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Non Sequitur 091209

For writers of children's books (and others.)

a .GIF file 22K Phil Sep 12, 2009


Guidelines for submitting work to the group. Please read before submitting.

Word file 24K Debbie May 20, 2008

published articles

published articles.

Word file 24K A former member Apr 10, 2008


old article

Word file 27K A former member Apr 10, 2008

Preying Mantis.1

Trying again to upload. Beginning of a poem, not yet completed, just looking for feedback. Thanks.

Word file 27K Joseph S. May 31, 2011

The Funky Flamingo Cake and Cookie Shop-old

old article

Word file 29K A former member Apr 10, 2008

10 Tips for Writing Your Nonprofit Story

10 tips for writing any story.

Word file 29K Phil May 25, 2013

www.writetoinspire.c­om, article1120

In case you're wondering whether you're writing a short story or you've entered the realm of novellette, here's an article that will help.

Word file 29K Phil Jan 10, 2010

ten tips for better writing

Here are 10 solid tips to help your writing. I hope this helps.

an image 31K Richard P P. Oct 5, 2012

Lugo-Sprague Story

old article rough draft

Word file 32K A former member Apr 10, 2008

To Smoke a Legend

Here is a short story, about a 1,000 words. Feb 17th will be my first meeting. I'd be happy to have it looked at on March 3rd. The story is self contained, it's hard boiled-Sin City ish. I'd be happy to read comments earlier.

Word file 32K Michael Feb 16, 2010

Lugo-Sprague Story-rough 1

old articles written-draft

Word file 33K A former member Apr 10, 2008

Psych of history writers upload

Word file 34K R J R. Oct 13, 2014

Dance Macabre - Mike

Here's a quite short ditty I wrote when I got home; perhaps there'd been too much discussion of ghosts, witches and vampires. Yet, upon re-read, this seems such a very sad, sorrowful tale, unlike anything else in my files.

Word file 34K Mike Jan 10, 2008

Lizzy Chapter 3 for Writers Group

Here's chapter 3. This chapter gets a little racey but nothing explicit.

Word file 35K Debbie Jun 1, 2007


Woo Hoo, Debbie is writing again. Here's the Chap 1 re-write of Lizzy. I'm re-doing it in the first person as a novella. As usual, please keep an eye out for passive tense. Thanks

Word file 36K Debbie Feb 18, 2008

Lizzy Chapter 4

This is the smut I've warned you about. Anyone who is uncomfortable with graphic sexual content please do not read.

Word file 36K Debbie Jun 17, 2007

Lizzy Redux Chapter 2

Here's the smut I promised. If harliquin want smut, smut they will get. If you don't want to read explicit material skip this. Sorry its late, life got in the way.

Word file 38K Debbie Mar 18, 2008

Lizzy Chapter 2 for Writers Group

Here is Chapter 2 of Lizzy.

Word file 38K Debbie May 25, 2007

We Did Overcome

Word file 38K A former member May 27, 2011


For 9/17 meeting. Yes finally back to Lizzy. This needs all kinds of critique ... line editing, content editing, passive voice etc...

Word file 39K Debbie Sep 14, 2008

ColorsChapter 2 Debbie

Here's chapter 2 ... sorry its so late ... if you can get to it great.

Word file 39K Debbie Jul 31, 2007


This is the new first chapter of Lizzy.

Word file 39K Debbie May 10, 2007


For Sep 19th. Here is the re-write of chapter 1. I hope the sequencing is better.

Word file 39K Debbie Sep 15, 2007

Lizzy Chap1 Rewrite

Here's the re-write or chapter one. Hopefully I've eliminated the confusion.

Word file 39K Debbie Mar 2, 2008

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