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Tell me about how you got into Furry and what your Fursona and Furry means to you.

Blaidd G.
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Seattle, WA
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For me, it's not as simple as the other people that have explained how they came to the fandom. My very first pet dog (well, my father's) when I was a kid living in Louisiana was a Husky, which is about the closest to a domestic wolf you can get. I really liked Dubloon (hey, I was like 5... don't judge). I felt a strong connection to him, and to this day I swear I could talk to him and understand his replies, but as always happens with that sort of thing, I was taught that humans couldn't speak to animals so I lost that gift. I sometimes even pretended to be him. I remember once when I was 8, I was laying on the floor under the dining room table (what? don't look at me like that) and heard my step-sister walk in. I started growling, and she freaked out and ran to tell my dad that Dubloon had growled at her... only to find Dubloon was with my dad. I still smile at remembering that. I continued to "develop" my similarities to wolves, not because I wanted to imitate them, but because I felt connected to them in some unexplainable way and wanted to make myself able to be more like them. If I could have, I would have become a Lycan (not Werewolf, they can't control themselves and usually turn into murderous fiends).

Fast forward a few years, and I'm now living with my grandmother here (well, in Olympia). I think I was 12. I heard from a friend that there was a place called Wolf Haven, and I begged my grandmother and uncles to take me there. Finally they did. On a side note, I recently (after nearly 20 years) had to throw away my souvenir shirt from there and I was so heart-broken about it. Anyway, the guide is showing us around, with comments like "These are wild animals. Stay away from the fences" blah blah blah. So of course I walk right up to the nearest one and let him sniff my hand. No big deal. And it wasn't. The wolf sniffed, and even followed us around for a while (as much as he could), but never attempted to hurt me. Anyway, we get to this one point where the guide goes "Okay, from here we can see parts of all the areas where the wolves live. Here, I'll make the wolves howl for us." and proceeded to make this sound I can only describe as a wail, nothing like a howl. I actually growled at him, but he didn't hear me. I looked over at the wolf that had been following me the whole time, and he let out a little howl almost like "I'm sorry." I howled back, but a little louder than I meant to, and literally every wolf in the place became visible and howled back. It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard. The guide was all O_O because he had never heard such a thing... because he sucked as a guide.

After that, nothing much really changed for a long time, except that I still felt connected to wolves, and was starting to feel what I would now describe as my fursona starting to slowly develop in my mind. When I would play games where I could pick things like that, I would pick wolf attributes. Etc. It took me 30 years to finally form a (almost... I still need an artist to help me with the last little bit) complete picture of my fursona. Except I had never heard of "furry". I thought I was strange, and covered it up. I didn't talk about it, I didn't express it, etc... I didn't even have much wolf related stuff (except my prized Wolf Haven shirt). I had played a few RPGs (including but not limited to D&D... in fact, my favorite is actually Rifts) on and off. I joined this one group (that I wound up leaving because it took 3 months to actually find the plot because everyone was too busy having sex with and/or killing and eating the townsfolk) in which over half the people (the real people, not the characters) were furry, and they would talk about it like it was normal. There was a bear, a dragon, a rabbit, and a fox, and the GM (the fox) had made rules specifically to allow them to be anthropomorphic creatures inside the game. This was my first exposure to "furry" and I was a bit fascinated because obviously I'm a wolf. Not just a wolf, but an ice element-based Arctic Wolf. However, every one of them was gay. At this point, my thoughts on the subject of "gay" was "I don't care if you do it as long as you don't try to get in my pants, but I'm not gay." I did a little research on "furry" (obviously in the wrong places) and found a lot of gay animalistic porn, but not much else. I wasn't really into the cartoon porn thing, and I was still telling myself I wasn't gay, so that was two of the three parts that didn't fit me, so I guess I'm not furry and I stopped looking into it.

About a year and a half ago, I stumbled across a site called uStream. Really long story short, it allows people to stream webcam to the site, and people can access it and chat with them in real time. There are many categories, but I only ever went to the gaming stuff. In fact, that's how I got there in the first place, I was looking up some gaming stuff. I came across this one stream that I enjoyed, and spent a lot of time talking to people there. It turned out quite a few of them were furry. Not the "gay cartoon porn" part, just their online persona were anthropomorphic animals. I even "dated" (if you can call it that) a cat (she never did decide on a species) for a few months. Well, one of my best friends on there (a fox), was male. At some point, when we were talking alone, he came out to me and said that he was gay and really liked me. I realized I liked him (and later on realized I liked him *more* than my "girlfriend"), and had a nervous breakdown at work from the stress. It made me a different person in many ways, and all of them I think were positive changes. I finally was able to come to terms with and accept being bisexual, liking males just as much as (sometimes more than) females. I went on a sort of soul-searching journey (admittedly, only in my mind, to the rest of the world I just had a stressful day at work one day and yelled at my boss for no real reason, and then things returned to normal), wondering what else I was in denial about.

I have now come to accept myself for who and what I am. Among other things, this includes being a bisexual furry. I actually had finally come to terms with this just a couple months before the Gay Pride Parade. I still wasn't 100% accepting of it, but I was on my way there. My roommate (who is gay) decided that if I wanted to accept myself, I should go with him to the Gay Pride Parade. I saw a group of furry people (I found out much later, it was this group... yay!), complete with suits (yes, in 90 degree weather). I was amazed, and wanted to learn more. Searching, I found the Meetup group. I hadn't created a "fursona" yet, but had a general idea, so I found the next meet and went to it without actually signing up. It was the July Anniversary Fur-B-Q. I went there, but didn't know anybody. I was extremely shy. I managed to hunt down the organizer (Michael J. Fox), but he was busy at the time. I talked to a couple people, then got shy again and drifted away. I circled the park twice (and saw lots of amazing suits) then went home without talking to anyone else again.

Since then, I've decided that I'm going to make my own full fursuit (if I can ever find an artist to help me), which will be a way of displaying to the world what I have come to feel (over a very very long time) is the true me, hiding inside this human costume to blend in. I took my time inventing my name, and I'll take my time making my suit. I want to get this just right.
Everett, WA
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I found out about the fandom sometime around 2004, but with all the mature
and adult on various sites. So, as a first impression it didn't really interest me at all.

Fast forward to March 2009 I discovered some fursuit Youtube videos clips, starting with the 2009 Further Confusion Fursuit Parade. I just stare in awe as I saw hundreds of fursuiters walk by. Each one different and unique.
This intrigued me, so I started looking through a lot of related videos. I saw masquerade skits, dance competitions, and drinking parties.
And I thought "Okay, this looks like too much fun. I SO want to join in this fandom." lol XD
The inspiration for my fursona came from a RPG video game character, Volk,
from the PlayStation 2 game Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits,
and my obsessive interest for Tokusatsu (Special Effects) series. Most notably Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai.
It's also part of the reason why my character wears a scarf. lol
A lot of Toku characters most notably back in the 70's and 80's often wore scarves in their transformed state.
Since I was born in the 80's I chose to have my character wear one.
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Arlington, WA
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For me it may be the most best decision I could've made in my life.
After dropping out of highschool, (which was a really horrible experience).
I went to a private school that helped me learn and love to learn.
Very long story short, I boosted in confidence beyond the stars, but no experience with anything.
Having to deal with all the hatred, racism, abuse, and just all around mean people
I didn't really have a social life at all.

So I went into the world of social networking.
I found "Furry" on one of those sites and to make a long story short,
I had relationships that weren't really relationships, and friends that weren't really friends.
So I built up more experience to my life experience bar, about what it is to be a real friend.

Then I found out people went out and suited who were furrys? "HOW STRANGE" I thought.
But then I was quick to find out how many cool, smart, upstanding people there really were.
It was soon that I found myself enjoying myself with friends I wouldn't trade for everything.
Best decision and best friends I have ever had in my life.


As for my Fursona, well I really don't have one so I am not one to speak too greatly on it.
My Fursona is me, and I am a rebirth of my old self, able to enjoy life and loving to entertain others.
He does the things I do, and has what I have, and loves what I love.
The only symbolic thing about it, is that I really love cheetahs, and snow foxes,
and things that are grey scale. **POOF* White Cheetah =D

I tried to make that as short as I could, lol.

A former member
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Oh wow, how exciting. Some of ya'll's experiences make mine pale in comparison. I'm really enthralled here by how much Furry means to so many people. Personal liberation, life-long journeys, self discovery –Wow! Apparently furry isn't just a fandom to some, but a multiverse of diversity and acceptance. Oh and Blaidd, I can relate to your experience, for example, despite my traditional southern upbringing, I rebelled against everything else in life except well... The publicly-accepted sexuality. However, I have had my share of girl-crushes, mostly from strong-willed women with hotrod bodies, but regardless, I've learned to just go with the flow. I still consider myself a straight arrow now and again, only sometimes I miss my mark. What can I say, maybe it's the southern heat in my bones, haha.
shuga's h.
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Seattle, WA
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Well, i got into the fandom from a friend who's in it, after talking for a while he asked if i had thought i might be a furry, i hadn't thought about it before particularly. I started thinking about and growing my fursona.

About my fursona, when i was little my great grandma that i lived with called me her little tiger cub, because i would sprint around the house at random, chew on things, and curl up and sleep in the sun. But my favorite animal as a kid was a skunk, because they were so starkly colorful, not in a bright way, but in a intense black and white way, they were like cats, but not quite. As I got older I grew a deeper affinity to both tigers and skunks, and a few months ago my furry friend chess and i were talking about it, and she said why not just mix them? and as such shuga was born!
My skunk side (named Ash) more represents how i am when I'm manic, while the tiger side ( named cub) more when I'm depressed.

For me my fursona isn't an act i put on when I'm feeling furry, its how i always am, just sometimes I let more of it out then other times.
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