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Japanese Meetup Group Message Board › The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,160
Night passes slowly as Ki No Ronin finds that he is unable to sleep in his Bunk. He rolls about and peers out of his Bunk and discovers a few Sailors, both Chinese and Japanese, sitting in a circle together. Ki No Ronin becomes curious about what they are doing, so he gets out of his Bunk and goes over and looks on to see what they are doing.

It is Aoki-San sitting with Leung and Ching. Wong Sensho-San has Yang-San in the and has given permission for Leung and Ching to go below for about an hour to get some Japanese Language Tutillage from Aoki-San who is willing to give his Chinese free lessons in how to speak Japanese.

They are using the Writing Slate to write down the Kanji of a Chinese Word and Aoki-San would simply state the Japanese Word for the object.

When Aoki-San sees Ki No Ronin come up, he jumps up and says, "Kombanwa Ki No Ronin-San. Genki Desu ka?". Ki No Ronin replies, "Okagesama Deshita. Anata wa Nihongo wa ima Oshiemasu ka?", replying by asking confirmation as to what they are doing. "Hai", replies Aoki-San, "Rai Ichi Ji Kan no aida ni Chugokujin Funenori-nin de Nihongo wa Oshiemasu. Kono Benkyo Suru ni Sanka Shitai Desu ka?". Ki No Ronin smiles and nods ageement and looks on to see what they had been studying. It seems they were studying words for certain shipboard objects, such as Anchor meaning Ikari, Ho referring to a Sail, and Bushi Shinamono meaning the Stores and Goods of the Ship.

Ki No Ronin then takes the slate and assumes the role of Sensei. He drills all the Chinese on saying the words they had just learned previously over and over a few times, and then hands the slate to Leung-San indicating for him to write a word in Kanji that he would like to learn about.

Leung-San takes the slate, thinks for moment, and then writes the Kanji for the word "Rope". Ki No Ronin takes the slate and replies out loud the word "Nawa". Leung-San and Ching-San recite the word "Nawa" a couple of times, and then the slate is handed over to Ching-San who thinks and then writes down the word for Enemy. Ki No Ronin looks at the slate and then states the Japanese word "Teki-nin. Teki." The two Chinese Sailors recite the word over and over again to learn it. They then can hear Wong Sensho-San sort of muttering over the word "Teki-nin" to himself. He is overhearing the Japanese translations to the Chinese Words his Chinese Shipmates are learning.

The slate is handed back over to Leung-San who writes down the Kanji for "Tool". This time, Ki No Ronin says, "Aoki-San, Honyaku Shite Kudasai, Dozo". Aoki-San smiles and after bowing politely to Ki No Ronin tells the Chinese the word for "Tool" is Dogu.

So for the next half hour, they do this language studying until Ki No Ronin notices that the hour for the Chinese Sailors to learn Japanese is up and that they must go back to their duties. So he says to Aoki-San, "Kono Yugatta no Benkyo Suru wa Owarii Desu. Oyasumi Nasai. Nemuttei Kudasai, Dozo", to which Aoki-San replies, "Hai, Mata Ne" and he gets up, bows and goes off to get into his hammock. The two Chinese Funenori-nin Sailors stand up, bow and go on up to the Quaterdeck to tend to some maintenance.

Ki No Ronin, satisified that he was of good help teaching Japanese to the Chinese Funenori-nin Shipmates, goes back to his Bunk, climbs in and goes to Sleep.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,161
Jumping down to the Tween Deck of the Chien Shing, Leung-San awakens Ki No Ronin and says "Ki No Ronin Shoko Bushi-San, Kite Kudasai", which is one of the Verbs that the Chinese have recently learned. Ki No Ronin follows him up to the Bridge where Wong Sensho-San motions him to observe something. He shows how the Helm's Control Cable has somehow snapped and the Tiller is not responding to controls. Right now, Ching is down the Stern Keel working the Rudder from commands yelled down.

Ki No Ronin looks up and sees that Wong Sensho-San has already put up a set of Signal Flags indicating to the Kawa Shima Maru that the Chien Shing has some damage. Ki No Ronin looks over and sees an Acknowledgement Signal from the Kawa Shima Maru and sees Nobunaga Sensho-San looking at what is going on with his Spyglass.

Ki No Ronin has had to deal with this sort of problem before and knows what to do. Ki No Ronin then writes down orders to put up Signal Flags indicating Repairs are underway and not to worry.

Ki No Ronin the goes to the Wheel and looks at what kind of Rope, which was being used at the Control Cable, was being used. Then he goes to the Nawa Rope Locker and finds the correct type Rope and takes out a coil of Nawa Rope that looks long enough for the job. Ki No Ronin then lashes end of the Broken Cable to the New Replacement Cable and pulls it through. This operation takes no time and then Ki No Ronin proceeds to splice the two ends of the New Control Cable together to the proper length. He then places it back into the Gear Chain and then signs for them to try it.

When the Helm Wheel turns, the Rudder succeeds in turning in unison. The Repair appears to be good. Once satisfied that his Repair Job seems to be successful, they goes back up the Bridge, bows to Wong Sensho-San and simply says, "Owarii Desu", saying that everything is Finished.

The put up Signal Flags indicates that everything is back to normal and they are going at Full Speed Ahead.

Ki No Ronin then bows and goes back down below to resume getting his Rest.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,163
Ki No Ronin then gets up for his Night Watch and rowses up his Japanese Funenori-nin Shipmates and report to Gimu Duty. When they report up on Deck, they get a late Dinner of Ramen Noodles with Maguro Tuna Fish in it. They eat heartly. It was right in the middle of eating that Ki No Ronin notices that there is no longer any sign of the Kujaku Fuka Whale Shark that had been following them along during the night before. Maybe it has gotten Hungry and has gone off in search of a nice ball of Plankton or Koshiba Ebi Krill Ball to eat. There is still a Light Rain falling with 12 Knot Winds blowing in their direction and both the Kawa Shima Maru and Chien Shing are at Full Sail and making best Speed. There is even a Signal Flag up on the Kawa Shima Maru that stays up indicating for them to keep up Full Sail and making Best Possible Sokudo Speed.

After finishing their Ramen, Ki No Ronin takes command of the Bridge and Aoki-San goes up to the Crow's-Nest with Koshin-San manning the Darin Ship's Helm. Ikuto-San is on duty to do any Maintenance or upkeep, but it seems his attentions are diverted elsewhere and for the first hour of their Night Watch, Wong Sensho-San has asked Ikuto-San to come down to the Tween Deck and do some Japanese Language Tutoring to him and his Chinese Shipmates. They are going over Places and Locations. Ki No Ronin hears them down below going over words for the Compass Points such as "Kita" meaning North, "Minami" meaning South, "Higashi" meaning East and "Nishi"meaning West. They get taught other words such as "Fune" meaning Ship, "Minato" meaning Bay, and "Toshi" meaning City. For about an hour, they do such studies, and then Wong Sensho-San dismisses Ikuto-San using his recently learned Japanese by saying, "Anata no Gimu Shigoto wa ima Shite Kudasai", telling him that the Language Lesson is over and to get back to his Duties.

Ikuto-San goes up onto the Tween Deck and Ki No Ronin has him go down below to do a check on the Ship's Bushi Stores to make sure that all is Ok by saying, "Chien Shing Fune no Bushi wa Mitemiteimasu". Ikuto-San bows obediently and goes down to make sure that all the Herbs down below are Ok and not getting nawd by any Rodents that may be on the Chien Shing. He comes back a few minutes later reporting, "Sumimasen Ki No Ronin Shoko Bushi-San, subete Bushi wa totemo ni Yorshii Desu. Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai", saying that everything down below is A-Ok.

Ki No Ronin smiles at this reasuredness and takes up his Watch. The Night Watch goes off without any problems and for the next few days, they all sail without any problems. They manage to stay out of sight of the Engan Coast Line and dont see any other Ships or Boats that might have danger for them aboard. They dont see the Kujaku Fuka Whale Shark anymore, so it must definitely have gone off to hunt for some Food.

Then in the afternoon of the Fourth day of Sailing along, they are nearing the end of the Malacca Straights when there is a Signal change on the Kawa Shima Maru. It indicates to Strike All Sails and to drop down the Anchor to still the Ships and for Ki No Ronin and Wong Sensho-San to come over to the Kawa Shima Maru for an Officers Meeting.

While they are striking their Sails and dropping their Anchor, letting the cable run out about 100 meters, which pretty much stays their progress in the Water, they can see the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch being put over the side and it comes over with Yoshimune Shoko-San. It comes alongside the Chien Shing and Yoshimune Shoko-San shouts up, "Kite Kudasai, Dozo. Fune no Shoko-nin no Aimono de ima Sanka Shi Nakareba Narimasen". Both Ki No Ronin and Wong Sensho-San bow politely and get into the Launch and they cast off and start getting rowed across to the Kawa Shima Maru. It seems there is something important that Nobunaga Sensho-San wants to discuss with all of his Officers of his little flotilla of Merchant Ships.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,169
On their way over to the Kawa Shima Maru, Ki No Ronin has a bit of small talk with Yoshimune Shoko-San, "Kawa Shima Maru wa Yoroshii Desu ka?", to which Yoshimune Shoko-San replies, "Yoi Desu. Keredomo takusan Norikumiin wa ima Tsukerimashita. Sonkai ni Ni Bai Gimu wa ima Shi Nakareba Narimasen soshite Nemeru koto ga Dekimasu.", saying that the crew of the Kawa Shima Maru has been very tired lately having to do some double shifts since they lost a lot of crew to the Battle and to help man the Chien Shing.

When they arrive at the Kawa Shima Maru, they bow towards the Bridge where Nobunaga Sensho-San is standing and he bows back implying permission to board. They come on board and go up to the Bridge where Nobunaga Sensho-San has the Chart Table set up before him. He starts off by greeting Wong Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin, "O-Hasashi Buri Desu. Genki Desu ka?", to which both Ki No Ronin and Wong Sensho-San both bows and say, "Okagesama Desu.", which is one of the terms that Wong Sensho-San has recently learned.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San makes a signal to Fujii-San who brings up some bowls of Fish Fried Rice and Mango Slices. Along with that, some East Indian Liquor is brought up to. Each officer is given a rations of this East Indian Rice Wine, which Nobunaga Sensho-San had secretly brought aboard when they were in Mangalor. After a round of "Kampais", they drink their shots of East Indian Sake.

After they have finished eating their bowls of Fried Rice and Mango Slices, Nobunaga Sensho-San then motions them towards that Chart Table, "Kite Kudasai. Kono Chizu wa Yonde Kudasai". After handing a letter written in Kanji to Wong Sensho-San with the instuctions he is about to say written down so that Wong Sensho-San can understand, Nobunaga Sensho-San then shows the Map on the Chart Table and he points out their location where they are in the Malacca Straits. They are just off of the Island of Pulau Rangsang, which is located towards the end of the Malacca Straits. Nobunaga Sensho-San then says, "Malacca Kaikyo no Higashi no Toyoro ima Arimasu. Takusan Shima ima Tsukimasu. Takusan Kaisoku-nin no Kiken Desu. Ima kara koko ni inokorimasu. Yoru no aida ni Shizuka na Ikimasho.", saying that they have come to the end of the Malacca Straits, but they are heading into a group of Islands called Pulau Mendol and Pulau Mendol that have a lot of Pirate Dangers about and that they will only go silently at night. Nobunaga Sensho-San continues, "Kono Shima manaka ni Chuibukai ni Shizuka na Ikimasho. Kyo no aida ni koko ni inokorimasu. Yugatta no ato ni Ikari no ue ni Hiku Shimasu soshite ichiban hayai Iki Nakareba Narimasen. Kono Yoru no aida ni minna Norikumiin wa itsumo Samete Nakareba Narimasen soshite Keikai Suru ni Tsuzuki Nakareba Narimasen. Kaisoku Akuto-nin wa itsumo Miteimasu", saying that in order to avoid being seen by Pirates, they must now travel at night and all crews must stay awake and alert for any sightings of Evil Pirates. At the end of his presentations of his orders, he bows to the other Officers and they bow back obediently. Nobunaga Sensho-San now motions to the Launch and says to Wong Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin, "Shikashi Chien Shing de Kaerimasu soshite kono yoru no Noru wa Junbi Shite Kudasai. Gambatte Desu", saying for them to return to the Chien Shing and prepare for this night sailing through in between the Islands of Pulau Mendol and Pulau Kundar. They bow obediently and they go down to the Launch and get into it followed by Yoshimune Shoko-San who has them rowed back to the Chien Shing.

When they get back on board, they find that another Bangohan Dinner is made and waiting for them. When they get their bowls of Majuro Tuna Ramen Noodles and they eat. While eating, Ki No Ronin informs the Japanese Norikumiin about what is happening at the same time as Wong Sensho-San is informing his Chinese Norikumiin.

After finishing eating, they clean away the bowls and they start watching for the fall of evening and the signal from the Kawa Shima Maru to pull up their Ikari Anchors and set Full Sail at best speed to make their way through between the Islands of Pulau Mendol and Pulau Kundar.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,171
There is still about an hour of sunlight left when they have set Full Sail and proceed at Best Speed. By the time they come within view of either Pulau Mendol or Pulau Kundar, it should be Dark. All they have to do is proceed as quietly as possible and hopefully they wont be noticed. For this Watch, everyone is awake and alert keeping watch.

About 3 hours later, they must have come into between the two Island Land Masses as they can not start to see lights of some Camp Fires on the shore and can even make out a couple of Villages as they make their way East with a slight berring to the South.

The Moon is about 40% to being full, so that light is enough that they are able to make out where the Kawa Shima Maru is ahead of them, so they are able keep up with them. They occasional get a Signal Light shot at them from the Stern of the Pirate Sloop that the Kawa Shima Maru is towing so that the Chien Shing will know where they are so they dont get separated.

The Hours drag on like an eternity as they keep watch for anyone on the shore sighting them. They also keep their Weapons handy in case they do get sighted and some Pirates come out after them. If they do get sighted, they might get an order from the Kawa Shima Maru to cut loose the Pirate Sloop they are towing so for the Pirates to take interest in while they run for to make their escape. But that would be unfortunate because that would mean having to sacrifice the three Japanese Norikumiin that are on the Ship. It is for that reason that Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, and Sakurazawa-San have put hair and finger nail clipping into a canopic jar to be stored on the Chien Shing. It is so that if they have to be sacrificed, there will be something left of them for their families in Japan to bury if they are lost.

As they sail along, the Kujaku Fuka Whale Shark suddenly appears. Perhaps their being up and looking has attracted the attention of their gigantic pet and it appears and starts swimming alongside them between the Kawa Shima Maru and the Chien Shing. Ki No Ronin smiles upon seeing this as this could be a good Omen for their efforts to not be seen.

At about 3:00pm, the Wind strengthens and to a good 18 knots and their speed increases. Nobunaga Sensho-San has probably decided to make better speed as there is a Morse Code Light Signal for the three Norikumiin on the Pirates Sloops to rig up an extra sail so that they dont drag down the Ships towing them as much. Ki No Ronin looks back and sees that Hirayama-San has seen the signal and he and his Norikumiin Comrads quickly go up the Main Mast and unfurl an extra sail. It works and they make about 2 Knots better speed now.

Then the East Horizon has the Redness of the Sun coming up. As the light gets stronger, they find that they are not quite past the Islands yet. Wong Sensho-San has been taking berring shots off of the Hoshi Stars and they are about 3/4 the way through the Kaikyo Strait between the two islands. It looks as though they are not going to quite make it. But there is nothing to do other than just keep their course and sail as fastly as they can.

When it is about 6:00am and the Sun is now up, they can see the coastlines of the two land masses that is in the distance. Ikuto-San can now be heard down below in the Chien Shing's Chorishitsu Galley putting water on to boil and is making a combination of Black Orange Pekoe and Green Tea for the crew to have and has started boilling some Ramen Noodles with a few herbs and spices he has found in the Chien Shing's Hold. He is cooking the Ramen with some Ginseng, Ginger and Garlic with a few chunks of Saba Mackerel. When it is finished he motions to a Chinese Norikumiin Crewman to go about getting the rest of the crew to come down and get their bowls of Ramen and big mug of Tea. The Tea is made so that the Caffeine in the Tea will help keep everyone awake and alert during this time of having to keep alert for anyone spotting them. This is the most nerve wracking part of their Voyages since the day they came upon the Chien Shing being attacked and the Kawa Shima Maru going to their rescue.

Then the Chinese Norikumiin Crewman Ching-San takes a tray of Ramen Noodles and Cups of Energy Tea to the Bridge for Wong Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin who take it gratefully, bowing in appreciation, and then they eat and drink their Tea. When they are finished, Ching-San takes away their empty bowls and cups down below for washing.

They sail along for the next 3 hours, keeping watch, when it comes to be about 11:00am and they notice that the land they have been in sight of has disappeared from sight. Ki No Ronin turns to Wong Sensho-San and slowly says so that Wong Sensho-San might understand, "Kono Riku wa ima Miru koto ga Dekimasu". Wong Sensho-San has been learning Japanese and manages to understand and smiles back, "Hai", he replies. They are now successfully in the middle of the Sunda Island Group and are not in a part of this Sea that is out of sight of Land.

It is about Noon when they get a Signal from the Kawa Shima Maru to drop Ikari Anchor and to get about three hours rest with a couple of Sailors on to watch. This time, when the Ikari Anchor is dropped, it actually hits bottom. They must being in the middle of Island Masses, so the Anchor is actually able to hit bottom now, causing them to become perfect stilled in the Ocean Water now.

Ki No Ronin along with Koshin-San, keep Watch while the rest of the Norikumiin Crew go down below for three hour rest. After getting a few hours rest, they are to once again set Full Sail and make for their next Night Passage through another small Kaikyo Strait between the Islands of Pulau Moro and Pulau Sundra.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,173
After their Rest, it is about noon and they have yet to get the Signal from the Kawa Shima Maru to get underway. Ki No Ronin takes the writing slate and writes the Kanji for "Naze ni Matteimasu ka?" and shows it to Wong Sensho-San because Ki No Ronin is wondering why they are waiting for. Wong Sensho-San reads the Kanji and bows politely. He goes over to the Chien Shing's Chart Table and points to where they are. He indicates that if they go too soon, they will be in between the two islands of Pulau Sundra and Pulau Moro too soon before it is dark and they might get spotted and attacked. So far they have been very lucky at not getting spotted so far and that is probably because it is still the Rainy Wet Season and the Light Rain that is falling and the Clouds are providing them some cover.

About a couple of hours later, there is a sudden Signal from the Kawa Shima Maru for them to quickly Weigh Anchor and Set Full Sail. Ki No Ronin shouts, "Ho wa ima Kanponai de Kudasai!" at the same time as Wong Sensho-San is making the same order to the Chinbese Norikumiin. All the Sailors jump to it and they Weigh their Anchors, Unfurl the Ho Sails of the Chien Shing and they let go of the Pirate Schooner they had tied up next to them. Since is was too hard for the Three Crewmen on the Pirate Schooners to drop their Anchor and bring it back up by themselves, they just came alongside the ships towing them and simply tied up to the Anchored Ships.

They get to best possible Speed and they make their way for the Kaikyo Strait between the two islands that they have to get past. Sure enough, Nobunaga Sensho-San had made his calculations correctly and in is not under after dark that they get in between the two islands that they have get past. They once again manage to see a couple of Lights and Fires from a few villages on the coastlines of Pulau Sunda and Pulau Moro. They make best speed and they are a quiet as they can be and make sure they dont show any lights. There is a break in the clouds, so Wong Sensho-San is able to get a couple of berrings off of those Stars and is able to plot their progress. They are going with Good Speed and he says to Ki No Ronin, "Subete Yoroshii Desu, Subete Yoroshii Desu", using his limited Japanese to assure Ki No Ronin that everything is going according to plan. Ki No Ronin smiles, bows and replies, "Hai! Sugoi Desu."

At about 1:00am, Ikuto-San goes down below and goes into the Chorishitsu Galley and commences boilling some water for some more Orange Pekoe/Green Tea and offers it to the Crew. They need it to keep awake for this part of the sailing. Ki No Ronin bows appreciatively to Ikuto-San for his inniative, "Arigataku Omotteimasu", and drinks the Tea, which does help him stay awake. Perhaps when they are in Safer Waters, they might be able to catch back up on their sleep. The rest of the Tea is distributed with the rest of the Crew and some is sent up to the Crow's Nest where Yang-San is sitting their keeping watch. Ikuto-San maintains a pot of Tea for anyone to drink if they are starting to feel a bit too Sleepy. During this operation of getting through this passage, they must be Awake and Alert, so Ikuto-San is thinking of anything that might help them stay awake.

But as they sail along, they dont see any other Ships or Threats. But when the Sun starts coming up, they find that they are still in between the two land masses and will not be past until about 11:00am or so. There is nothing to do but hope that the Rainy Cloudy Weather will give them the necessary cover to get through.

One thing they notice as the new days comes around is that their Pet, the Kujaku Fuka Whale Shark seems to be gone again. It has probably once again gone off hunting. They hope that it leaving is not a Bad Omen.

But as Daylight Breaks, Ikuto-San is down below steaming some Gohan Steamed Rice for Asagohan Breakfast and has is with some strips of Raw Nama Maguro Sakana Tuna Fish laid across the top of each of the bowls of Gohan Steamed Rice. The Rice is favored with some nice Shoya Sauce. This is distributed amongst the Crew and when Wong Sensho-San starts to eat, they all eat.

After eating, and the bowls have been collected and washed, they see hat the waters in this area are teaming with Fish, so they rig up a few Sakana Tsurizao Fishing Rods and throw them in. Within a hour, they have caught a dozen or so Saba Mackerel as well as a nice Large Maguro Blue Fin Tuna. It is such a large Maguro Tuna that it actually takes 3 Norikumiin Crewmen to get it aboard. They now have enough Sakana Fish Meat to last a couple of days now.

Then at about Noon, they notice that the land masses of Pulau Sunda and Pulau Moro are now out of sight and they are in the middle of the a water where they can not be seen.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 1,178
Then a Signal Flag goes up from the Kawa Shima Maru indicating that there will be a Change of Course going due South. After Signalling back acknowledgement, the Kawa Shima Maru makes a wide turn to the South so as to allow the Pirate Schooner they are towing to swing about in good order. Wong Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin make their turn following the Kawa Shima Maru's course. They look at the Charts and agree that Nobunaga Sensho-San must be wanting to avoid the very Narrow Straits in a chain of islands North of a place called Pulau Tiang. Those are also Pirate infested waters with Narrow Straits so narrow that they would get picked off for sure. If they were four ships with full compliment of Norikumiin Crewmen, they would go for it to make better time, but with such deplete number of Crew, they will have steer due South to avoid them and go the long way around South of the Island of Pulau Singkep. Once they get past that, they will be able to steer due North towards Vietnam and the Phillipines. Once they have reached the water between Vietnam and the Phillipines, then they will be in Safer Waters and they will be able to relax for the first time in over a couple of months as going South in these waters goes against the Currents and the Winds are not blowing their way most of the time, so they will not be able to make Good Speed for a long time. But the most Hazardous part of the Voyage is now past them, so they can now afford to take their time.

So for 3 days, they sail South making Speeds of around 5 to 8 Knots, which is less than half their old Speed until they come to the Point of Kateman. This is when the Kawa Shima Maru puts up Signal Flags. It is getting towards evening and they are just off the point of Kateman when there is a Signal for them to Drop Anchor and to get Rest. After several weeks of everyone being constantly on Watch, Nobunaga Sensho-San has decided to Anchor just off of the point of Kateman, which is a Peninsula of Indonesia, and allow the Crews a single night to get at least 6 to 8 hour of sleep, with the Ships Captains and One Crewman staying awake the whole night, keeping Watch.

They pull in the Pirate Schooners and tie them up beside the Kawa Shima Maru and Chien Shing and Nobunaga Sensho-San and Wong Sensho-San stays up on their Bridges keeping watch. Yuji-San stays up in the Kawa Shima Maru's Crow's Nest while Ikuto-San stays up to keep Watch with Wong Sensho-San. The Three Norikumiin Crewmen in the two Pirate Schooners also go to sleep. They now drop Ikari Anchors and they go to Sleep to get the rest they need. They must be fairly close to Riku Land as their Anchors hit bottom.

So Ki No Ronin goes down to his Bunk on the Chien Shing and gets into it. He goes to Sleep and gets into a Good Deep Sleep and has a Lovely Dream.

He Dreams that he is High above the Forests of Japan around the lands of Sasebo Shiro Castle and the Yama Mountains surrounding it. He is so high in the Air that he must be Dreaming that he is a Taka Eagle flying about the Yama Mountains surrounding the area where he was a Child and had Grown Up. Ki No Ronin Dreams of seeing the Whispy Clouds that is surrounding him and the Villages and Towns surrounding the Engan Coastline surrounding Sasebo Yama Shiro Castle. He is drifting on the Winds seeing other Tori Birds flying and other Dobutsu Animals running and scurrying about. He Dreams that he is as light as a Hane Feather cruising through the Kaze Winds of the Japanese Engan Coastline. Ki No Ronin then Dreams that he sees a Sake Sakana Salmon Fish swimming close to the surface of the Kaiyo Ocean just off of Sasebo and he dives down and scoops it out of the Kaiyo Ocean Waters with his Yoku Kireru Talons and flys off with it. He dreams of flying back to his Nest where there is a Beautiful Female Taka Eagle sitting on their Tomago Eggs. He Dreams dropping the nice Sakana Fish to his Onna Taka Female Eagle Mate and shares it with her and then he Dreams sitting on the Eda Branch of the Okii na Ki Tree that they have their Nest in looking over the great Mori Tani Forest Valley before them.

Then Ki No Ronin's Dream changes as he suddenly starts to Dream that he takes off and soars down and goes into the Water of the Kaiyo Ocean below and it suddenl seems that he has changed into some sort of Iruka Dolphin, and finds himself Swimming about in the Ocean, Jumping and making Flips in the Water. He is suddenly in amongst a Pod of Iruka Dolphins as the chase about a school of Nishin Herring, having their fill of Sakana Fish. Ki No Ronin dreams of Singing the Iruka Dolphin sounds making the Clicks and Chirps that Iruka Dolphins sing as they swim along.

Then as Ki No Ronin then has another change in his Dreams as he suddenly finds himself sitting around a Nice Kyanpingu Takibi Campfire with his Norikumiin Shipmates and he Dreams that they are all having good natured Chit Chat and good Comraderie. Ki No Ronin Dreams that the Takibi Campfire is good and soothing and they all feel nice and warm and dry. As Ki No Ronin Dreams this, he feels relief of not having to deal with the Wet Soggy Weather of the Rainy Monsoon Weather that they have had to deal with for the past couple of Months during this South Pacifics Rainy Season.

Ki No Ronin is still Dreaming this Nice Warm Dream when he suddenly is disturbed by someone saying, "Samete Kudasai. Sumimasen. Samete Kudasai". Ki No Ronin is now disturbed from his series of Dreams and wakes up to find that Ikuto-San politely nudging him to awaken. The 8 hours rest is over and Ki No Ronin has now got to get up. Ki No Ronin is still a bit bleary eyed and looks over to see Leung-San and Yang-San in the Chien Shing's Chorishitsu Galley Steaming some Gohan Rice for Breakfast. With a sad sigh that his delightful set of Dreams is now over and that he has to get up to go back to his work, Ki No Ronin gets up, dresseses and equipts himself and goes up on Kanpan Deck of the Chien Shing. Ki No Ronin looks about and sees that all is well and that about 30 meters away, Crewmen are also getting up on the Kawa Shima Maru and steam of Gohan Rice cooking is coming out from the hold of the Fune Ship.

Steamed Gohan Rice is distributed to the entire Crew and after Asagohan Breakfast is finished and the dishes have been cleared away, they get the Signal to raise Ikari Anchors, set Sail and get underway. After the Ikari Anchor is raised, Full Ho Sail is unfurled and the Pirae Schooners realised back into being Towed that they are once again underway that Wong Sensho-San and Ikuto-San then get to go below to get their rest, leaving Ki No Ronin in charge. It is still rather Rainy and Cloudy and with Winds still going towards the East, so they once again get to a Speed of no more the 8 Knots going South. Ki No Ronin has the Chien Shing steered so that it follows behind the Kawa Shima Maru and sends Saimoto-San up to the Crow's-Nest to maintain Watch.
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They get underway for their Voyage due south to the Southern Tip of the Pulau Singkep when they Saimoto-San shouts, "Fune Desu! Chisai na Fune Desu! Kochira Desu!", pointing out to the about 15 degrees to the Starboard Bow. Ki No Ronin acknowledges, "Hai!" and looks out with his Spyglass and can make out a small Ho Sail on the Horizon. Ki No Ronin looks over and sees that Suzuki-San is in the Crow's-Nest of the Kawa Shima Maru and he is also shouting and pointing in that direction to Yoshimune ShOko-San, who is on Morning Watch.

Ikuto-San is on the Chien Shing's Helm, so Ki No Ronin looks down to the Quarter Deck and sees Koshin-San is closest to him and shouts down, "Koshin-San! Wong Sensho-San de ima Iite Kudasai". Koshin-San smartly bows and hurries down below to tell Wong Sensho-San. A few minutes later, Koshin-San reappears saying, "Wong Sensho-San wa ima Sameteimasu. Sugu ni KitemashO", while bowing politely. A few minutes later, Wong Sensho-San appears and hurries up to the Bridge and he takes a Spyglass and looks and says, "Hai. Kono Fune wa Miteimasu" in his recently learned Japanese. Ki No Ronin bows politely and continues to watch the distant small ship, which is now getting closer and closer and it is now obvious that they are now sailling towards them. Ki No Ronin looks over to the Kawa Shima Maru and there is no Signal Flags going up, but does see that Nobunaga Sensho-San has now also appeared on the Senkyo Bridge of the Kawa Shima Maru.

In the next half hour, it becomes obvious that the Small Boat is a Fishing Boat and it has Three Native Indonesians on it. Ki No Ronin can see that they are being Signalled to come up to the Kawa Shima Maru. It also becomes obvious that the Indonesians are not Pirates of any sort, but are fairly successful Sakana RyOshi Fishermen as their Fish Boat is full of all sorts of Saba Mackerel, Sake Salmon, Maguro Tuna, and Katsuo Bonito Fish.

When the Small Fishing Boat gets up to the side of the Kawa Shima Maru, the Indonesian RyOshi Fishermen enthusiastically show off their catch and it is seen that they are offered a set of KyUdo Bows & Arrows, a Fishing Net and some Sail Material along with some Yoku Kireru Kitchen Knives. They smile happily as they proceed to off load a lot of their catch onto the Kawa Shima Maru. Then there is some pointing to some more of their catch and pointing towards the Chien Shing. They seem to understand that it is requested that they off load some of the catch onto the Chien Shing. They nod happily and they cast off and make the quick 10 minute crossing over to the Chien Shing.

While they are alongside the Chien Shing, it becomes obvious that they like the things they have traded for, especially the nice Bow & Arrows that they have gotten with the good sharp Metal Tipped Arrows. They hand up about 15 good sized Fish of all sorts to the Chien Shing. Ki No Ronin smiles and quips to Ikuto-San, "Shorai ni takusan Shinsen na Sakana wa Taberu koto ga Dekimasu". Ikuto-San smiles back, bows politely and says, "Hai Ki No Ronin Bushi ShOko-San. Takusan Sashimi wa Ryori Suru koto DekimashO".

No sooner had the Indonesians handed over almost all their Catch and have bowed politely that they cast off and they start making their way West towards the Indonesia, probably back towards the good Fishing Grounds so that they can work on catching more Fish to take back to their Machi Village to go with the splendid goods they had just traded. Ki No Ronin thinks that those guys are going to get a Hero's welcome when they get back when their fellow Villagers see the splendid items they managed to trade their Fish for.

As soon as the small Fishing Boat has got about 300 yards away and is proceeding off, Wong Sensho-San yawns and pantimines needing more sleep and says, "Nemuritai Desu", bows politely to Ki No Ronin and goes down below and gets back to sleep. Koshin-San takes over the Darin Helm of the Chien Shing while Ikuto-San takes the Fresh Fish down below to be stored.

There is a Signal from the Kawa Shima Maru indicating for them to put up Full Sail and make Best Speed towards due South 10* degrees to the East, making for the Southern Tip of Pulau Shingkep. With the directions of the Winds, this will take a fairly long time to get to and might take about a week and a half to reach. There are still Clouds and Rainy Drizzle as the Wet Season in the South Pacific still continues. But everyone is happy as they have a Bushi Store of lots of Fresh Fish to eat and they are now past the most dangerous part of their trip through the Straits of Malacca. All they have to do is reach the Southern Tip of Pulau Shingkep and then they can go straight North towards the Chien Shing's home port of Hong Kong, where they will most likely get a good price for the two Pirate Schooners on the Chinese Market after they finish Painting and Varnishing them. And after having saved the Chien Shing, its cargo, and a small number of their crew, they should get very well treated and even haralded as Heroes.

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And they set sail in the week and a half long Voyage to the Southern Tip of Pulau Singkep Shima. Going against the wind they are, they can only manage a top speed of about 5 Knots. But they are out of the most Pirate Infested waters so Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San has allowed some noise being permitted during the day when the sound of the surrounding Drizzling Rain and Clouds provide them with some Sound Cover along with the sound of Kamome Seagulls, which come out to see what morsels can be gotten from this Merchant Fune Ship that they are able to spot far out at Kaiyo Sea from their way up high as they can fly over the coastlines. Sometimes, Ki No Ronin looks up and wishes to somehow be able to see as far out to sea as a Kamome Seagull can as that would give them ample warning of if a Kaisoku Pirate coming. Maybe someday, they might get a Chisai Taka Hawk and train it to indicate where from another Ship is coming. If such Taka Hawk can be trained to catch Prey and bring it back to its Master, surely a Taka Hawk could be trained to make indicative signals in the air when it has spotted another Fune Ship.

With the sounds of the Ame Rain and the Kamome Seagulls, it is now permitted for the crew to have good natured Small Talk amongst themselves. With that, there is a flurry of Language Exchange on the Chien Shing and the is a bit of an exchange. Wong Sensho-San is transfered over the Kawa Shima Maru to serves as Shoko-nin First Officer and Yoshimune ShOko-San is sent to the Chien Shing to serve as Sensho-nin Captain for a week. The idea is so that Wong Shoko-San can then learn Japanese faster by immersion and gets tutillage from Nobunaga Sensho-San himself. Wong Shoko-San has expressed interested in learning Japanese and maybe transferring in his Chinese Shipping Company to working on his company's trade with the Japanese after getting back to Hong Kong, so he wants to serve on the Kawa Shima Maru for a time.

For 4 straight days, they have not sighted any trouble. Nobunaga Sensho-San, being deligent, wisely does some Zig Zagging during the Nights in order to keep anyone who might have spotted them from being able to intercept them. This slows them down even more and might mean that they might take about 2 weeks to get to the Southern Point of Pulau Singkep.

But the Sakana Tsuri Fishing in these Kaiyo Waters is good and they constantly keep their Bushi Stores of Shinsen na Saka Fresh Fish full. Everyone is now more relaxed and socialable and Moral is very much improved since getting into these relatively Heiwa Kaiyo Peaceful Waters of the South China Sea. They even get an hour per day to do some Practice doing Taiko Beat Timing.

Then on the 4 day, the Tenki Weather takes a bit of turn for the worse. In the middle of an afternoon, some Kami Clouds darken a bit and the Wind Strengthens to about 20 to 25 Knots. But the fortunate thing about this light Tropical Arashi Storm is that the Stronger Kami Winds have turned in their Favor towards the South East. After a few minutes of the Storm, there is a Signal Flag from the Kawa Shima Maru indicating to catch the Wind and make Best Sakudo Speed and to maintain Shuto Course of South East. It is obvious that Nobunaga Sensho-San wants to take this small Arashi Storm as a benefit and get a much distance as possible.

When the Signal went up on the Kawa Shima Maru, Ki No Ronin was down on the Quater Deck and Hirugohan Lunch was not over too much longer before. Ki No Ronin goes up to the Chien Shing's Bridge looks about and says to Yoshimune-San, who has been on Gimu Duty, "Kono Arashi no Kaze wa Tsuyoi Desu. Kono Arashi no Tsuyoi ji wa dono kurai itsumo Furi Masu ka?", stating that his Wind is Strong and how long does Yoshimune Sensho-San think this Arashi Storm will last. Yoshimune Sensho-San looks about and takes a smell of the air and replies with a slight smile, "Tabun Ni Nishi no aida ni kono Arashi wa Furimasu. Ichiban Tooi Ikuru koto ga Dekimasu". Ki No Ronin smiles back and nods, "Sugoi. Soshite kono Arashi no naka ni muzukashii ni Watashi de Kaisoku-nin wa Mirumasen". They will make good Distance in the next two days and with the Arashi Storm as cover, it will be more difficult for any Pirates to be able to see them.

So for the next two days, the Arashi Storm blows their way and they make great distance. By the time this Light Storm of no more than with 25 Knot Winds is over, and there is a Clear Night to get a look at the Stars, they calculate that they are over 2/3rds the way to the Southern Point of Pulau Singkep Shima. It might be only about 3 more days before they reach it.

But when the Arashi Storm clears up, the Winds go back to blowing North East, and they are slowed again to the 5 Knot Speed. The Ships are inspected for any Damage or Wear & Tear that the Ships may have had during the Storm and there is nothing but a few loose Ropes that need resecuring. One of the Pirate Ships has a Hatch Cover come loose, but they simply pulled the Pirate Schooner up alongside the Chien Shing and Ki No Ronin and Ikuto-San were able to make the quickie repair.

Nothing else goes amiss and sure enough, 3 days later, they site some Riku Land and it is the Coastline along the very Southern Western tip of Pulau Singkep. They do sight a couple of Small Boats that are most likely Native Villager Fishing Boats simply doing their Fishing. Nobunaga Sensho-San simply puts up Signal Flags for them to steer directly South and they keep going in that direction for another day when they get a Signal for them to Steer directly West. They do so, keeping on course with the Kawa Shima Maru. After another two days, there is another Signal from the Kawa Shima Maru to steer during North West. This is directly with the Wind of 10 to 15 Knots and they are now making great speed. According to Yoshimune Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin calculations, they are now safely past the Southern Tip of Pulau Singkep. They steered around it, so it is obvious that since they had plenty of Bushi Stores in their Holds with Fresh Fish, they did not need to attract any attention to themselves by putting onto Land. Besides, there are not Organized Ports on the Southern Tip of Pulau Singkep, so all they would have accomplished is getting seen as being Personnel Depleted and actually weak, word of which would have gotten out to a Pirate Encampment somewhere.

So they have gotten past the most hazardous part of the Voyage and are now in Good Winds, so they decide to throw a bit of a Party.
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So they are sailing out to Sea and they see a Signal Flag go up. It indicates time for Rest and Relaxation and just as the Signal goes up, the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch is being put over the side and Yoshimune ShOko-San and Four Sailors are coming across. When the Launch is coming across, they have to Strick Ho Sails to slow down for the Launch to come across without risk of loosing the Launch behind in their wake.

When Yoshimune ShOko-San comes up to the Chien Shing, Yoshimune ShOko-San asks, "Fune no ue ni Kite mo Idesu ka?", to which Wong Sensho-San replies politely, "Hai! Dozo". Yoshimune ShOko-San comes up and hands Wong Sensho-San a scroll in Kanji Writing saying that they are having a Party to celebrate getting through the Kaikyo Straits of Malacca and now having good Kaze Wind going in the direction that will take them back to the Chien Shing's Home Port of Hong Kong. All Chinese Sailors can come, but all the Japanese Sailors and Ki No Ronin must stay behind to maintain control over the Chien Shing and the Pirate Schooner. While Wong Sensho-San is reading all this, Yoshimune ShOko-San turns to Ki No Ronin and says, "Konnichi wa Ki No Ronin ShOko Bushi-San. Kono Tabi no Kiken na bun wa ima Owar Desu. Nobunaga Sensho-San wa kono Dekigoto ni Iwaitai Desu. Kono Pati no aida ni Kashu Shima Norikumii-nin wa Chien Shing no ue ni Inokori Nakareba Narimasen. Kono Pati no aida ni Anata wa soshite Kashu Shima Maru Norikumii-nin wa Chien Shing ni Shiki Shimasu", saying that while the party is being held on the Kawa Shima Maru, Ki No Ronin and the Kashu Shima Maru Norikumii-nin Sailors will have to stay on the Chien Shing and maintain course and command. Yoshimune continues, "Saimoto Norikumii-San wa Irimasu. Kashu Shima Maru no Ho no naka ni Ikuru Nakareba Narimasen soshite Mimashoo".

So they get organized. They bring up the Pirate Schooner and take out the Japanese Sailors and put in Aoki-San, and they let that go with Aoki-San in charge of the Pirate Schooner. They see the Pirate Schooner being towed by the Kawa Shima Maru and Nishihara Norikumii-San being put into it to maintain control of that during the Party. Ki No Ronin thinks to himself that being excluded from the Party must be some sort of extra punishment for having caused the Fight with the Kashu Shima Maru Norikumii-nin Sailor a month or so earlier.

The Three Sailors from the Pirate Schooner, the Four Chinese Sailors and Saimoto Norikumii-San into the Launch and they head across. Once they cast off, Ki No Ronin is left in command of the Chien Shing. Although he is going to miss the Party, Ki No Ronin is happy because this is the first time he has ever been totally left in command of a Ship before. Ki No Ronin turns to Koshin-San and says, "Koshin-San, Masuto no ue ni Itte Kudasai", and as Koshin-San is heading up the Main Mast to the Crow's Nest to maintain Watch, Ki No Ronin he points to the Chien Shing Darin Helm and says to Ikuto-San, "Ikuto-San, kono Darin no Gimu wa Shite Kudasai", putting Ikuto-San onto manning the Helm.

Shortly after the Launch gets over to the Kawa Shima Maru, they see Saimoto-San going up into the Kawa Shima Maru's Crow's-Nest as his Duty will be to keep Watch while everyone else is having their Fun.

Once everyone has been finished being ferried about the Party began with an issue of Sake Rice Wine Ration and then they start playing some Taiko for a while. The Chinese Sailors seem to enjoy it as they remember that is what they heard coming from the Kawa Shima Maru when the Kawa Shima Maru was coming to their Rescue when they were being attacked by the Pirates.

After about 20 minutes of Taiko, the Chinese Sailors then take out some of their own instruments that they had taken over from the Chien Shing and start playing a few tunes on Flutes and a Stinged Instrument of theirs. The Japanese Sailors listen and enjoy it. Then they do a duet of Taiko accompanied with Chinese Sailors playing their Instruments.

Then they play a Acrobatic Game. They put over a Yard Yarm and the various Sailors take turns jumping out of the Kawa Shima Maru while holding a rope and they get dragged in the water until their turn is over and they get pulled in and another Sailor has his turn. This is a Fun Activity, but also dangerous as if they let go of the Rope, they would get swept away and they would have to stop the Ships and go back to rescue the Sailor who let go. But they do this without loosing a single Norikumii-nin Sailor and they all have a good time Skiing in the Water as the Ship course along at a good 10 Knots.

Meinwhile, Ki No Ronin maintains Watch on the Horizon to the West where the Island os Pulau Singkep still is. Ki No Ronin has to maintain Watch in case of any Pirates hear the noise of the Party and comes. Ki No Ronin looks onto the Party as well and does sweeps of Watches all around.

After about 4 hours of Partying, things seem to go quiet and it seems that after 4 hours of Partying, Nobunaga Sensho-San has decided to end it. Things go quiet and as the Sun is starting to get towards setting and the Launch is put over the side and the Four Chinese Norikumii-nin Sailors and Saimoto-San come back to the Chien Shing. All the Norikumii-nin Sailors are put back to their Posts and the Overnight Watch Crew are put on duty.

Once everything is back to their regular duties, the Kawa Shima Maru puts up the Signal for putting out Full Ho Sails and making Best Speed for 10* to the East of North. Nobunaga Sensho-San wants to put on a Shiro Course taking them further away from the Riku Land of Pulau Singkep at the same time making for Hong Kong.

The Chinese Sailors are all in Good Mood and are slightly Drunk, but they are not too drunk as to not be able to maintain ther Gimu Duties, and Ki No Ronin and his Japanese Norikumii-nin Sailors go to their Bunks to get rest after spending the day Maintaining Watch during the Party. But before they go to Sleep, they enjoy a Ration of Sake Rice Wine that had been brought over from the Kawa Shima Maru just for them.

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