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There was some interest in what classes and at what times so here all the info for the fall.  A few of the descriptions are old but I'm sure understand the scope of the class.

Fall semester starts Aug 27th

Photo 101, Basic Digital Photography:

This course is an investigation of the historical and practical aspects of photography as an art form. Students have the opportunity to explore the basic theory and principles of light and photography through the analysis of photographic images from momentous photographers with a variety of diverse backgrounds. This course offers students the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the theory and practice of photography by developing a point of view about the variety of possibilities for the photographic image in our culture.

Section #22605 Lecture M/W 10:55-12noon, Lab W 12:30-3:40pm

Section #22604 Lecture M/W9:20-10:25am, Lab M 12:30-3:40pm

Section #22606 Lecture M 6:30-8:35, Lab W 6:30-9:40pm

Photo 102, Intermediate Digital Photography:

This course continues the investigation of the historical and practical aspects of photography with a focus on the black and white image. Students have the opportunity to examine not only their own work, but the work of masters in the field to gain a better understanding of the tools necessary to create more compelling compositions. Activities include lecture, demonstrations, critique, digital darkroom work and field work.

Section #22637 Lecture T 9:20-11:25am,  Lab Th 9:20-12:30pm

Photo 010, New Media and Social Change:
This course investigates how web-based technologies, internet multi-media, and photography have assisted in causing social change around the world through images. Evidence of social change from significant historical photographic images from momentous photographers with a variety of diverse backgrounds are explored for social and political context. Critical analysis of shifting perceptions and expectations regarding race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, cultural identity and ethnicity in contemporary web-based visual media. The evaluation of major new media expressions from various cultures that have caused social change include a wide variety of genres from social documentary photography, multi-media documentaries, contemporary art photography, ethnographic photography, photojournalism, social media, and blogs.

Section #20757 M/W 12:30pm-1:55

Section #22608 Online

Photo 20A Studio Photography – Portraiture:

This studio portrait lighting course introduces the students to basic portrait lighting. Setups demonstrated are: one, two, and three light arrangements. This course also explores different kinds of light sources, as well as qualities and colors of light necessary to photographing people. The theory of color balance, filtration, and post production techniques are also explored.

Section #20758 W 5:45-10pm

Section #20759 Th 12:30- 4:45pm

Photo 30D Color Digital Photography:

This course focuses on the processing, printing and color correcting of digital files. Digital printing is also presented. In addition, a printing digital workflow is also covered in this course. This course offers some of the skills necessary for entry into commercial photography.

Section #20760 T/Th 12:30-4:45pm

Photo 45A,B,C Field Studies: Napa Valley

This course is offered in a field trip format with content varying depending on the destination. A
preliminary on-campus meeting followed by an off-campus field trip and critique of photo work from the field trip completes the course. Subjects included are: camera techniques, exposure, composition, filter use, macro photography,
artificial light, and special equipment. Digital and traditional film techniques will be explor ed. Students must supply their own photographic equipment, supplies, transportation, and lodging
while on the trip.

Section #20761 Trip 10/13 and 14

Photo 60 Intro to Photoshop:

This introductory course provides the student with the practice and theory of Adobe's photoshop and how it is applied to digital photography. This course provides the student with the opportunity to manipulate and optimize original and stock photographic images. Students explore the use of images and how they can be used in combination with text and graphics to create collateral necessary in today's workforce.

Section #20765 Monday 4:45-10pm

Photo 73 Photographing Your Art:

This course will provide photographers with information on the simplest methods for photographing their artwork for either inventory records, portfolio presentations or publication. It will cover the different techniques required for drawings, paintings, sculpture and other media. Students must supply their own adjustable focus and exposure camera and all expendable photographic supplies used in the course.

Section #22809 10/19-10/219 (Friday evening and all day Sat and Sun)

Photo 74 Close up Photography:

This course is designed to introduce the principles of close-up photography for the photographer. It will explore the options for supplemental equipment, lighting and digital solutions to Marco Photography. It will also explore the many possible areas of subject material from flowers and insects to printed circuits and silicon wafers It will be highly non -technical with emphasis on the ease with which modern equipment will allow this application of the photographic medium. Students must supply their own adjustable focus and exposure camera.

Section #[masked]/2-11/4 (Friday evening and all day Sat and Sun)

Photo 120 Adobe Lightroom for Photographers:

This course explores the use of Adobe's Lightroom, and how this valuable tool can streamline your workflow as a photographer. Topics covered are importing, keywording, Image enhancement, archiving, and portfolio presentation.

Section # 22609 T 4:45-10pm

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