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London Developer meetup w/ Akshay

Selected By: Akshay Patil


55-60 Tabernacle St., Shoreditch, Greater London (map)

Selected by: Akshay Patil

I (Akshay, foursquare platform guy) will be in town Thursday and would love to meet up with all of you! The plan is to just hang out at a bar in the Old Street Area for a few hours, getting to know all of you and answering questions.

See you then!

Selected by: Akshay Patil

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  • Akshay Patil's Photo

    Change of venue! We're at Book Club now.

    Posted by Akshay Patil May 17, 2012
    • Akshay Patil's Photo

      grr, can't update the meetup because it's started.

      Posted by Akshay Patil May 17, 2012

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London foursquare API Community

London, United Kingdom Founded August 17, 2011
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