough people would respond to cover the fee. (And if there is a great response, we have funds to host pub nights, etc!!)
2. See if there are 12 people who will each pay for one month.

Charging for events is another possibility, but seems awkward to arrange and collect fees. And lastly, we can let the group expire, in which case it will only stay active if someone else will sign up as organiser and pay the fee.

Please let me know what you think, and I can set up to receive payments and membership fees through this site (there is also a reporting function, so I can let member know how much we have, and what we are using it for!)

A former member
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Hey Devyn. I know from organising the German meet-up a few years ago that it costs money. I have no problem whatsoever of giving €1 or €2 to the costs. I will be there on Superbowl evening to give it you or somebody else. Cheers, Gavin.
A former member
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I'm also happy to chip in whats needed: Suggestions: payments via wepay or paypal if that suits or a better free idea would be to migrate this group over the the "Americans Living in Ireland" community on Google+.­
You can organize and announce events and post privately or use chat. It would be a way to carry on this group and continue to plan meet ups. Just a thought.
A former member
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Hi Devyn, I agree and am happy to pay a one off fee ... Other groups have dropped non paying members off their groups, fair is fair. Any excess monies can be spent up at a July 4th bbq...Would vote to leave group as is on meetup.
user 5687039
Dublin, IE
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...migrate this group over the the "Americans Living in Ireland" community on Google+.­.

I second the move to google +. Its not the best, but its free. I was very surprised to read that you devyn had been paying for this group, 144USD a year? shocking. SHOCKING!!

If no one is willing to move I would pay a certain amount, YAKNOW
user 7271778
Dublin, IE
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i think the easiest and most practical is to ask for donations at meet-ups. It wouldn't be awkward at all- we all are happy to chip in a little bit, knowing that there's a cost involved- now that I know, I wish I'd helped out a bit in the past.
user 8372080
Dublin, IE
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Migrate the group to the Google community. Simple.
user 8300403
Dublin, IE
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Migrating to Google+ makes sense however that would only work best for those that are currently members. Google+ would not be the first place people look to find an ex-pat meetup group (they would come to this site first) so I think it would be best to keep the group on here.

I would be more than happy to sponsor a month or chip in whatever is needed. We could make the donations optional at the meetup groups. I would suggest if we go this path though that a few assistant organizer's be added to the group.
A former member
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I'd put in some you have a paypal account?
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