Texas Fur considering moving to Seattle

From: Alex M.
Sent on: Monday, August 27, 2012 1:27 PM
Hey all, I'm a Texas furry who is considering buying a condo in
seattle, and moving in.

My IB is http://inkbunny.n...­

more information about me can be found there.

if anyone wants to talk to me, i am most easily found on skype. please
add me on skype:coyotama?add i wont bite, unless you enjoy that or bite
me first.

i have many specific ambitions, some of which include eventually
founding a seattle furry convention, founding a large furhouse inside a
seattle condo building, and eventually starting a furry village.

I plan on funding these ambitions using a few secrets of mine. i do not
want to give too much away since the incumbent powers within furridom
have not taken too kindly to my assumption that most leaders among
furridom are a bunch of incompetent irresponsible sticks in the mud
unless proven otherwise. some leaders in my skype contact list are glad
for the respect i give them once they earn it from me, and glad that i
can appreciate their hard work. but i have zero respect for those who
do not first earn it. respect is earned, not given.

I will not go too deeply into an autobiography, as you can find all of
that on IB at http://inkbunny.n...­

I am very angry right now, and i'll explain why in just a moment.

So, i was looking at seattle because it's a nice big city, very modern,
most of seattle is gay friendly, and washington is likely to legalize
gay marriage once the "defense of marriage act" has been struck down by
the federal supreme court. everyone says they almost certainly will.

however, there are a few things about seattle which have made me
hesitate moving there, and here's what is making me pause:

before i make the final decision to become a
washington husky, i wanted to ensure that the seattle furs were not all
like #seattlefurs/FurNet

here's a TINY snippet of what i'm talking about:

  [13:51:30] <%LonelyHusky>­ i have never seen all 48 ppl active at the
  same time 
  [13:51:33] <+coyo> LonelyHusky: so, is there a mailing list i should
  sign up for? i'm done with this channel. 
  [13:51:37] <_habnorbit> hahaha 
  [13:51:42] <_habnorbit> coyo goddamn song
  [13:51:43] <_habnorbit> -g
  [13:51:55] You have been kicked from #seattlefurs by kayfox
  [~[address removed]]: if your done with the channel get out and
  stop trying to stir drama 
  [13:52:09] [NOTICE >>> kayfox]: okay. 
  ### Log session terminated at Mon Aug 27 13:54:[masked] ###

So, this gave me a REALLY bad taste in my mouth, and i really hope not
all seattle furries are a bunch of pathetic trolls.

On the bright side, I think getting into University of Washington will
be a piece of cake. A mathematics major should be fun.

PS: I'm actually a really sweet guy most of the time, i'm just feeling
coldly angry right now.

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