New Meetup: Unforgettable Speakers, Business Networking, & an Authentic Italian Dinner!

From: Connie C.
Sent on: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1:59 PM
Announcing a new Meetup for INTEGRITY FROM THE HEART!

What: Unforgettable Speakers, Business Networking, & an Authentic Italian Dinner!

When: October 1,[masked]:00 PM

Price: $35.00 per person

Details Coming Soon
Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills , CA 90209



Location: BEVERLY HILLS (Address will be provided once payment is received)

Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009 Time: 7:00PM Price: $35.00 per person

To purchase tickets please go to:


I Heal The Earth, I Heal Myself by Sheryl Lee

This is about my journey of healing in connection with my relationship to mother earth and all of the magnificent beings which live upon her. It is about listening to the wisdom within the cells of my being as well as the wisdom that I breathe in from all of nature?s heartbeat around me.

About Sheryl Lee: Through the craft of acting, Sheryl Lee discovered her curiosity about the subtle forms of energy and how deeply they can affect and guide us. She also learned the ability to be still and listen to the creative voice within her, which then went on to become the healing voice as well, when life took her through a physical challenge two years ago. She is currently studying shamanic healing, which has opened up a new channel for her expression through sacred art and reignited her passion to help others find and spread their wings.

Shut up and Breathe! by Julie Hale

Through the process of evolution, human beings have developed an amazing brain - with more power than we are even aware of yet. Our biggest asset however, that has allowed us to make so many advances in our health and well being, can also be our worst enemy at times. While our lifestyle has changed greatly, certain parts of the brain have not. If we are stressed about being late for an appointment for instance, our brain still processes it as if a woolly mammoth is chasing us! Through ancient yogic breathing practices, learn how to trick the 'prehistoric' part of the brain into relaxing, and learn how to achieve higher functioning in life despite our everyday stresses.

About Julie Hale: Julie Hale M.A., RYT has a yoga therapy private practice in West Los Angeles. Her area of expertise is in combining modern psychotherapeutic techniques with traditional yogic philosophy to increase mental as well as physical health and well being.

Acting Aware: The Art of Acting as a Guide to Joyous and Conscious Living by Kia Hellman

Learn how to use the tools actors use when creating a character and telling that character's story to connect with your true divine spirit and create the life you want to live.

About Kia Hellman: Kia Hellman has been acting since she was three years old, is a graduate of UCLA's School of Theater, Film & TV, and has been coaching/guiding actors and non-actors in their journey toward connection with self and creation in groups and individually for the last eight years.

Activating and Listening to Your Spiritual Voice ~ Plus Live Readings by Carolyn Coleridge

Our spiritual voice is our authentic voice; through intuition and breathing we are able to hear our own truth.

About Carolyn Coleridge: Carolyn B. Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, a Spiritual Intuitive and an Energetic Healer. She has appeared on CNN International demonstrating hands on healing. She was a contributing author to the book, "The Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs" compiled by Ginny Robertson. She has a thriving healing and intuitive consultation practice and has regular classes on spiritual growth. Carolyn's gifts include giving intuitive soul messages that help clients find their life purpose and inspire them to pursue their spiritual gifts.

Lifting The Veils....A Soul?s Journey by Kathleen Dayvolt

Veils are blocks and protections we create both consciously and unconsciously. Lifting The Veils is about how to become aware of the beliefs that create these veils and how to lift them. All the love, joy, peace and happiness we all seek is already within in us ? it is the substance of our Soul. When we discover how to ?undo or unlearn? these veils, we release the Love with in us and experience it naturally in every part of our life. It is our intuition, our Inner Voice that guides us on this Journey.

About Kathleen Dayvolt: Kathleen Dayvolt is a clairvoyant, an intuitive, a color therapist, a life coach, a vibrational /energy healer, teacher and speaker, who uses color, sound, aromatherapy and sacred geometry along with her intuitive gifts and skills to assist others in Lifting Their Veils and access their own intuitive abilities. Kathleen helps people experience extraordinary results in everyday ordinary situations.

Love is the Healer by Marilyn Salas

Through my many years of hands-on-healing experience I am convinced that Love?s Energy is truly ?THE Healing Energy?. In connecting with the love in my heart, the Divine Love/Divine Light flows through my hands to open and balance the chakras, meridians, and nadis. This Divine energy opens and releases long-held negative and blocked energies on all levels of existence ? Mind/Body/Spirit. In general, I have found that by guiding clients to set their own healing intentions at the beginning of each session, appears to result in an amazing healing experience.

About Marilyn Salas: I have been an intuitive healing practitioner for almost 17 years, and rely on my direct communication with Spirit to facilitate Love?s healing energy. Born in Ohio, and educated by ?Source? experience, I have lived in various locations in California, Colorado, Indonesia, and Washington State. Since 1999, I have resided in Ojai, and was drawn to this small valley because of its? unique spiritual energy of love, nurturing, and peace?it is a feminine vortex.

Living Your Life Purpose & Simply Trusting by Connie Costa

Liberate yourself from fear and start living your life purpose today! No more excuses! The time is now to simply "trust" and start being guided by your higher self and not your mind. You too can lead a life full of passion, abundance, happiness, love, and prosperity.

About Connie Costa: Connie Costa is an Intuitive Counselor, Certified Integrated Energy Therapist, Life-Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Healing Guide. She has a Master?s degree from Antioch University in Clinical Psychology and is currently obtaining her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona. For additional information on her coaching please go to

Join us for an opportunity to network with other professionals and promote your business. While passing out your business cards and enjoying the company of other like-minded professionals, you will be treated to a delicious Italian dinner and inspiring speakers.

So, don't forget your business cards, and get ready to talk to individuals eager to hear about what your business has to offer! I am the Networking Queen and feel that this is a great opportunity to gather an intimate group of people to join in stimulating conversation while having a fabulous dinner! We are going to have a blast! This is an inexpensive way to market yourself, discover excellent products & services and make new friends. It's an offer you can?t refuse.

Who should attend? EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!! Excellent for healers, life coaches, psychotherapists, spiritual teachers, counselors, business entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, business coaches, health doctors, fitness doctors, health, wellness & holistic experts, and all professionals in similar and non-similar fields who feel that they can benefit from this experience.

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