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6 Monumental Questions Facing Every Church In America

Discussion for October 16th Meetup

a .docx file 18K Steve Oct 14, 2014

When Certainty Kills

Discussion for Sept. and Oct. Meetup

a .docx file 14K Steve Oct 14, 2014

14 Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel

"14 Favorite Ways to Twist the Gospel," article by Howard Snyder. Our discussion material for the start of 2014.

a .docx file 35K Steve Feb 1, 2014


Book: "So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore" from http://www.jakeco...­

Adobe Acrobat file 1.5M Steve Nov 4, 2013

Incarnation is Not a Ministry Strategy

Here's what we will go over for 5/6/13. Here's an excerpt: “Incarnation in ministry has little to do, then, with cozying up to others to convert their interest; rather it is about sharing in their life as person”

a .docx file 93K Steve May 5, 2013

Relational Ministry is not a Strategy

Relational ministry, and "Individualism" vs. "Person-hood" in community were topics of of our last Meetup. We'll continue the conversation using Scot McKnight's series on May 6th. What we read last time, and the discussion questions, are attached.

a .docx file 321K Steve Apr 27, 2013

Tear-off Flyer - Steve

Adobe Acrobat file 1.4M Steve Oct 19, 2012

Three Ways of Framing the Gospel

Three Ways of Framing the Gospel

a .docx file 17K Steve Sep 23, 2012

Brian McLaren Book Tour Press Packet

Brian McLaren Book Tour - Press Packet

a .docx file 14K Steve Aug 15, 2012

Brian McLaren Book reviews (2)

Brian McLaren Book Reviews - Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World.

a .docx file 19K Steve Aug 15, 2012

Brian McLaren_press release

Brian McLaren Book Tour Press Release

Adobe Acrobat file 261K Steve Aug 15, 2012

What does missional look like 2

What does missional look like? Part of discussion for 2/16/12 Meetup

a .docx file 14K Steve Feb 15, 2012

Table-top Sign - Steve

Adobe Acrobat file 160K Steve Dec 3, 2011

Community 101

Community 101 - Excerpts and questions we went over for the August 2011 Meetup

a .docx file 15K Steve Aug 2, 2011

Re-effect 2011 Notes

Kathy and Steve went to Atlanta last month to Salvation Army's "Re-effect" conference. It was not for the feint hearted, or those invested in the status quo. One thing it was - thought provoking to those of us wanting to re-imagine how we do church.

a .docx file 92K Steve Feb 1, 2011

Gods Evacuation Plan

"God's Evacuation Plan?" Discussion Questions for Tues. 10/5/10 Meetup

a .docx file 16K Steve Sep 29, 2010

Missional Dilemma

Missional Dilemma? Draft for discussion this Tuesday

Word file 31K Steve Aug 29, 2010


August 3, 2010 Meetup. For those coming tonite, here are some of the discussion questions.

Word file 86K Steve Aug 3, 2010


Missional - Excerpts from "Missional Renaissance" and discussion questions for Jan. 2010 Meetup

Word file 37K Steve Jan 2, 2010

Meeting God2

Meeting God at the Pub

Adobe Acrobat file 151K Steve Oct 31, 2009

Dream #1 The Father's Only Son

God is love! A Meetup member shares a dream they had many years ago, and it's a good one.

Word file 59K Steve Aug 29, 2009

Atonement and Pentecost

We'll go over excerpts from Scot McKnight’s book "A Community Called Atonement" focusing on Pentecost for our September Meetup.

Word file 44K Steve Aug 28, 2009

Sermon_-_Recovery_Su­nday_2 - Aug 2009 Deb_McLaughlin1

Our neighbors John & Deb are new members of BEC. Deb recently became a “lay preacher” in the Episcopal Diocese of SE FL. On Aug. 2, she preached at St. John’s in Hollywood for “Recovery Sunday.” Here is her sermon, a story of struggle and grace.

Word file 46K Steve Aug 9, 2009

Plant Fruit Trees July 181

Join us on Saturday, July 18th, to plant fruit trees and an urban food forest at Parkway-Tedder Community Garden!

Adobe Acrobat file 441K Steve Jul 13, 2009

Kingdom Gospel 1 thru 7

This is a compilation of all seven recent Jesus Creed blog posts on the topic, "Kingdom Gospel," by Scot McKnight. What Paul tells us about the gospel in Romans is important, but what we learn from Jesus and Luke tells us so much more...

Word file 64K Steve Jun 15, 2009

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