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Here is an ad I created, outlining Ron Paul's military contributions. This is a print-ready ad that could be used in various mediums of print. Enjoy!

Adobe Acrobat file 9.0M A former member Oct 26, 2011

Ron Paul Handout

I made this for more traditional republicans. Take this and use it however you want depending on your audience. Make your own changes and improvements. I feel we should highlight more of his character and accomplishments versus fringe issues.

Word file 32K A former member Jun 8, 2011

Mosaic Handout

Adobe Acrobat file 3.7M A former member Jun 8, 2011


Word file 269K A former member Jun 8, 2011


John Hostettler Ballot Access CAN Form

Adobe Acrobat file 232K Lynette Jan 4, 2010


Here is the Army Regulation 210-35 - Civilian Inmate Labor Program.

Adobe Acrobat file 774K Bill F. Feb 7, 2009

IMPORTANT message from Edward Griffin, author of Creature from J

Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyl Island has an IMPORTANT message for Ron Paul supporters; don't miss this youtube video: http://www.youtub...­

Word file 22K Meg D. Jul 21, 2008

Ron Paul calls for massive march on Washington

This may be the most importatant march ever planned. Please read the attached file and go to the video link where Dr. Paul calls for a march.

Word file 23K Meg D. Feb 12, 2008

Ron Paul Comparison Add

This is a great Add comparing some of the votes between Ron Paul and the others. Very well done!

Adobe Acrobat file 707K Ron Blancaneaux J. Jan 20, 2008


Use this on the front side of the optional Backside file business Card and you now have created pocket "Slim jims"

Adobe Acrobat file 63K Cal Jan 12, 2008


Optional "Backside" for your Meetup Cards that have Ron Paul's Website info on it. A great Pocket Tool.

Adobe Acrobat file 152K Cal Jan 12, 2008

Tear-off Flyer Ron Paul Indy

Adobe Acrobat file 1.4M Cal Jan 8, 2008

Table-top Sign Ron Paul Indy

Adobe Acrobat file 161K Cal Jan 8, 2008

IMPORTANT Invitation & Message from WatchTheVote

Please Join these two Meetups and help assure Ron Paul gets an accurate vote count. It is CRUCIAL we have people watching to make sure the count is honest and accurate. Check out these websites for more information.

Word file 25K Meg D. Dec 6, 2007


Official CAN-8 Ballot Access Form

Adobe Acrobat file 79K A former member Nov 1, 2007

Collection of Ron Paul Wallpapers

A collection of Ron Paul wallpapers gathered from around the internet. Different resolutions of each wallpaper included. Download it, unzip it, and enjoy!

Zip archive 3.2M A former member Oct 18, 2007

Ron Paul Bill of Rights with Animation

Same as the original Bill of Rights pic with animated text at the bottom

an image 811K A former member Oct 18, 2007

Ron Paul Bill of Rights

Cool Pic I made of Ron Paul with the Bill of Rights in the Background.

an image 725K A former member Oct 18, 2007

IMPORTANT - Prevent Vote Fraud for Iowa Straw Poll

HELP NEEDED - After all the work we've done for Iowa; we CANNOT let them cheat Ron Paul via vote fraud!

Adobe Acrobat file 54K Meg D. Aug 7, 2007


I wrote this song to explain some of Dr. Paul's positions in this campaign. Hope ya'll like it! Get it out to others if you do! Download from the files section or from­ ^..^

MP3 audio file 2.1M Chris W. Aug 3, 2007

United We Stand

Endeavor to Unite Nationwide

Adobe Acrobat file 54K A former member Jul 31, 2007

Brown COunty Fair Map #3

Brown County Fair Map #3

an image 80K A former member Jul 23, 2007

Brown County Fair Map #2

Brown County Fair Map #2

an image 54K A former member Jul 23, 2007

Brown County Fair Map#1

Map to Brown County Fair #1

an image 136K A former member Jul 23, 2007

Ron Paul On Hanity

Caller talks about Ron Paul on Hanity Show. Shawn poo .. poos .. Ron. Caller does good Shawn does not cut him off. On youtube. http://www.youtub...­

a file 0K A former member Jul 19, 2007

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