Game design compitetion in Utah - Ion Award at SaltCON 2011

From: Heather
Sent on: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 9:55 PM
Calling All Tabletop Game Designers ******

The Ion Award at SaltCON 2011 is back for its third year as the
equivalent of the Sundance Film Festival for games in the U.S.

We want to evaluate your unpublished games.

The contest is in two phases. For the first phase, you will
submit a form describing details of your game. You will also
send us a picture of your game to guarantee that the game is
complete at the time of submission. Your summary will be
evaluated by the judges, with your name removed. They will rank
their favorite games. The top 4 games with the highest scores
will be invited to come to SaltCON 2011. You can personally
officiate the playing of your game. This is a great time for
publishers to put a face to your name.

Here?s what you really want to know.

Who is eligible to participate? Anyone who doesn?t work for a
judging company.

Where is the form? I want to participate:

How much does it cost? $10.00 to have each abstract reviewed.
Yes, you can submit more than one game summary, but only one
can go into the finals.

When is the abstract due? November 30th by midnight (U.S.
Mountain time)

When is SaltCON 2011? You will present your game on Friday,
February 18th.

What do I win? A plaque (screech). I know what you?re thinking.
A plaque. Who wants a plaque?
We are assembling a team of professional judges. We can only
commit a plaque to you (a very nice one though). The judges can
ask you for your game after the competition for further
evaluation and offer you a contract. That?s their business. We
can?t offer you a better deal than giving you the opportunity
to have your game looked at by companies like Fred
Distribution, Mayday Games, Out of the Box, Sanity Studios, and
Sunriver Games to name a few. Also, you can subsequently submit
your games to companies and tell them that it was an ION Award

The website has all the information and I will post more
information here as it becomes available.

We look forward to seeing everyone from the past conventions
and starting a great new tradition in gaming in Utah!

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