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Our group has a majority of singles, but we welcome both singles and couples
, the vast majority of our members are in their 20s, 30s and 40s.



  • Events are held in private venues, have a low fee and include a drink
  • All our events have the following structure: SOCIAL ---> MOVIE ---> SOCIAL
    That means, there is good time to socialize and meet others both before and after the movie


  • We focus exclusively on great foreign cinema - And the best ones!. So many wonderful films don´t make it to America or they do, but they are overlooked because most people don´t want to read subtitles, only few theaters show them and for a limited time, etc etc.
  • We will use private venues and shows only for us, with a drink or two included. This avoids the problem of not seating together and allows to mingle and socialize more. You won´t have to find the organizer and who the heck is a member of your group inside theaters full of non-members!.
  • You will be able to meet and discuss the movie with others while making new friends!. Events will provide enough time left to socialize with your fellow movie lovers before and after the movie (around 1 hours before, and 60-90 minutes after). A drink (wine, beer, soft drink) is always included in price.
  • We will always select great quality movies, regardless of where they were made. We plan to include a wide variety of the best European, Asian, Canadian, Australian, Latin American and African movies!.
  • We will not only organize events well, but we will always describe them and the movies well, providing you with all the detailed information you need and deserve to know. We will usually provide a trailer in event description. No lame event/movie descriptions here.
  • Both the projector and screen are ours: we have total control to provide the best movie experience.
  • We support movie studios and pay movie rights. Please inquire your organizer about this before you attend any private shows from other groups.
  • We care about our members: we respond all emails and inquiries.
  • Last, but not least, your opinion counts!: We will select movies following members suggestions and opinions provided in profiles, polls and in person.


  • It is absolutely fundamental that you use the internet - No reservations, sign ups, or inquiries via phone. You are also familiar with reading event descriptions online.
  • Only advance payment will reserve you a spot. You can pay online in advance via either Credit Card or a PayPal account. RSVPs clicking as YES without payment do not guarantee any spot/s. We always reserve a good number of spots that will be available at the door, at door price - only cash is accepted for those.
  • Advance payments are not refundable unless we cancel or postpone an event - No refunds or credits towards future events are offered if you cancel, NO exceptions - Please pay if you are sure you can attend.
  • Before you attend any event, it is your responsability to check on the corresponding event page for the latest update on seat availability, if event is cancelled or postponed, etc. We regularly email members when there are important changes in an event, however, you MUST always check the event webpage before you attend.


  • NEGATIVE COMMENTS/POSTINGS ABOUT MOVIES LISTED FOR FUTURE EVENTS. If you saw and didn´t like a movie we plan to watch, please keep that for yourself!. FYI, we only choose movies that a very large number of viewers LOVED. Fine if you think differently, just please don´t bring that to our website. You can, however, make any comments about movies we already saw.
  • COMMENTS OR POSTINGS spoiling the ending or story for an upcoming movie. Please keep in mind others have not seen it yet!
  • SNOOPING AROUND EVENT ENTRANCE. Please kindly either get in or leave, do not stay distracting the hostess at the registration desk. PLEASE ABSOLUTELY NO "I want to see if my friend is here" / "I want to speak to my friend who is inside", and similar excuses. Please kindly use your cell phone from anywhere far enough from the entrance
  • UNFAIR RATINGS. Typical cases: someone attends an event without reading event description where all the info to find us is written. Then, can´t find venue or us, goes back home and, again, doesn´t read event description to see what the problem was yet he/she rates event poorly. Or someone doesn´t read event description (where detailed schedule is) and attends early thinking the movie will start right away. Then goes and rates event poorly for that.


Joining and remaining a member is entirely FREE. For events in private venues we offer a package that includes a seat and a drink. For movie shows in cinemas, you will need to take care of purchasing your own ticket for the indicated show. In any case, event description will provide you detailed instructions on how to guarantee a seat for you in event.

AGE: Minimum age to be a member is 21, as alcoholic drinks are served in events. Our members are mostly in their 20s, 30s and 40s and we choose to keep it that way for better mingling and socializing as well as differences in generational tastes in movies.

This group is privately owned. Group organizer reserves the right to terminate membership anytime.

Both singles and couples are welcome. Movie events are in private venues and are exclusively for group members. Sorry but you can not bring guests that are not members of the group – please ask them to become members before attending, it is very easy and it is free.

To join, please click on the “Join us!” button and kindly answer all questions.


Events offer an excellent deal for you: Just $18 (some events cost $16) for one drink (wine, mojito, margarita, beer, some licquors, sodas, etc) and a seat plus the social before and after movie. Currently, if you pay online in advance for some events, you will also receive a DVD movie of your choice at event. There are no admission fees for movie screenings, you can get in when the movie starts, leave when it ends - No cover: you are not obliged to buy a drink or food either. However, the package we offer is ideal for anyone interested in meeting others attending the social event before and after the movie. By purchasing it, you will get a drink, a seat and the social event, and most importantly, you will help us pay the movie screening costs, projector and screen costs, promote our group, and other expenses.

ONLY ADVANCE PAYMENT WILL RESERVE YOU A SEAT FOR THE MOVIE - A simple selection as "Count me in" in event page without payment will NOT reserve any spot/s. You are paying to Cultural Networks, LLC which owns and runs this group.

You can also pay at the door (cash only) if seats are available when you arrive. ADVANCE PAYMENTS always close the day before event, at around 1 pm

IT IS IMPORTANT that you read the cancellation/refund policy in event descriptions. Unless otherwise specified, our events are NOT refundable if you cancel and we DO NOT provide credits towards future events. Refunds or credits are only honored if an event is cancelled or postponed by us. NO EXCEPTIONS

Use any credit card, a PayPal account isn´t needed to pay online. You also can pay online without using your regular credit card. Read ---> HERE


Simply RSVP as YES and show up. Please note that just a “YES” RSVP does not guarantee you a spot. Only paying online in advance does. Also, not being dressed appropriately can get you a denial for admission in the venue.

To buy a ticket in advance you will need either a PayPal account OR a valid credit card OR simply cash to purchase a green dot (rechargable) credit card. Please read how to pay in advance without paypal using a credit card or cash --> HERE.

At event, we only accept cash.
Each person attend events at his or her own risk. We are not responsible for any losses of property, any injuries or any form of damage that would affect you or your property during an event. Attending an event means you clearly understand you can not make organizer/s or the group liable for anything, except not providing the service specified in event description.


Yes, absolutely!. Please kindly ask your friend/s to become a member of this group and sign up for themselves, it is free.

See you at the any event!

Group Organizer

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