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What is your primary development operating system?

What operating system do you use _most often_ during development? Note that this is not what OS you develop for, but what you develop _on_. A later poll will ask about your deployment systems.

Jan 3, 2011 30 so far

What start time works best for you?

We will be designating 30 minutes of networking time before the presentations start. What time would you like to see the presentations start?

Jan 5, 2011 14 so far

What would you use to build our website?

What CMS or programming language would you suggest we use to run our website? If you vote for something you must be willing to help build it! If you have another idea let the leadership know. The website must be able to handle multiple user uploads such as photos and presentation outlines. Social media integration is also a consideration since the site is an advertisement for the meetups.

Jan 6, 2011 19 so far

How often would you like to see meeting announcements from other local groups?

We are considering allowing other user groups to announce their meetings over the GrWebDev mailing list. This would be a way for you to find out when other groups are holding meetings in which you may be interested. Our estimates are that it would generate about 4 emails each week in your Inbox. No matter what frequency is chosen, these announcement emails will contain a subject line that is easy to filter using your email client.

Jan 7, 2011 18 so far

What should the GrWebDev logo be?

Copy and paste the URLs to view the logos - sorry about that! The designer of the winning logo can pick the colors. We will announce the winner at the Monday meeting. Thanks again for all the participation around logo design & selection. We'll leave the possibility open to new logos in the future.

Jan 30, 2011 45 so far

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