Open Hikes and Timed Hikes

From: Keith F.
Sent on: Thursday, March 15, 2012 1:23 PM

In an effort to help those of you who have jobs or other situations that often cause a need to cancel at the last minute, I will be posting some hikes with the word "Open"  For these hikes, if you find out at the last minute that you can make it, you can just show up.  Please send me a message (text best, then voice [masked]), email only if it is a few hours in advance) letting me know as soon as you can.  Obviously, these hikes will be in open space or non wilderness areas where there are no legal limits and on trails where it is easy to keep track of a large group.  For those who are reasonably sure of making it, please go ahead and rsvp.  This will be a trial and if it becomes unmanageable will be discontinued.  

I love our evening timed hikes and I think a lot of others do also.  Most of them fall into the 10 person limit for the Sandia Wilderness.  I plan to start posting these as two events 15 minutes apart with 10 people each.  I'll get group A started and then go back to the trailhead for group B.  Timed hikes involve everyone hiking at their own pace so we will get scattered anyway.  We just need to make sure we don't end up coming down in any groups of more than 10.  If you aren't sure you can commit, don't rsvp and become a no-show.  Instead, assuming you know the trail, come out but make sure you don't create a group of more than ten on the trail.  If you're fast you might come a little late, then head up the trail, catch up with a small group or an individual and join them.  If you are slower, you might come early and head up the trail.  The turn around time will be posted for each group in the event description.  We will no longer wait around at the top of trails like 3 gun or Piedra for everyone to get there.  If the group at the top approaches 10, some hikers need to head down.

If you show up for an event without an rsvp I can add you as attended.  Don't show up for a hike without an rsvp that does not fit into the two categories above.

If you miss an event for a very valid reason, like taking someone to the hospital, accident, etc., please send me a message.  Even if it's several days later, I'll remove your "no-show" for a good reason.

If we can reduce "no-shows", overall there will be more people actually on the hikes.  In my experience it's rare for the posted limit of people to actually attend an event.  This means that if you're not sure you can make it, wait and check near the day/time of the event and assuming we have greatly reduced the uncommitted rsvp's there will often be a spot available.



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