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  • Eckankar Maine

     Eckankar is a place of spiritual learning. Each physical meeting brings a spiritual lesson of some kind. Recognizing the spiritual lessons that come your way, each and every day, makes life rich and fulfilling. There are many opportunities to take something learned in an Eckankar meeting and immediately apply it to everyday life. Participating in a group whose members set their spiritual horizons high is a great joy. In an Eckankar meeting, many heartfelt stories are shared of how a spiritual principle fell into the story-tellers lap. Often a spiritual principle will reveal itself in the most commonplace of events. You never run out of spiritual experiences in Eckankar. The spiritual life is eternal. It just keeps coming and coming. Spiritually, you are soul. You unfold to ever higher vistas and outlooks as you as soul work your way to new and higher realizations. The growth never stops. It goes on and on. 

    Ed A. on Nov 15, 2012.

  • Eckankar Maine

     Would recommend this to anyone wanting to have personal experience and connection with God. No need to take anything on faith; prove it to yourself. These tools and techniques help to navigate through life. 

    Lisa on Mar 22, 2011.

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