If another Meetup member posts or sends inappropriate content or spam, we encourage you to submit a report. Reports help us to keep the platform safe and enjoyable for all users.

Spam messages are commercial in nature, website advertisements, and unsolicited. Inappropriate content can be anything from a derogatory comment to an offensive photo.

Spam is different from an inappropriate, derogatory, or mean message. If you are reporting a message of this nature, please enter some information about the situation under Is there anything else you’d like to tell Meetup?

An accurate report of the situation helps us respond quickly and effectively. Please do not select the spam option if you are not reporting a message that is commercial in nature, an advertisement, or unsolicited.

​Meetup HQ's Integrity team reviews all reports and takes appropriate action based on our Policies and Community Guidelines. 

Report specific content (i.e. event comments, message board posts)

Desktop & Mobile Web
- Click Report or next to the content

Android & iOS App
- Tap the  icon next to the content
- Select Report from the pop up menu

Report a message

- Open the message you’d like to report
- Click the  icon in
- Select Report from the pop up menu

If the message that you are reporting is spam, then select the box next to This person is posting spam.

Report a member

Desktop Web
- Head to the member’s profile
- Click Report
- Select the reason for your report from the drop down menu
- Click Next

Android & iOS App
- Access the member’s profile
- Tap the three dots icon in the upper right hand corner
- Select Report from the dropdown menu
- Select the reason for your report
- Tap Next