An Event Host is someone who contributed in some way to making a particular Meetup event happen.

Event hosts may be:

  • The Organizer who scheduled the event
  • Any member designated as an Event Host by an Organizer

Any member of the Meetup Group can be made an Event Host.

You can enable Event Host status for an individual Meetup member, so that he or she is listed as the Host for a particular Meetup event. It's different than stepping a member up as Assistant Organizer. With Event Hosts, after the Meetup event takes place, their access to the manage event features expire. It's a temporary website "power".

You can enable Event Host status for a member via the Schedule a Meetup page.

What Event Hosts can do:

* Edit the Meetup event details
* Change member RSVPs
* Email members (only as it pertains to the Meetup event)
* View member answers to RSVP questions
* Manage Waiting Lists
* Take attendance after the Meetup

Event Hosts will be notified of their special powers via email. When they log onto your Meetup Group, they'll see editing powers for the event you've specified. Note that Event Hosts will not be able to Copy past events.

If you step a member up as Event Host often, consider promoting him or her to Event Organizer. That way, you'll save yourself a step. They'll have the same event management powers all the time!