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Furlife Message Board › Tell me about how you got into Furry and what your Fursona and Furry means t

Tell me about how you got into Furry and what your Fursona and Furry means to you.

A former member
Post #: 4
Hey ya'll, totally wanted to play around in the group discussions and since we have so many members I thought it would be a fun idea to share experiences on how you got into furry, what furry means to you, and if you have a Fursona, how did you discover it?

Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't been shared before. I went through all 21 tabs of discussions and found nothing, so hey why not start one, right folks?

I'll start us off, then. So my name is Patricia, and that's my real name btw. I have multiple online pseudonyms but they've slowly wrapped me in a web of mistaken identity since 1999, so i'm starting to just use my real name for confusions sake. You can call me, Pat, Tricia, Trish, but not Patty. You call me Patty, and you get a punch to the mouth, babe.

So I'm from Texas and I moved up here just a year ago. First saw snow just this week, actually. Strange stuff, snow... Anyway, I've only been into the furry fandom for about 6 months, and on the fringes at that. It's hard to adjust to the northwest when you've been a southerner most your life, and my texas accent doesn't help. Sigh...

But I do love horses, and im professional in dressage, hunter/jumper, western and english pleasure, and compete in vaulting and trick riding as well. I even own a friesian stallion currently, so animals have always been a close part of my life. And speaking of animals, I also have a snake and a doberman as roommates in my condo. I love snakes, and dobermans are my fave breed of dog, so basically my life's a zoo, haha.

Anyway, I got into Furry the most well... unorthodox way I guess. I was trying out for UW cheer squad (unfortunately i didn't make the team but I'm currently training for next year.) and I was talking to some of my friends at the time. One conversation led to another and somehow we got onto the topic of "Strange Sex," which is this TV show about, well, strange sex. And my friend Brooke was telling me all about the different fetishes in that show, and it wasn't until she started talking about 'Furry' that I stopped her mid-sentence and was like "Wth is Furry?" Then Brooke went into this like 20 minute discussion of what she thought Furry was, (Which was what that TV show had presented it as) which was basically sex in fursuits. And btw, I have since realized that is a serious social taboo amongst furries. I don't really understand what happened, but apparently there's some serious bad blood about that show. (and apparently the couple is from seattle too?)

Anyway, regardless I was intrigued. I admit, at first I was like... Okay that's a little weird... but my curiosity peeked and I started researching Furry on my own. Then about a few weeks later I was seriously into the cute anthropomorphic aspect of Furry. Mostly because I'm such an animal lover myself, and a serious horsewoman. So it's been several months since then, but I'm still in the denial stage of transitional furry. I honestly don't know why I haven't made the plunge yet, it might be because my upbringing was such the 'mean-girl' archetype and since college I've been desperately trying to get away from that. It doesn't help though that I'm so goddamn competitive. Seriously, in everything I do I have to be the best! Ugh, damn traditional texas mother. She brought me up like a prized racing pony, my whole life already drawn out for me. Ironically though, I rebelled the whole way. And now here I am, all the way up north where it rains all the time and the only cowgirls you see are the ones dancing on bars. haha.

But seriously I've really come to enjoy Furry. It seems like a nice small friendly community of animal and people lovers. Best of both worlds, really. And although I'm still learning about furry, it has since been a nice place to unwind and not worry about the world turning around you, ya know?

As for my Fursona, well... It's a goat. Don't ask why, I have no reason. I don't even know why I answer "goat" when people ask me, but I do. And I suppose that counts for something, right? It's not even my fave animal, not even close. I've got tons of animals I think are way more kickass and flippin' fly than a freakin' goat! Like I wish when someone asked me what my Fursona is I could say something like a Phoenix, or a Dragon, or a Wox (hehe). But no, just a goat.

And Honestly, it's not even a 'full' goat. I picture myself as sorta a 'Goat-half', if that's even possible. Anyone?
Like picture a redheaded chick with goat horns, some goat ears, a little goat nose, some hooves, a tube top, daisy dukes, and a cute little tail, and well... That's me! Haha.

So yeah that was a mite long, but I wanted to give a nice thorough introduction. And I'm sure if you squint, you can here my accent in that mess. haha.
user 12280507
Seattle, WA
Post #: 137
Your fursona sounds more like a Faun then a goat then, like Mr. Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia!...Or if you're in to the more Grecian way to say it, Satyr. x3

I found furry through a friend, who happened to be furry. xD We were hanging out and watching Claymore and...I think it may have been one of the monsters that showed up that made him think of it, or he was just being random, in either case, he started showing me his furry art on his iPod. Then he showed me FA, and for a while I just figured it was his thing, something I didn't really think as something I'd be into, sure I was always a fan of shows like Ren & Stimpy, Looney Tunes, Rocko's Modern Life ect...and I even (to this day) preferred the Beast from Beauty and the Beast as...well the Beast. (Personally I think the prince is TOO pretty.) But yea, never connected all that with bein a furry. Then one day, it all clicked and I did the "shoulda had a V8" headslap. xD

As for my 'sona, that's a little more "the fates deemed it so" for me...beagles are adorable, dun get me wrong, but like you, I probably woulda gone with something a little more exotic like a Red Panda or a cat of some a panther...but nope! I'ma beagle. I got beagle in a way that I thought was interesting. Loooonnnng before I knew what furries were, I took a quiz to see what kind of puppy I was (hush, I get the irony there too.) and I got Beagle puppy. Then sometime after meeting Nikoto, he told me that if I were a furry, I'd be a beagle. So when I actually figured out my furryness as furryness, I instantly went with beagle, it just was too...Deus Ex Machina to not choose to me. Really the only problem I had was a name, and that I got from one of my friends when I did my first medical trial. He just started calling me Keeko and it stuck for him, I didn't think I'd actually use it outside of him using it, but yea, that all seemed to fit too! So yea, I kinda fell into it all, and luckily I landed on something comfy. x3
Seattle, WA
Post #: 46
Back in 1999 I was getting over this girl I met at summer camp the year before. I was being all love hurt about it. I remember Googling "Rachel" (her name). Kinda dumb to just google a first name, but some furry art came up instead. It was of "Rachel Raccoon", a character belonging and drawn by Eric W. Schwartz. EWS is a popufur artist who did many things like Sabrina Online, which I got into right after I found this picture. From that site, I followed the "Furry" webring. Then I found endless furry sites on the web.

Eventually I ran into FA, YiffNet, and several others. I eventually spend a few years on SL as well. Not anymore.

I got my character when I was on YiffNet. I came up with the name for the IRC chat server. It wasn't very original. My name was Max, and I happened to just kinda "like" the coyote. I liked it's spiritual background with native Americans. Honestly, it was 13 years ago. It's hard to remember. I wanted something unique but simple at the time. I came up with the first idea of MaxCoyote as a alternately colored coyote. Grey, with unique face marks. That's all he was back then. About 5 years go, I changed and perfected the details of his design. Made his facemarks more smooth, and put stripes on his tail. I also kinda came up with his "Beast" form to make him more interesting and involve my love for werewolves fables into my fursona.

While some may question why I have a grey coyote, I would also ask them why they have a pink fox, or a purple dragon. :P MaxCoyote is more, for me, about loyalty. I have had Max for a LONG LONG time. While I understand I could of come up with a new character over these many many years, I felt it would be like giving up on my own child. Like, deserting a family member. While I have found other ways to be creative (additional characters like Fate and Mita), I have still always seen Max as my fursona, and he always will be. He's become a part of my life. I don't see him as something I should be, that's kinda creepy. Instead, I seem him as a brother. Someone close to me. The character he's become I'm proud of. I love his other, more monstrous side, and it inspires me for stories and artwork.
A former member
Post #: 5
Oh wow, that's beautiful you two. A true dedication to something you love and feel inspired to simply 'live' from. Exciting, there's a lot of fun in my future, I see. Anyone else, like to share? Don't be shy now, ya'll.
user 13050616
Seattle, WA
Post #: 55
I got into furry because I always liked modern fantasy as a kid. (still do) Werewolves and dragons especially. I honestly don't remember how I came up with my screen name (seriously? "Exdraghunt"? That's not even a word!) I think it had something to do with Excel, Dragons, and joining the Nickelodeon forums when I was, like, 12. But I've used it ever since because it's never taken on websites. :U

Anyway, how I really found the fandom is a result of several different things colliding at once.

I was at an anime convention in a home-made werewolf outfit when I met someone who staffed at Rainfurrest, and we ended up talking for several hours about anime and furry and the doodles in my sketchbook. He then gave me a flyer for Rainfurrest and said I should go.

After that, I was preparing for SakuraCon (and trying to spiff up my lame werewolf costume) and ended up finding the Fursuit LJ. That's when I started making fursuits and getting more "into" the fandom. Even met a fursuiter at SakuraCon and we sat and chatted for a while.

My fursona came about completely differently. I've had Saisha (then known as Sasha) around as my imaginary friend since the age of five or so. I much later added the "i" because Sasha was my sister's name, and that was creepy. She gained wings because I was a dork of 13-year-old and felt like drawing angels. :V

Saisha became a red dragon/wolf/thing because of Gaia Online. They had wolf peices (paws, tails, ears) But only in blue, black, or red. I picked red. Everyone assumes I like the color red because my fursona is solidly colored red. I don't. Really. Then I saw a RolePlay where everyone was getting turned into anthro-animal mutations, and drew pictures of my avatar accordingly. (Never actually joined the RP, I was just a really massive dork. ) Saisha was an Irish Setter with wings for a while, but that didn't really stick. I like dragons much more than Irish Setters.

The fact that Saisha is a dragon/were-canid now is just a combination of "I LEIK DRAGONS" (what kid doesn't?) and "I LEIK WEREWOLVES" It's lame, but she's been that way for years and I ain't changing her now. Personality wise, she's pretty much me, but without inhibitions. It's the way I wish I could be sometimes. However, yes, she does have a different name than the one that I use, because I still feel like there's a line between "me" in real life, and the character I use to represent me. I am not Saisha, but Saisha is me. (like that makes any sense at all)

Anyway. Yeah. All the stuff you wondered but never asked about. :U I really don't put much thought into things. Ever.
A former member
Post #: 6
Oh well I like Werewolves and I like Dragons, so hey no problem there. I wonder if there ever was a Were-dragon, wouldn't that be interesting? Some kid grows horns and 50,000 pounds of scaly flesh every full moon. Well anyone else, we have 700 members that are apparently into furry, so lets see if we can get 700 replies.
user 13050616
Seattle, WA
Post #: 56
There's actually a rather good book series where the main character is a were-dragon. :D Though they change at the crescent moon rather than the full moon.
A former member
Post #: 7
Oh wow, well you'll have to tell me the name of that book. I'd love to read it, babe. ;)
user 13050616
Seattle, WA
Post #: 57
It's called the Jennifer Scales series by Mary Janice Davidson and Anthony Alongi. It's super good. :3
A former member
Post #: 8
Oh cool, okay added the series to my Amazon wishlist. 1 more series added to 4000+ books I want. Seriously though, I have the longest Amazon wishlist. Anything that catches my eye, I add to wishlist. I'm trying to start a library apparently.

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