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*ZFD-SPECIAL* Visit Durchmesserlinie

Selected By: Jerome

Zürich Hauptbahnhof

15 Bahnhofplatz, Zurich, CH 8001 (map)

Selected by: Jerome

Dear all

We set up a special event for the züriflickrdrinks community: we will make the visit of the construction work from the Durchmesserlinie on Thursday, February 16th at 18:00.

The tour lasts 2 hours and is free - yet we had to book for a group of 20 people, so we need to carefully get the registrations in the thread below (registration by Facebook does not count!).

UPDATE: it seems we may have more than 20 seats for the visit, so feel free to invite more people (but still, thanks to announce them here)

Thanks to answer here whether you are coming - and with how many persons (first come first serve, flickr-friendly preferred). We'll go for a drink afterwards to keep the good ZFD spirit(s)!

Meeting point: 6pm in the Austellungsraum

Infos and registration on http://www.flickr.com/groups/zueriflickrdrinks/discuss/72...­

Selected by: Jerome

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