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Selected By: Walter

The Music Hall Founder's Lobby

28 Chestnut Street Portsmouth, NH (map)

Selected by: Walter

Message from Foursquare:

How will YOU celebrate 4sqDay this year? By getting your friends signed up? Or helping your favorite coffee shop set up a Special? Leaving Tips at all your favorite venues? Getting your real-life Mayor to declare 'foursquare day'? Check out the community-powered blog at http://blog.4sqday.com for ideas and updates from the 4sqDay team and mark your calendars for April 16. It's coming...

Portsmouth Foursquare and The Music Hall present 4sqDay 2012 at The Music Hall Founder's Lobby starting at 5pm. Then stay for a special showing of the movie Spaceballs at The Music Hall at 7pm! More info http://www.themusichall.org/calendar/event/spaceballs­

Selected by: Walter

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Portsmouth Foursquare Community

Portsmouth, NH Founded May 25, 2010
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