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London Foursquare Day (#4sqday) Meetup!

Selected By: Samuel Crocker

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

Covent Garden, London, GB WC2E 8 (map)

Selected by: Sacha B

Think flashmob for the internet age. Last year around 300 people came together out of nowhere, checking into simultaneously to the Jewel Bar in Picadilly Circus. Admittedly, that had some planning where as this year we're winging it a bit but hey.

Love Foursquare and the random tips it gives you for your local restaurant, pub or pretty much anything else? Then come together on 04/16 (16/04 on this side of the pond) and join other Foursquare users in celebrating the app. Nothing on offer other than the self-gratification of confusing tourists who wonder why a large group of people have suddenly gathered in one place, and possibly one of those swarm badge things.

Selected by: Sacha B

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  • Ann Richardson's Photo

    How many people showed up? I came for a while and had a drink but could not see who was organising the event, a tee shirt would have made you stand out. I am guessing we did not get 300 people as I did not get a swarm badge?

    Posted by Ann Richardson April 16, 2011
  • Karen's Photo

    It's possible but I've only just found out about it. Anyone else also going on their own?

    Posted by Karen April 15, 2011
    • Sacha B's Photo

      I wouldn't worry, most of us have never met before, that's what makes it interesting

      Posted by Sacha B April 16, 2011
  • Samuel Crocker's Photo

    Hey All! I will be coming tomorrow but I probably won't make it until about 8 or so. Hope some of you stick around/don't go checking-in anywhere else right away and I can still get a badge.

    Also thought I'd share this video that the Foursquare team put together a thank-you vid for Foursquare day!


    Posted by Samuel Crocker April 15, 2011
  • Rhea's Photo

    looking forward to this meetup, there's a few posts about last year if anyone is interested. I'll be writing about this years event as well.

    Posted by Rhea April 14, 2011
  • Samuel Crocker's Photo

    Hey Sacha - great suggestion of location. Have you talked with the venue at all just to let them know that a big crew might be coming? I want to start spreading the word fast and furious but I want to make sure we don't catch them TOO far off guard so people can still get their drinks in :)

    Posted by Samuel Crocker April 4, 2011
  • Sacha B's Photo

    Managed 300+ last year when Foursquare was a lot smaller, surely we can beat that this year?

    Posted by Sacha B April 2, 2011
    • Michel 's Photo

      Hi all looking forward to the Meet on the 16th. Anyone wishing to add me or follow me on twitter (@reddevilmac) or facebook (Michel Blanchard-McMillan) send me a request and I'll add or follow you.



      Posted by Michel April 4, 2011
  • Chris's Photo

    Only bad thing about this is there is very little phone signal at the Porterhouse, at least inside!

    Posted by Chris April 9, 2011
    • Sacha B's Photo

      hopefully we can mingle outside if its warm enough

      Posted by Sacha B April 9, 2011

40 went

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