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Shenandoah Park area trip, Jan 17,18,19,20 - 2008

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Jan 17th - Start hiking North from Shenandoah Park - North end.
Jan 18,19 - Hike North.
Jan 20th, finish hike and return everyone to the vehicles.

Total length, about 30 miles.
Dogs in group so far - 2
People going so far -5

Contact me with any questions or post, if going I need :
- Name, trail name if you got one also.
- Phone #
- type of vehicle driving (we had a problem with our last meet up because someone didnt know what the other was driving. )

I will E-mail you my info back.

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Turned out to be a great trip! We changed the milage to 36 total for the 4 days, worked out better for parking and eating after the hike.
Myself, Doggiebag/Aldo (his dog), Fonsie and Astrogirl attended this event. Doggiebag, Fonsie and myself met at Bears Den 9am sharp. We hiked North from VA522 through sleet/snow and a little rain on the first day, temps around 30 - 35 average.

Our first Shelter was really nice, had a porch, bunks, seperate sitting area and fire place. The best shelter I have ever stayed at. We sat around B.S.'n and eating dinner. Fonsie melted his gloves and I burnt my shoes a little by the fire. Night time was a little cold, dropped to around 25 degrees, the fire pit was a good ways from the shelter, so the fire offered no heat to us while sleeping.

Our second day started out cold, no wind was a big plus but the sleet that fell the nite before, froze and made for a fun 10 mile hike that day. Temps stayed around the 30 degree mark - for the most part. We hiked for about 5 miles and met up with AstroGirl. Hung out at the parking lot to warm up with some hot tea and coco. The last 5 miles that day worked out well, the sun melted the ice - easier to walk in but turned my boots into mush filled - near freez'n mess. A ton of great views to look at and the sun bounc'n off the snow was great!
We ended the day at a small shelter, round in shape - had a really crappy fire place that did not even heat the shelter. Fonsie's feet had some real problems with the cold, he only brought along one pair of socks for this trip and was not able to dry them - his boots also had some issues being frozen and all.
Myself, Doggiebag and Fonsie slept in the shelter. AstroGirl tried out her hammock that night - I am pretty sure she got the best night sleep out of all of us. The temps dropped that night, into the 20's.

In the morning, it was slow going. Cold and starting to get windy. We hiked another 5 miles, easy going for the most part. This was AstroGirls stop point, she got picked up at the parking lot off of 50(?) as planned. We also lost Fonsie here, he decided to call it a day, with his boots froze, no spare socks, he called his sister to give him a ride back to his vehicle.
While say'n goodbye to our 2 hikers, we met Rob/Brian and Will. 3 hikers out for a 3 days treck. They had REALLY heavy packs and a lot of extra gear. They hiked seperate from us but decided to stay at Rod's shelter with us.
It was a great time, I think it was brian who carried a ax in (!!!! wow) to chop wood. We cut/broke and stacked a pile of wood about 4 feet x 5 feet - enough to last us through the night and into the morning. Good thing we had that pile, the temps dropped below 10 degrees and a wind of 10mph kicked up. After eating and dancing around the fire pit for a good amount of time, we headed to bed. I slept in a 15 degree bag and tossed on some extra clothes - still was a little cold. I had to get up at 2am to toss some logs on the fire, didnt do us any good as far as heating the shelter up but just wanted to keep hot coals in the fire pit till morning.

In the morning we melted our water and packed up. Doggiebag/Aldo and myself left at 9:30, heading towrds the Roller Coaster section. Rob/Will and Brian planned to leave in about an hour after us.
The temp was 18 degrees and the wind was around 10 mph still. While hiking the Roller Coaster it would be okay on one side of the mountain, then as you hiked around to the other side - youd freeze your arse off in the wind! Doggiebag, Aldo(dog) and I did this heat and feeze cycle for 10 miles! Man it was GREAT to see the Bears Den blue blaze!!!!!!! When we got to the trucks, the temps heated up to a big old 23.5 degrees!! We then ate at Horseshoe Curve, really good food - I had the hamburger and onion rings. Doggiebag had roastbeef, fries and fried mushrooms - all great food and not that much $$$.

Hope some of you can make our next hike. Might just be a day hike or a weekender.
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