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What's going on at Hackeriet? (September 2011)

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Salve J. N.
Oslo, NO
Hey guys!

What you have here is another edition of Salve's pityful attempt of keeping everyone in the loop. These are a couple of the most important and/or interesting things (according to the author) that happened in September:

  • atluxity's (Hans-Petter) had his second lockpicking workshop at Humla. Lots of people showed up, we had a good time learning about physical security, most of us managed to pick the crappy Claes Ohlsson padlocks we were given. Good times! :)
  • aevin (Eivind) and sjn (Salve) have banged their heads even more against the demands from Brønnøysund. They spent some 3-4 hours cleaning minutes and reports in order to make brreg happy with us. Oh the horror, the horror! We have a deadline october 3rd for resubmitting our registration. Hopefully this is all done soon.
  • subsoniq (Vegard) organized a PCB workshop on short notice, and the guys that showed up managed to make some brilliant circuit boards. Everyone semmed to have a good time, and the nice acid bath setup in the backyard also attracted some good attention. Let's do it again! :D
  • subsoniq also reminded us about his Autonomous Vehicle Hackerspace Championship proposal in march. He showed us some youtube videos which made the penny drop for a few of us. It looked both very fun and extremely simple to get going! If anyone is looking for a very fun entry-level project, get in touch with Subsoniq on IRC.
  • comotion (Kacper) has set up a shell account server for Hackeriet! To get access, find someone who already has access and ask them to make a login for you. :) The server is not for doing heavy stuff, but to play around with and learn. It features a BBS-like welcome page, a MUSH/MOO for people to play with, screen(1) and irssi(1), a bulletin board and much, much more. Check it out!
  • sjn (Salve) has hacked on an URL title-fetching IRC bot. It's currently running on the IRC channel with the nick "urlie". The sourcecode can be found in Hackeriet's Git repository on Gitorious, together with trygvis' (Trygve's) projects. If you want an invitation to the Hackeriet group on Gitorious, talk with trygvis or sjn. The URL to this goodness is: https://gitorious.org/+hackeriet­.
  • sjn (Salve) attended the inaugural meeting of Teknologihuset. Papers were signed, registration forms filled, and brreg made happy. Teknologihuset got it's application to "enhetsregisteret" accepted! This means we (Hackeriet) are one step closer to getting OUR OWN space! :D More news will follow.
  • Atluxity (Hans-Petter) is still our glorious finance minister. His latest numbers (August) are: 6 paying full members. 2 paying student members. WE NEED YOU TO CHIP IN! These funds are for making Hackeriet become even more cool, useful and fun for everyone - including for paying the rent at Teknologihuset's space, so we can come and hack every day of the week instead of just wednesdays and saturdays. To start paying membership fees, follow the instructions on http://hackeriet.no/member­, and get in touch with Atluxity if you have trouble with them.
  • Logo decision week is still on. You can find voting instructions on hackeriet.no/logo.
  • redhog (Egil) is building a POV-based Poi - "A burning thing at the end of a stick, that one spins in the air in order to draw lines in the dark with it." Probably best illustrated with pictures: http://hackaday.com/2008/08/14/poiplay-led-poi/­. Do you want to make one too? Have a chat with redhog.
  • Also, remember to subscribe to our mailing list at , so you can participate where it matters! :)

That's it. If you have anything to add, the DO IT NOW, and do it on the mailing list! :D

- Salve (the propaganda guy in the board)
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