Plenty of Meetup Groups are eager to team up with local organizations. The resulting relationship often benefits both the Meetup Group and the sponsor. If you’d like to sponsor a Meetup Group, try reaching out to that group's Organizer directly to see if there’s mutual interest!

You can contact Organizers on the desktop version of Meetup's site. To do so:
  • Head to and search for relevant Meetup Groups by keyword
  • Click on a Meetup Group to visit its home page
  • Click the 'Contact' link under the Organizer's photo on the left
  • Compose your message and click 'Send'.
Here are some important things to keep in mind when reaching out to Organizers:
  • Be a human. Because Meetup members have different ideas about what constitutes spammy behavior, it’s important that your message be friendly and clear. Introduce yourself.  Use the Organizer’s name. Explain why your organization is a good fit for that specific group.  Please be sure to personalize your messages, since sending multiple identical messages can trigger our spam filter.
  • Be specific.  Make sure it’s clear to the Organizer what exactly you’d like to offer them.
  • Reach out with a perk that’s relevant to the overall goals and specific activities of the Meetup Group. If you're offering a Yoga class discount, target Yoga Meetups and appropriate related topics (not Moms, Social Networking Groups or Skydivers).