There is no big secret to improving your search rankings on the Meetup site or in search engines like Google. The way to improve your search ranking is by making sure your Meetup Group's pages have interesting and useful information about your Meetup Group. Search algorithms base their results on things they think will be be the best and most useful match to someone searching for any given topic.

Topics allow you to define what your Meetup is about, and help members find your Meetup. Your topics will appear on your Meetup’s homepage under the ‘We’re about’ section. You can change the topics for your Meetup at any time. Read more about editing your Meetup group's topics.

In general, the more specific information you provide, the better off you are.

That said, there a couple of things you can do to make sure you're showing off what's interesting and useful about your Meetup Group.
  • Include your location and main topic your Meetup Group's name

    Cute acronyms and clever group names are fun, but for search engine purposes, the ideal group name is super simple and reflects exactly what your group is about. Here's the formula:

    Location + One or two descriptive words + Meetup
    • Brooklyn Graphic Designers Meetup
    • Chicago Vegan Cooking Meetup
    • Park Slope New Moms Meetup
  • Include a summary sentence at the beginning of your Group description

    Your first sentence should be a really short, really simple explanation of what your Meetup Group is.

    By short, we mean around 100 characters: "We are romance novel enthusiasts who meet at a local coffee shop to discuss books and authors we love." That's it.

    This will help search engine users quickly understand what clicking on the link to your Meetup Group will take them to. You don't want folks to be confused.
  • Flesh out your group description with good and thoughtful details.

    The rest of your Meetup Group description should include details about who should join the group, what members can expect, and what sorts of things you do. For lots of details on what makes a good group description, you can read more here

    Remember, you don't have to write a novel. Make sure you've got relevant information in there, but there's no need to go overboard. You can always add or change things later if you need to.
  • Extra bonus points: link to your Meetup Group from other places around the web.

    One way search engines decide whether any particular site is useful is by checking to see if other sites on the internet are linking to it. Post a link to your Meetup Group from your blog, or get other folks to post a link to your Meetup Group from their sites.

    Don't lose sleep over this step -- it's useful, but not worth harassing all of your favorite bloggers or online resources repeatedly to post a link to your Group.
  • Do not try to cheat.

    There are people who try to game the system with things like lists of invisible keywords or repeating content. Don't be one of those people. Lists of keywords or garbled text are not helpful for potential members trying to figure out whether they'd like to join the Group or not.

    Repetitive content, 'non-human language', and other things designed just to trick the search engines can get your Meetup Group de-listed and removed from the search results entirely. That goes for search engines, as well as the search functions on the Meetup site.