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Humanists should fight for political power, not political correctness!

Jeni B.
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San Diego, CA
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Fantastic article, and so dead-on!


Debbie A.
Group Organizer
San Diego, CA
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Thank you for posting this article. I hope that you, and other humanists and atheists, will join the national secular/nontheist organizations, including Secular Coalition for America. They can pool enough human and financial resources to make a difference in political spheres. SCA has a weekly conference call to discuss secular politics. Everyone can join in the call... dial up at 9 AM PST for ½ hour.

There is a California lobbying group now as well, the Secular Coalition for California. There is also a recently established PAC called the Freethought Equality Fund. Yes... finally... atheist candidates are coming to us for money and support.

The mission of the Freethought Equality Fund (FEF) PAC is to change the face of American politics and to achieve equality by increasing the number of open humanists and atheists in public office at all levels of government. The FEF PAC is affiliated with the Center for Humanist Activism, which is the advocacy and political arm of the American Humanist Association.

The FEF PAC will provide nontheist Americans the opportunity to make their voices heard in the political process by supporting candidates who identify as humanist, atheist, agnostic, and who share our goals of protecting the separation of church and state and defending the civil liberties of secular Americans.

When people see respected ethical humanists and atheists serve in public office, this will begin to dispel many myths about nonbelievers. The FEF PAC will also support a number of candidates who identify as religious but who are leaders in supporting the rights of nonbelievers.

Oceanside, CA
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Jeni, thank you for the article; and Debbie, thank you for the valuable information on how and where people can really make a difference (even from their own home and without even sending money).

This brings up a question that I have for many in our local community. The author of this article and the book it surrounds is CJ Werleman. He is a humorous Australian version of Sean Faircloth as his sole goal is to fight the Religious Right in America. I was in conversations with him about organizing an event in San Diego to have him come and speak to us. However, he then pulled a rather strange move in public debate against Sam Harris recently that turned some people in our community off from him. Here is CJ Werleman's own article on the recent event: http://thecontributor...­

As you can see, he does not come across quite as thoughtful and dead-on in this article. Many of his fans seemed to have had to admit the same in the comments below it. To be fair, it seems he may have simply used a common and unfortunate, yet useful tactic of railing against someone at the top to simply get more attention on yourself. Additionally, I think his book(s) will do more good than his rather foolish and silly quarrel with Dr. Harris will do harm. Hopefully the stunt worked (if that was indeed the intention), because I do appreciate everything else that I have personally heard and read from Mr. Werleman. He was also on a very recent podcast of the Thinking Atheist for anyone that cares to listen (­. The podcast was also with Sean Faircloth and David Niose (we've had events with in San Diego with both Mr. Faircloth and Mr. Niose that were very successful and well received). As Mr. Werleman's new book, Crucifying America was just released, he is going on a book tour and his schedule is going to become a little more difficult. So if we want him here any time soon, we must act quickly.

So the question is, does the San Diego atheist-humanist community want an event with and to support CJ Werleman? I hope many respond. Cheers!
A former member
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Great articles all around. It's good to see someone focusing on the big picture and where we non-theists need to concentrate some of our energy. From my experience in the Men's Movement many years ago, it was plain to see that one's efforts are dead in the water without a lobbyist representing one's interests in the courts and Congress. They have access and influence. Oftentimes, that is where the wars are fought and victory decided.

I would definitely welcome C.J. Werleman to SD. It is always beneficial to hear all sides of an argument from knowledgeable people. IMHO, these are complex issues and no one has a legitimate claim to the final answer.
San Diego, CA
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Go get 'im, Program Team! :-)
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