Trivia Game #2 Answers


1. Who is the employer of professors in public schools and universities?

b) The State

2. What is "la Francophonie" ?

b) A group of countries where French is an official/historically significant language

3. What does it mean when someone asks: "do you do the bridge?"
(Est-ce que tu fais le pont?)

b) Are you making a four-day week end with one day off?

4. What is the name of the final exam in high schools?

b) Baccalauréat

5. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame ("Quasimodo") is a character from:

a) Victor Hugo

6. The Public sector in France (population=63,500,000) employs:

c) more than 6 million people

7. What is the cost of tuition at La Sorbonne (the University of Paris) for a year?

a) $400

8. For the French the "exception culturelle française" (the French cultural exception) means:

b) Cultural goods should not be treated like the other goods

9. Georges Brassens was:

b) A singer

10. How many four-year-old French children attend school?

c) 98%

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