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Where would you like to have our meetings?

I'm going to be scouting new locations for our meetings and wanted to get input from the Libertarian community. The Sons of Liberty met in taverns, many great minds have found coffee houses to be the ideal places as the mecca of brilliance, and some find restaurants to be ideal locations. All ideas are welcome. Vote for the atmosphere that sounds best to You.

Feb 5, 2009 2 so far

Do you support the current $900 bill."economic stimulus" package as proposed by the Democrats?

Less than a month within office and our new president has already decided to back the spending of literally 1 trillion dollars to "create jobs" many argue the bill is excessive and will create only a couple million jobs, while others argue our economy will crumble without it. Do you support the bill?

Feb 5, 2009 4 so far

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