Every Meetup Group is assigned a unique email address. That email address can be found on the right hand side of the Mailing List's archive page. You'll see the Mailing List link in the Discussions drop-down.

Members subscribed to the Mailing List can send messages to the list from the email address (and email account) he or she uses to log on to the Meetup site. A copy of the email is then sent to everyone on the Mailing List, and archived in the Mailing List section of the Meetup Group.

Bear in mind that when you send an email to your Meetup Group's mailing list, your email address will be disclosed to other members of your Meetup who have also subscribed to the mailing list.

The Organizer controls the setting for a Meetup Group Mailing List, so who may send messages will depend on what the Organizer has set for your Meetup Group.

The settings are:

Open - Messages sent to the Mailing List are delivered to subscribers immediately.

Moderated - Messages sent to the Mailing List must be reviewed and approved or declined by the Organizer before being sent.

Off - Using this setting disables the Mailing List completely for the Meetup Group.

To change your Meetup Group's mailing list address or its settings, you'll need to go to your Meetup Group's home page, select 'Group tools' in the group's toolbar and click on 'Group settings.' From there, click 'Optional features,' then scroll down to find the 'Communication' section, which includes the mailing list settings.

Make sure the mailing list has been turned on, then enter the address you'd like to use. Click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Members can edit their Mailing List preferences for each Meetup Group they're in by going to their Group home page, clicking 'My profile' in the top navigation bar, and clicking the link to 'Email settings.'

Once there, Members can choose which activities to receive email notifications for by checking or unchecking the boxes displayed.

Members can change their Mailing List settings by choosing whether they would like to have the Lists emailed to them as they are sent out, consolidated into one daily email, or opt out of Mailing Lists entirely.