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"Ron Paul '08 for 'INDY'-pendence" is a movement centered on bringing about change. The ends we seek, while today seen as revolutionary, would have been viewed as common in the United States during the early part of the nineteenth century.

Today, we face an indisious foe. Fear. The fear of tomorrow, the fear of the unknown, and the fear of others are what cage the souls of many Americans. Fear drives people to accept greater limitations on their freedom in exchange for a fleeting security. Fear weakens their resolve as half of their incomes are stripped away. Fear causes them to despise their neighbors and distrust their friends.

The Ron Paul movement is about changing the minds of our countrymen, awakening them to the beauty and color of a free world. This task will require effort, but we should enjoy the work.

Our means are simple. There are five ways by which we can resurrect the spirit of liberty and encourage people to get "IN" to our movement:

We are IN-terested - We care about their concerns and want to alleviate their fears.
We are IN-fomed - We have educated ourselves, studied history and aim to prevent its repeat.
We are IN-novative - We are creative and will find new ways of reaching people.
We are IN-dividuals - We promote self-ownership and responsibility.
We are IN-spired - We encourage, uplift and give people hope in freedom and the ethics of liberty.

Thank you,

--Michael Hargett, Founder and Former Organizer "Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'pendence"

Please visit the following:
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