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Our June 1, 2011 Meetup

Selected By: Jose Albis


607 Pandora Avenue Victoria, BC V8W 1N8, Canada (map)

Selected by: Jose Albis

(Please confirm because space is limited to 45 people)

Come to share experiences, network, educate each other on the best practices of managing social media, get some FREE HootSuite swag, Prizes, FREE Nibbles and have fun a lot of FREE fun (possibly a drink or two).

HootUps are great for meeting people you have a something in common: being a HootSuite user or being interested in being more effective in your Social Media.

This FIRST Victoria Hootup comes as a side dish of Social Media Camp, in association with the Albis Consulting Group, Cabin 12, Victoria Wordcamp 2012, the Victoria Web Marketing Meetup Group and Hootsuite Inc.

Our invited speaker on this occasion is Ross Dunn from Stepforth Web Marketing Inc.

So far the SCHEDULE looks like this:

7:00 pm - Opening (FREE Nibbles)

7:30 pm - FREE Hootsuite Swag Giveaway

8:00 pm - Introduction

8:05 pm -Talk by Ross Dunn and Jose Albis (Depends on Canucks Games)
- Importance of a Keyword Analysis as part of your content strategy
- Monitoring Conversations related to your strategy through Tools like
- Hootsuite to use with keyphrases and keywords (using HS streams)
- Effectively using Hootsuite for these tasks ("Tricks")

9:00 pm - Q & A

9:15 pm - Wrap Up / Drinks
- Raffle of Wordcamp tickets
- Announce next Hootup & Meetup
- Other announcements (SMCV11) This presentation is an excellent complement to the Hootsuite 101 workshopat SM Camp ( http://tinyurl.com/hootsuite101 )

Selected by: Jose Albis

Talk about this Meetup

  • Santina Kerslake's Photo

    Sorry was held up and then got caught up in the hockey. Hope to see some info about the meeting online.

    Posted by Santina Kerslake June 2, 2011
  • Margaret Stead's Photo

    Presentation at a client's went on and..... Sorry to have missed you guys.
    See you next time;)
    Maggy & Ed

    Posted by Margaret Stead June 2, 2011
  • Jose Albis's Photo

    Ok, so there will be also Livestreaming, Video conferencing and Live tweeting Hashtag #HootUpYYJ and Projector to show a bigger Puck!

    Posted by Jose Albis June 1, 2011
  • Jose Albis's Photo

    OK CONFIRMED: Cabin12 team will be there for all of us watching the Game before the Hootup. Feel free to show up to watch the game at 5pm. Join us! (I have to say I'm feeling soo Canadian)

    The OWL has been busted around the Empress Hotel so yes, the OWL is coming.
    Footage: http://fb.me/C6gY960F­

    Posted by Jose Albis May 31, 2011
  • Rachel P.'s Photo

    Looking forward to meeting all of you! (flaps feathers)

    Posted by Rachel P. May 31, 2011
  • Melanie Friebel's Photo

    Aren't we (Canucks fans) starting at 5:00 for the game or am I confused?? Which, you know, if kind of a given....

    Posted by Melanie Friebel May 31, 2011
    • Jose Albis's Photo

      Good point. There will be a screen, drinks, food, so why not. Interesting mix... they better win. Let me confirm...

      Posted by Jose Albis May 31, 2011
    • Paul Holmes's Photo

      Haha, I arranged the same thing for the Social Media Camp after-party on Saturday. Go Canucks!

      Posted by Paul Holmes May 31, 2011
  • Janis La Couvée's Photo

    I can come now!!! Yay. So happy and look forward to meeting you all.

    Posted by Janis La Couvée May 31, 2011
  • Jose Albis's Photo

    Victoria, thank you for the support we are now the biggest Owl community in the World!!! See you all soon.

    Woot woot! Are those feathers???

    Posted by Jose Albis May 27, 2011
  • Jose Albis's Photo

    Welcome to the Victoria Hootsuite Community! Glad to have you here - Hoot hoot! Our first Hootup will happen soon and details TBD. Nonetheless, join us for more information.

    Thank you.

    Posted by Jose Albis April 21, 2011
    • Kemp Edmonds's Photo

      Great Job Jose,

      Owly and the Owls are prepping goodies tomorrow and Owly will be joining you Monday morning so he can be at the HootUp for HootPics and more :0)

      I'll see you on Thursday or Friday! We'll be live on the Twitters for the HootUp so we'll have some fun!

      Posted by Kemp Edmonds May 26, 2011
    • Jose Albis's Photo

      Thank you for the kind words and the treats.

      Yes, I will be in touch soont! Hoot!

      Posted by Jose Albis May 27, 2011

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Victoria HootSuite Community

Victoria, Canada Founded April 21, 2011
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