Liberty Needs Warriors

When looking back into the annals of the world a crimson thread appears. The unwillingness to act and effect change where one can is the key to the triumph of tyranny.

I know that many who support the current regime's nation building and "security qua liberty" doctrines have argued something similar to this but they miss the point. They do not understand that this action is to be directed at the concerted efforts of aspiring domestic dictators and potentates who would suppress the liberty of you and me, not the distant countries who oppose our government and its policies.

Hitler feared the "threat" of the non-Aryan races and decided to act in order to stave off his imagined foes, killing millions of Slavs and Jews for the sake of "the fatherland." Stalin feared the usurpers, saboteurs and spies, so he killed anyone he perceived as acting suspiciously. Now in the United States, our government fears Muslims, and they wish to kill all who do not kneel and lick the boots of the American military.

The United States government's dread has grown into a full blown paranoia, slashing and stabbing at the air, striking anything within range. Of course, those nearest are the United States' own population. The powers that be now wish every man, woman and child branded and corralled, chattel for the purpose of labor, sustenance and commodity.

In the first two Republican debates Ron Paul exposed this truth to the American people, or, at least to those willing to listen. He has been labeled a zealot, a nut, a "lefty," anti-American and downright stupid. He is none of the above. He is courageous, sane, a universal proponent of liberty, pro-American and highly intelligent. His comments and remarks have all had their foundations firmly lodged in the facts, and he has returned every insult with a smile and an honest answer.

Ron Paul is a warrior for liberty. In his arsenal are a cadre of facts, an insatiable desire to learn, a passion for what is right and the character of a gentleman scholar. Liberty needs people like Ron Paul to assert the imperative of government subject to its people, not the other way around.

The purpose of Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'pendence is to join like-minded individuals to rally together for the noble cause of electing an honorable statesman. Failing this, we can at least take comfort in the knowledge that we had the foresight to recognize in the road ahead what everyone else will see in the rear view as the speed bump of lady liberty.

--Michael Hargett, Organizer "Ron Paul '08 for 'Indy'pendence"

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