Integral-Matrix March Meetup: NEW LOCATION and format

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Sent on: Tuesday, March 2, 2010 8:58 PM
Hello Friends,

For our March meetup we will be trying a NEW LOCATION that will be supporting a new format, thanks to Roby's generosity in extending his space!

This new format will consist of three modules:
Body, Mind, & Spirit

BODY: Starting with the 16 Ways practice (horizontal form), we will focus on body awareness and body-mind integration, following along with Dylan Newcomb's DVD.

[Note: If you haven't attended the 16 Ways workshop, we recommend purchasing the DVD to understand the practice. And fortunately for you, if you missed Dylan's last visit to LA (Feb 2010), he and his partner Kyung-Sun will be returning on April 9th for a one-day Level One Workshop (which there is no substitute for) along with Level 2 and 3 back to back from April 9th to the 15th. Register here for a special discounted price the next seven days... (Attending this workshop is not required, just highly encouraged.) We feel this practice is so valuable in terms of the Integral Life Practice, as do the majority of our core members, that this will be part of our meetup schedule from now on; you may choose to simply observe the process if you wish, and join in whenever you like.]

MIND: In order to get to vision-logic (Gebser's term for integral cognition) one must first understand basic logic. Simply, to have any chance of evolving to trans-rationality, we must have a mastery of rationality as a foundation from which to build durable structures in consciousness. Clare Graves calls the 1st level of 2nd Tier (YELLOW vMeme/teal altitude in Wilber's model) the "Cognitive Level", while SD discusses it as the 'problem solver' and clear thinker. Our discussion for the mind module will be the topic of Critical Thinking, or 'metacognition' (thinking about thinking) as a necessary skill for evolution and cognitive development. This will be an on-going series of discussions starting with the 17-page reading entitled Critical Thinking: An Introduction by Alex Fisher, containing the various definitions of critical thinking as our homework.

An easy five-to-ten-minute read is this introductory article on biases by the brilliant shrinks behind the Positive Psychology movement, which really sheds light on our tendency towards self-affirming mental errors: Open Mindedness

As optional homework, you may want to browse this Critical Thinking Web with a lot of additional great information including pdf files and exercises in logic.

SPIRIT: We will end with a 15 minute meditation for the 'spirit' module.

Again, don't forget to make note of our NEW LOCATION!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best, sincerely,
Jana and Eliot

P.S. We (Jana and Eliot) have completed Level Two of the 16 Ways, and are VERY impressed with what Dylan and Kyung-Sun have accomplished with this work and practice, and heartily endorse experiencing the 16 Ways with them, if and when you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Until then, the DVD is a wonderful supplement to your ILP, and contains an explanation of the basics, and the complete Horizontal Form (Level One) and also the complete Vertical Form (Level Two). Highly recommended!

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