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This group is a nexus for PHOTOGRAPHERS & MODELS wishing to work together. Our focus is on making pictures, not talking about it. Workshops are held very frequently when I'm in Houston (which is rarely). General Meetups are held on an "as needed" basis. If you are serious about photography, regardless of your skill level, our workshops are probably for you. If you are only looking for a place to get in out of the rain, go to a movie instead.

WHAT WE PHOTOGRAPH: We photograph the human figure. Our models are almost always female & nude. Please see: http://photo.meetup.com/755/photos/377899/ (our "Photos" section) for samples from prior workshops.

NOTICE TO MODELS: We need models for our Saturday & Sunday workshops, these are always paid assignments. I expect to hold around 90 weekend workshops per year (mostly in NYC) & that requires 90 models (although some models will do more than one workshop). Please e-mail me if interested. Meetup group membership is FREE for models.

NOTICE TO WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS: Three important things to remember: 1) Workshop space is limited, usually workshops are sold out. If you say "YES" you are taking a space that someone else might want. 2) If you say "YES" you are telling the model that she will get paid for that slot. Please do NOT sign up as a "YES" unless you are committing to attend, or at least pay for, the event. 3) To stress the point, we take our photo shoots very seriously. Setting up shoots with top models requires much planning, lots of work & cooperation from all of the participants. We know that other aspects of life sometimes interfere with our photography plans, but if you say you are attending, and cancel on short notice (less than a week) we expect you to find a suitable replacement for yourself, or at least cover your share of the cost.

Take note: Although most workshops are setup & run by the group organizer, Stan Goldstein, other group members frequently organize & run workshops. Major differences are in the payment and sign up requirements. Some people use Eventbrite, some accept PayPal, others do not. Some gladly accept checks, others do not. Some may only accept cash at the door. Refund and cancellation policies also vary. Regardless of who the workshop organizer is, the following information will generally be more or less in effect.

Additional Information for and about Workshops

These nude workshops are usually a free-form, non-instructional, type photography workshop for the purpose of learning from and sharing with fellow photographers. Generally, photographers will rotate prerogative and responsibility for placement of lights and direction of the model, see below for details.

This is our usual shooting procedure when working with constant light. Each photographer, in turn, will assume the role of "Lead Photographer." The lead photographer will have the prerogative for setting the lights & directing the model. The other photographers may shoot at all times, but they may not direct the model, set the lights, or block the lead photographer, until it is their turn. A photographer may cede their turn as lead photographer. If none of the photographers wish to set the lights or direct the model, the workshop coordinator or assistant workshop coordinator will do so. New photographers who feel uncomfortable setting the lights, or directing the model, should ask the coordinator to do so for them, preferably in advance of the event.
Photographers should limit their setup times to a few minutes at most, since other photographers will be waiting to photograph the model. All photographers should assist the lead photographer in setting up. Complicated props, & clothing, which require excessive setup or dressing times must be avoided.

1) session one - 10:00am - 12:00 Noon.
2) session two - 12:20pm - 2:20pm
3) session three - 3:40pm - 5:40pm
4) session four - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

When demand is low, or scheduling dictates, the number of sessions is reduced. If all goes well, we have four photographers, a coordinator and an assistant coordinator at each session. All indoor Manhattan workshops will be at _____ _____ ________ in Manhattan, unless otherwise indicated. NOTE: for strobe sessions, we have three photographers, rather than four; and price is 33.3% higher.


Lunch is usually from 12:20 to 3:40. You are welcome to join us for lunch. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is frowned on during lunch. Offering alcohol to models is NOT allowed.

We expect to use constant lights. You may use your on camera flash if you like. Basic exposure will be something like 1/50 sec at f2 at ISO 100. No more than something like 1/100sec at f5.6 @ ISO 100. (These values are approximations from prior shoots at various location. They are NOT guarantees.) Tripods are recommended. (Infrequently, we shoot with studio flash, see below.) When using on-camera flash, you should yell out "FLASH" before firing your flash. This will allow other photographers to not have their shutters open while your flash fires.

1) Each photographer, in turn, directs the model, and lighting for two 20 minutes periods (based on a two hour session and three photographers). The shooting order will be determined by drawing lots.
2) The other photographers should assist with setting the lights, so the primary photographer can concentrate on his shots, not on moving the lights. This also includes taking light readings.

3) If you are not the primary shooter, you may photograph the model, provided that you do NOT: a) trigger the flashes, b) give instructions to the model, or c) block the primary photographer.

Photographers should limit their setup times to a few minutes at most, since other photographers will be waiting to photograph the model. Complicated props, & clothing, which require excessive setup or dressing times must be avoided.

We are trying to ensure that every photographer has an equal opportunity to explore their ideas fully. The above procedure may seem overly strict, but it has been found to be the best and fairest method of keeping the chaos to a minimum, and keeping the models comfortable. Bring a tripod if camera shake is a concern.

With studio flash exposure is probably something around f5.6 at ISO 100, or a couple of stops either way. NOTE: when we have strobe sessions, the cost is 33.3% higher (since there are only 3 photogs rather than 4 and the costs are the same).

Each model determines their own modeling style and posing limits in advance of the workshop. Unless otherwise stated, models will model and pose in the style, and to the limits, of the images in their linked or referenced web sites, and modeling pages.

At some time, hopefully at, or shortly after the published start time of the workshop, the model will proceed to a location designated by the coordinator, remove his or her clothing, robe, or other covering, assume a pose & yell either: "STARTING," "POSING," "WORKING," or "MODELING." That will be the beginning of the session. If there is a timer available, it will be started. Models typically find it necessary to: fix makeup, hydrate, stretch, or rest, if performing vigorous activities. Such breaks will typically consume ten or fifteen minutes out of the hour and are part of the workshop time. Toward the end of the workshop the coordinator or model should announce "FIVE MINUTES", and then "ONE MINUTE". At the end of the allotted time the model should say "THANK YOU," and walk away from the posing area or darn clothing. It is up to the model to stop, otherwise the photographers will keep on shooting until they run out of film, or batteries, or die.

In all cases, the use of phones during a session will be considered a breach of etiquette. If a model feels the need to telephone or message, the timer will be stopped, until the model is back to modeling. Telephone time is NOT part of workshop time. Photographers wishing to use their cell phones must leave the room or distance themselves from the group. The shoot will continue in the absence of the "cell phone photographer." There will be NO allowance for missed time.

The following should be obvious, but just in case:
Photographers, if you are late to a session, & miss the start, or leave early, you will NOT receive a refund. (Same as theatre or ball game tickets.) If the model is late, the session will start when the model is ready. Models that are late will receive a "black mark." If the model fails to show up you will get your money back. That model will go to the bottom of a very long list. If the model shows up & does not feel like modeling, the model will NOT be paid & photographers will get their money back. Model absence will be excused in the event of the model's own death, provided model presents an official death certificate.

We are here to make pictures. This is NOT a party. There will be absolutely NO alcohol, smoking, or recreational drugs, on the location. All participants must be at least eighteen years old. Official photographic proof of age will be required (usually a driver's license, military I.D., or passport). Guests are NOT welcome, if you MUST bring a friend they should register and pay. Models may bring a chaperon. Models must have official photographic proof of age, usually a driver's license, military I.D., or passport. Background music may be played only at the option of the model. Photographers are requested to NOT, sing, dance, shout, or act in a boisterous manner. somersaults and backflips are strictly forbidden, for photographers. Models may sing, dance, flip & sault as required.

I usually try to work with experienced models with good reputations. However, on occasion I work with new models. When that is known to be the case, I point out that the model is new to the field, and has limited or no past experience to judge from. In my experience, young, new, models are less reliable that older or more experienced models. When I've had past favorable experience working with a model that will also be pointed out. When I've had past unfavorable experience working with a model I will NOT book her for a workshop, in the extremely unlikely event that I do, I will carefully spell out past problems. I will frequently link to, or reference, information on the models' web sites. I have no more knowledge of the accuracy of that information than you do. Probably the best indicator of a model's reliability & performance is our experience with her at a previous workshop. When that information is available it will be made known.

This should be obvious, but just in case. The models are here to be photographed, not: groped, grabbed, fondled, fingered, touched or teased. My policy is that during the photography sessions photographers will remain more than arms length from the model. (If you can extend your arm and touch the model you are too close.) This is the default policy; individual models may have their own policies which are more or less restrictive. The model's policy will prevail.

Model releases are available at the photographers' option. The price of model releases is set in advance (usually between $10.00 and $20.00) & the release is purchased directly from the model. See a copy of our standard release at MODELRelease-7r.doc . Rare exceptions may occur. For strobe sessions model releases are generally between $15.00 & $25.00. Models expect to be and appreciate being paid in cash.

DISCLAIMER: Everything contained herein is: approximate, variable, uncertain, or theorized; frequently the result of wishful thinking, grandiose planning, unreasonable assumptions, wild guesses, or reliance on government information, and subject to: revision, interpretation, change, lackadaisical implementation, and outright disregard. Business relationship: as workshop coordinator, I function as an employee or contractor of the model. My job is to: facilitate the model's finding & renting studio space, collect and process payment, pay the studio, advertise the event on the model's behalf, and provide business guidance based on my past experience as a workshop coordinator. I will generally support the model's position in disputes with photographers, in all but the most obvious cases of model error. REFUND POLICY: If you change your mind and request a refund at least seven days before the event, you will get your money back. After that there will be no refunds. However, you may be able to sell your "ticket" to someone that signed up too late or missed the deadline. In doing so please remember that all participants must be at least 18 years old.

6/20/08 SG; rev 10/27/10 SG

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