There are two ways to step down as organizer of your Meetup: you can step down and nominate a member to take over the Meetup, or you can step down completely.

If you'd like to see the community you worked hard to build continue to thrive, we highly recommend nominating a specific member to take your place. If you step down without nominating a replacement, the position will be made available to all members of your Meetup, and there's no guarantee someone will volunteer to step up.

To step down as organizer, head over to your Meetup's home page. From there, choose the Step down as Organizer option from the My profile drop down menu.

Nominate a new organizer:

If you’d like to nominate a member to take over your Meetup, select the member in question from the suggested list. You can also search for the member. Then, select Next. That member will receive a nomination email, and you will remain organizer until the member accepts the nomination.

If the member does not accept the nomination, you can nominate another member through the same step down process, or step down fully to remove yourself as organizer.

Step down as organizer completely:

If you simply want to step down as organizer completely, select 'Do not nominate' and click Next. On the next page, choose the reason and click Next. You will be removed as organizer immediately, and the organizer position will be made available to any member of your Meetup.

Here’s what happens next:

  • Your co-organizers or assistant organizers (if any) will receive an email letting them know that your Meetup needs a new organizer. Shortly thereafter, your entire membership will be notified.
  • If you don’t have a leadership team, we’ll notify your entire membership that you’ve stepped down as organizer right away.
  • Your Meetup will be frozen. Members will no longer be able to communicate with one another until a new organizer steps up to take over the Meetup.
  • After two weeks, if no one steps up as organizer, the Meetup will be dissolved: all of the Meetup's content, including pictures and past events, will be removed from the platform.