National Day of Reason - Thursday May 3rd

From: Han H.
Sent on: Friday, April 27, 2012 5:28 PM

If attending NDOR and you plan on making a sign please follow all local regulations regarding rally/protest signs. All signs should be a hand held with NO sticks of any type. We also ask that you create respectful signs that will add credibility and power to our NDOR theme.


Our theme is centered around separation of church and state and includes:

  • A celebration of reason and rational thinking
  • The National Day of Prayer is unwanted and unwarranted intrusion by religion into our government
  • Government resources should not be used to tell us when, where or how to pray and doing so creates an elevated status for a small group of believers while devaluing the views of others
  • People who don't pray are moral, hard working citizens and there are a lot of us ready to be heard


Some good examples that build will enhance our event are:

  • Separate church and state
  • Keep your religion out of my government
  • Vote against amendment one
  • References to our Founding Fathers' quotations regarding separation of church and state
  • Advocating for the rights and concerns of non-theists
  • Morality based on compassion and reason and freedom from superstition


Examples to avoid

  • Confrontational, negative or attack messages
  • Prayer sucks/is stupid/is a waste of time
  • People who pray are …
  • Please note that although we all love "his noodly-ness" this is not the best venue for ridiculing religion


Our signs should convey our message of why we are there. Keep in mind that it is easy for a camera to find the worst sign and damage our otherwise effective message. Our opponents say we are trying to stop people from ever praying anytime anywhere and use this argument to gloss over the serious issues of separation.


Please no sidewalk chalk. We want to leave the grounds with only the impression of the footfalls from the crowd of people who helped us celebrate. Help us to leave a lasting, positive and persuasive impression of our movement.



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