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The Diggers: Free Store

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If anyone is interested in "hippie history" or the American revolution that took place in the 60's
there was this group of radical hippies called the diggers prorably taken from the expression's
I dig it
can you dig it
dig it man
I believe they started out in S .Frisco and Height Asbury during the whole Hippie movement when it was in full gear.
Then some came to NYC and set up in the East Village were they had a free store, and they gave away every and anything they could find and what people bought to
them and what they could beg from companies and stores resturants ect. From clothes to furniture and everything in between also across Tomkins Square Park were there store was they also had there free kitchen were theyd give out free cooked meals to anyone
{and so did the krishners who are still doing that}
The Greatful Dead were friends of The Diggers as was all the Merry Pranksters and Hog Farmers and they had free concerts in Tomkins Square Park
and there were alot of free drugs going around reefer hash acid...
love struck cool cool
well all these free cycling sites i ve been seeing are reminding me of it . I think its pretty cool
I only hope that people feel its better to give than recieve and dont see this as just away to amass a lot of freebies that maybe they dont even need or could afford thus cheating someone who really does need stuff out of it
Ialso think they oughta stop offereing broken stuff thats already free in the garbage and we can easily find that

I gave alot of stuff away thru freecycle and I was really glad too. I gave away alot of valuable antiques and collectables because I have so much to begin with and felt other people could use them how many retro coffee mugs and vases and planters do I really need ?
and all my stuff was starting to own me and taking over all my space.
I decided to cut it down to the stuff I really need use or like alot and want to keep in my collection
if any of you want to find other ways to get by and screw the fat cats and establisment try to find ABBIE HOFFMANS (R.I.P.) survival guide called "STEAL THIS BOOK" alot of the stuff in it you cant do anymore people caught on BUT alot of stuff can still be done I dont know if the text from it is on the web. I know I found a copy of the book in a second hand store so maybe you can hunt for a copy of Abbie's book.., and try to steal it if you can
Make Abbie Proud!
and dont get caught!
But dont steal from street vendors!laughing biggrincool
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