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The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

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After having his morning rest, Ki No Ronin gets up when the Hirogohan Lunch bell is sounded. He gets out of his bunk to find Yuji-San, while sitting with his injured leg splinted up, is helping Shooji Chorishi-San spooning out the Gohan Steamed Rice to the crewmen on the Orlop Deck.

Ki No Ronin gets dressed in his nice freshly laundered clothing and goes up onto Deck to take his place on the Bridge. After Hirogohan Lunch has been served out and at Nobunaga Sensho-San signal, they start to eat.

After Hirogohan Lunch, Nobunaga Sensho-San himself decides to go up the Main Mast to have a look around. After a few minutes of looking around, he comes back down. When he gets down, he is panting and a bit sweaty. He is looking somewhat weak, but he is still Strong. Upon returning to e says to Ki No Ronin, "Subete Yoroshii Desu. Taiyo wa Abunai ga sukete Desu. Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai.", confirming that all the Seas around are Clear of any Danger.

They then set about doing the daily Ships Maintenance and then the crew gets out their Jari Spears and they do some Slow Tai Chi style practise with them. The go through the motions of parrying, dodging and slashing similarly as though they were doing Kendo practise.

The Winds are still a good strong steady 12 to 15 knots and Yoshimune ShOko-San is on the Bridge making Latitudinal Measurements with his Sextant to make sure what Latitude they are at. Since it is very important to make sure that they get to Alapuza Minato Harour, he is making measurements at least three times to make sure they are perfectly correct.

After the Tai Chi Yari Practise, Nobunaga Sensho-San sends over half of the Crew down to the Orlop to rest and save their strength. That includes Ki No Ronin, who goes down to the Orlop Deck, but does a quick inspection of how things are going. He makes sure that all the Crewmen are resting in their Hammocks. He sees Yuji-San is still working on cleaning the dishes from Hirogohan Lunch and Shooji Chorishi-San is checking each of the Men in their hammocks to see how they are getting on. Shooji Chorishi-San sees Ki No Ronin and turns to him, bows and says, "Hirayama-San to Yoshida-San ima Yori Quai ga Warui motto Desu. Kono Futari no Hito no Haguki wa ima mo sukoshi ni Shuketsu Shiteimasu."

Ki No Ronin, with a air of resignation to their fate, simply nods, and says, "Hai. Soji Suru no ato, Ichi Ji Kan no aida ni Yuji-San to issho ni Yasunde Kudasai." Shooji Chorishi-San bows obediently and turns to help Yuji-San to finish drying the dishes and helps him get into his hammock and then goes to his bunk to get his rest as Ki No Ronin instructed. Before Ki No Ronin goes to his bunk, he quickly goes back up to the Bridge and informs the Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San that he had told Shooji-San to get some rest, apoloizing for maybe overstepping his bounds of responsibility. Nobunaga Sensho-San says, "Kore wa Rikoo na Meirei Desu. Yoroshii Desu.", to which Ki No Ronin goes back down to his bunk and gets the extra rest that Nobunaga had ordered him to get.

And for the next three days, they did their duties in such as way that does not take too much energy as possible. With their weakening conditions, they have to save their strength as much as possible for when then get close to their destination as they may need all their strength that they conjure up in order to be ready for any Pirates or any other dangers that they might face.

The Winds always continued to Blow so they were making good progress and Yoshimune ShOko-San was always making his Navigational checks. When Ki No Ronin would come up to the Bridge for his Night Watch, he would always find Yoshimune-San taking berring shots off of various Stars to make Declination Berrings and confirms them onto his Charts.

Ki No Ronin's Night Watch now only has 2 crewmen with him, Fujii-San and Suzuki-San in order to save the extra manpower. They have been switching around with Muto-San. One of them stays in their Hammock in order to save his strength.

This evening, when Ki No Ronin was going up the Rope Ladder to check the Horizon, he suddenly finds himself getting Weak and Dizzy. With utmost concentration on what he is doing, he regains his composure just in time. He is about halfway up the Ladder when he has to stop. It is obvious that Fujii-San and Suzuki-San have noticed as they are shouting up, "Ki No Ronin-San! Mondai wa Arimasu ka?! Quai ga Warui Desu ka?".

Wisely, after getting a better grip on himself, Ki No Ronin then goes back down to the Quarter Deck and then waves assuredly to the Crew that he is Ok, "Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai Funenori-San. Umaku ni Sagarimashita. Kega wo Shimasen Desu."

With a bit of stagger, Ki No Ronin gets back onto the Bridge and takes out his Spyglass and after steadying himself, he looks about the Horizon. Just then, Nobunaga Sensho-San has come up on deck. He had heard the crewman's shouts of concern for Ki No Ronin and has come up to see what is going on. He asks, "Ki No Ronin-San, Genki desu ka? Jiko wa Shi Tokoro Data Deshita ka?", to which Ki No Ronin quietly replies, "Hai. Fune no Sukugo no naka ni Hika Katteimashita. Ima Yori Genki Desu." Nobunaga Senso-San then replied, "Hai. Kono Kotaigumi wa Anata to issho ni Inokorimasu". Nobunaga Sensho-San then stays up on the Bridge with Ki No Ronin, helping with the watch for about an hour. When he is satisfied that Ki No Ronin is going to be Ok at the watch, he then dismisses himself and goes back down below to his cabin to get his much needed rest.

It is possible for some of the crew to be rested, but the Officers have to be on duty more punctually, so this Kai Ketsu Byou Illness is actually more weakening for the Officers than for the Crew.

The rest of the watch is uneventful and when the Sun breaks the Horizon and Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up on deck to take over watch.

After Asagohan Breakfast, Ki No Ronin goes down to his Bunk and goes to sleep.

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When the Ki No Ronin awakes to the sound of the Lunch Bell being run, he finds that getting up is somewhat hard as he has not much energy for getting up. He thinks to himself dazzily that it is the same old worthless Food and for what purpose it is for getting up.

But his thoughts of Duty gets the better of him and he forces himself to get out of his Bunk. He gets dressed, observing that Hirogohan Steamed Rice with a bit of Dried Fish is being portioned out into Bowls by Shooji Chorishi-San with his assistant Yuji-San helping.

As he is dressing, Ki No Ronin noticed that the sound of the Wind is a bit more stronger now. It sounds like the Wind is blower harder today.

He goes up to the Bridge, asking permission first with a distinctly weakened voice. The Kai Ketsu Byou is starting to affect Ki No Ronin as badly as everyone else now.

When he gets up on the Bridge, he sees that Nobunaga Sensho-San and Yoshimune ShOko-San are both looking a bit pale and weak too. He greets them with respect, "Konnichiwa Nobunaga Sensho-San, "bowing to Nobunaga-San, and then turns to Yoshimune-San saying, "Konnichwa Yoshimune ShOko-San. Anata Tachi wa Genki Desu ka?", to which they reply, "Mo Sukoshi na Yowaii Dake Desu."

Upon inspecting the Kawa Shima Maru's Log Book, which is on the Chart Table, he sees that it have been recorded that the Wind is now blowing at a good 18 knots now. That is the Strongest Wind yet and seems to have been blowing that way for at least an hour now. "Yori Tsuyoi Motto ni Ichi Ji Kan no mae ni Kono Kaze wa Fukumimashita", both Officers smile weakily at Ki No Ronin and nod. Nobunaga Sensho-San confirms, "Hai! Subarashii Desu. Yori Hayai Motto ni ima Itteimasu."

But this Blessing could be a problem in disguise as the extra strain of having to maintain the Sails in such a Wind means harder work for the Crew, and that could sap their strength and weaken the Crew further.

They have the Crew, except for Yuji-San, who has to be kept down below because of his bad Knee, which is still not healing very quickly, come up on Deck for the daily Tai Chi Practise. It was thought of doing some Archery Practise, but Captain Nobunaga-San decides that setting up the Target would be a bit too strenous for the Crew. This time, they Tai Chi practising basic unarmed Martial Art Moves. They do this for about an Hour and then the Crew is then put back down below to go back into their Bunks to rest and save their Strength.

By this time, Yuji-San has finished doing the Washing of the Lunch Dishes and has also been helped back into his Bunk. Nobunaga then tells Yoshimune ShOko-San, "Anata tabun yowaii Desu. Sumimasen. Anata no Tsukuritsukebeddo no naka ni Yasumeru Beki Desu. Tabun Ima Yasunde Kudasai. Bangohan no aida ni Okite no idesu." Yoshimune ShOko-San takes his commanders wise instructions to go rest himself in his Bunk in stride and wisely replies, "Hai Nobunaga Sensho-San. Anata no Rikoo na Teian wa Shimasu". Yoshimune ShOko-San, who is looking fairly pale, then bows to Ki No Ronin and then goes down below to get some Rest. The Captain has decided that he might need the extra rest for his Evening Kotaigumi Watch this evening.

When Yoshimune ShOko-San is gone, Nobunaga Sensho-San then checks the compass and the sextant to make thuroughly sure that they are on course for the East Indian Harbour that they are heading for to get the help they need. He wants to get there without any problem and he does not want to loose his Exective Officer if they are of course causing him to feel the need to commit Sepuku.

After about 2 more how, the Winds reduces to about 16 to 17 knots and the sails and rigging seem to be holding firm with any unecessary adjustments or repairs. They are being lucky in that the Kawa Shima Maru is sailing along without any problems. They can not afford any more problems as the Crew is now weakened so having to fix even the simpliest problem could feel 3 time more difficult than otherwise.

Ki No Ronin then vounteers to try going up to the Main Mast promising, "Yori Chuibukai Motto ni kono Fune no Sakugo no naka ni Sagatte mo idesu. Yakusoku Desu.", to which Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Hai, Shiteimetei mo idesu, Dozo".

Ki No Ronin, although wanting to get up the Mast to show that he has recovered some of his strength, it anxious to see what is around on the Horizon.

He goes to the same Rope Ladder that defeated him the night before, takes a deep breath, and then starts climbing. He goes slowly, but surely, being careful not to over extert himself. He gets to the top without getting the Dizzy Spell that had defeated his efforts the night before and is able to look around.

The weather is fairly clear with just a few clouds and is able to see from Horizon to Horizon without any problems. He quickly looks down and sees that the Captain and Crewmen are all looking up at him with expectancy and some trepidation. He sees that an winks down to them waving with is one free hand shouting down, "Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai. Watashi wa Yoroshii Desu!"

Ki No Ronin then takes his look around. There is no sign of anything other than some Choppy Waves that have seemed to come about from the Stronger Winds. He is seeing that there is no Danger. But suddenly, from the Tonan North Easterly direction, he sees a Spout of Water coming from the Sea. It is probably about 500 M off. From the size of the Spout of Water, the Whale must be about the size of a Medium Size Kujaku that has come up for Air. It might be a Grey Whale. He calls down, "Tabun Abunai Desu! Kujaku Desu! Toi Desu, tabun Go Hyaku Metoru Desu!", pointing in the Direction that he say the Blow Spray.

Nobunaga Sensho-San gives some orders with a soft voice, "Shizuka ni subete Funenori-nin ima Agatte Kudasai.", making a shushing motion with is pointer finger to his lip. He knows that if Whales can hear a pin drop in the Water, and if he summons the Crew loudly, the Whale might hear and come to see what is making the noise and then might find and attack the ship.

The one of the Crewmen on Deck goes down to get the rest of the Crew who are resting while the others slowly and quietly start getting out Harpoons and Yari Spears. Shortly, with the other Officers and Crew shushing them to be very quiet, the rest of the Crew come up on Deck and arm themselves slowly and quietly.

While all this time, Ki No Ronin has remained up on the Main Mast watching out for any more sign of the Kujaku Whale that he saw. During the time that the crew takes to get themselves ready, there has been no other sign of the Kujaku Whale.

So for about 15 to 20 minutes, they stay ready and Ki No Ronin is keeping a stern lookout. While he is doing this, he gets into the Rope Crowsnet that is up there so that he doesnt have to waste what strength he has for holding on.

He looks and looks, but after 20 minutes is up, there seems to be no other sign of the Kujaku Whale that he saw. Maybe being quiet was wise and the Whale has gone down to the depths to hunt for and feed.

After looking for 20 minutes, he looks down to Nobunaga Sensho-San and shouts, "Ima Nanimo. Kono Kujaku wa Heiwa ni ima tabun Ikimashita."

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Nobunaga Sensho-San has been looking with his Spyglass and also has not noticed anything and then looks up and says, "Tabun Asen no Basho ni Arimasu. Ima Agattekudasai.", to which Ki No Ronin takes another deep breath and starts climbing down. He makes it without too much trouble and is again standing next to Nobunaga Sensho-San on the Bridge. He notes the incident into the Log Book which is on the Chart Table while Nobunaga Sensho-San is still looking about with his Spyglass making sure that there is no more sign of the Whale. During all this, Yoshimune ShOko-San has come back up on deck, armed with his Katana Sword, ready to help if the Whale attacked. He sort of whistles under his breath saying, "Kanwa Suru Desu."

Shortly after this, Shooji Chorishi-San rings the Bangohan Dinner Bell and Gohan Steamed Rice with some Dried Pork is handed around. Upon the Captain's signal, they start eating. They are not eating with the same usual gusto though. They have been having nothing to Gohan Steamed Rice with Dried Fish or Pork for over a month now and this is starting to get boring. There is already some grumblings below that they can not wait to get to the Harbour of Alapuza so that they can get better fresh food and some Herbs that might help them recover from their Kai Ketsu Byou Illness.

After Bangohan and all the bowls are cleared away, Ki No Ronin then excuses himself to go down to his Bunk and get his rest for his Watch.

So for the next Four Days, the Kawa Shima Maru sails along in at least 12 knot winds. It is usually 15 knots, but sometimes there are gusts of up to 18 knots. They are always considering themselve lucky that they wind has also not changed direction or anything. Nothing could be more disasterous to their present situation than for the Wind to shift, blowing them away from Alapusa instead of towards it. And if that happens, they might end up getting pushed into the Seas of the Islamic Coasts of the Persian Seas where Islamic Pirates could easily pick them off in their weakened condition.

During those Four Days, the Kai Ketsu Byou Illness has seemed to get worse as the Spontaneous Bruising that the Crew has been suffering from seems to be getting worse. Not only have the bruising gotten darker and bigger, but there seems to be some sort of swelling in their Arms and Legs and they have gotten a bit more weaker. And recently, their Lips and Gums have gotten Swollen and Red with Bleeding coming from their Gums almost constantly now.

It is worse for the Kawa Shima Maru's Officer, as while they are doing more in order to help conserve the Crew's Health and Vitality, they have sapped their own Strength more acutely. But they need to conserve the Crew's Strength as much as possible in case their is an Emergency or a Storm.

And Yuji-San's Sprained Knee is not only not healling much, but it has seemed to get worse. Shooji Chorishi-San, who is now suffering from the illness fairly acutely, is now worried that somehow something like Gangrene may have set into Yuji-San's Sprained Knee as his Injured Knee is swelling more than any other crew members extremity. Nobunaga Sensho-San had ordered Yuji-San to stay in his Hammock to get as much rest and to save as much of his strength as possible, but Yuji-San insists on carrying on with doing the light duty of helping Shooji Chorishi-San with keeping the Chorishitsu Galley clean and helping to dish out the Gohan Steamed Rice to the Crew. In an act of Insubordination, whenever Nobunaga Sensho-San would try ordering Yuji-San to stay in his Hammock and try to appoint another Crewman to help Shooji-San, who now does need help because of his weakened state, Yuji-San then cries, "Watashi wa Yowai na Roku Denashi-nin ima Narimasu. Sepuku ni konomi ni Shitai Desu!", to which the crew has to restrain Yuji-San from crawling up out of the Orlop Deck to the Quarter Deck in order to try to throw himself overboard. Every time he does this, Nobunaga Sensho-San has to end up relenting and allowing Yuji-San to carry on doing the duties that he wishes to, or end up having to tie Yuji-San up into his Hammock.

But not only the Officers are becoming weaker now, with Yoshimune ShOko-San becoming the worse. Nobunaga Sensho-San has put him on Light Duties, doing only the Navigations, which is becoming more imperitive as they still have around 2 to 2 1/2 weeks to get to Alapusa Harbour. Yoshimune ShOko-San now just does his Watch from Bangohan Dinner to midnight watches and then the rest of the time, he just comes up on Deck to make his Navigational Checks, eat Asagohan Breakfast and Hirogohan Lunch and then go back down to his Bunk to rest and save what strength he has left.

Things have gotten bad enough that Nobunga-San has forbidden Ki No Ronin from climbing the Main Mast to look out to Sea to see if there are any Dangers about during his Night Watches. He is obliged to just looking out from the Bridge with his Spyglass for any Dangers. The crew on his Night Watch are now just two Funenori-nin, with one always being allowed to rest and conserve his strength. They just do maintenance to the Quarter Decks of the Kawa Shima Maru and not much else. If they find that they have to climb the rigging to do some adjustments or repairs, they must awaken the Captain to get Permission first, and if that happens, then Nubunaga Sensho-San awakens 3 or 4 other Funenori-nin to help.

On the Fourth Night Watch, such an incident occurs when a grommit of the Main Sail has come loose. There is suddenly a slight ripping noise and Ki No Ronin looks up and sees a chunk of the Main Sail sort of flapping in the Wind. He steadiies himself for a moment while muttering to himself a slight curse, "Wa, Kuso Desu.", then orders Fujii-San, who had been manning the Helm, "Sumimasen Fujii-San. Ikuru soshite Nobunga Sensho-San wa Sametei Kudasai.", to which Fujii-San snaps weakly, "Hai, Ki No Ronin-San".

He goes down and awakens the Captain, "Sumimasen Nobunaga Sensho-San. Kore wa Mondai Desu. Ki No Ronin Bushi-San Tasuke wa Irimasu." Nobunaga Sensho-San, who now sleeps in his bunk with his Clothes on in case of such instances of his having to be awakened, gets out of his Bunk, takes up his Katana Sword and got above to the Quarter Deck. Not bothering to get up onto the Bridge, he simplying asks up to Ki No Ronin, "Mondai wa Doko ne arimasu ka?", but the question is already answered as he sees the Flapping chunk of Sail just as Ki No Ronin replies, "Ichiban Fune no Ho wa Yaburimashita. Shuri suru no wo Yurusu wa ima Irimasu. Shuri Shite mo idesu ka?", to which Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Hai, shikashi chotto matte kudasai", as he disappears below. The voice of Nobunaga Sensho-San awakening several Funenori-nin. Although being gentle, he is firmly calling out the names, "Sakurazawa-San! Toranaga-San! Yamazaki-San! Katayama-San! Mondai wa Arimasu! Fune no Ho wa ima Shuri Shinakareba Narimasen!".

After a few minutes, Nobunaga Sensho-San has reappeared with the Five Crewmen that he has awakened. They rig up a Safety line to which Fujji-San and Nishihara-San are attached to that they can go up into the Rigging with some sewing tools and make the repair. They dont usually have Safety Lines, but in their weakened condition, they can not afford to have another accident like what happened to Yuji-San.

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Then slowly, in their Weakened Condition, go up to the Main Sail and they make the Repairs as quickly as they can. While these Repairs are being done, Yoshimune ShOko-San has climbed up onto the Quarter Deck, having heard the commotion. While the Repairs are being done, He decides to go up to the Bridge and make some directional berring shots off of a few Stars and correlates them onto the Map, pin pointing where they are, and then noting it down onto the Kawa Shima Maru's Chart Table.

By the time Yoshimune ShOko-San has finished that, the repairs are done and Fujii-San and Nishihara-San are back down from the Rigging. The stand ready as Nobunaga takes a quick look about with his Spyglass to see if there is anything on the Horizon and then looks about the Kawa Shima Maru to make sure all is well. He then says to the Crewmen that he had awakened, "Subete ima Yoroshii Desu. Arigato Gozaimasu. Nemeru no naka ni Kaeru koto ga Dekimasu, Dozo", upon which he, Yoshimune ShOko-San, and the Four Crewmen now disappear down below to go back to getting their rest.

All is well for the rest of the Watch.

Up to the next following Friday, the Winds held for firm and there was no other emergency repairs that was necessary. They did manage to capture a couple of Mice that were caught in the Hold and Galley area. They had come out of hiding since the Food was getting a bit scarce in the Holds as their Rice and Dried Meat Rations are now starting to get a bit low now. When they were discovered and captured, they had to do a check of all the Cargo of Fabrics and found that a few rolls of the fine French Fabric had been gnawed into.

The Rolls that were found to be contaminated were unrolled and inspected and what ever spoilled parts were cut off and dumped overboard. A couple of Crewmen took hold of a couple of chunks that big enough for their Families to use to make Kimonos from and they were stashed aside in the Hold with their names attached. Some of the older Blankets and a few Hammocks that had some holes in them were also thrown over board and replaced by some of the salvaged French Fabrics.

When they did that, they did a complete washout of the Bunks and Hammocks as it had been a while since that had been done and they were starting to get dirty.

The unfortunate thing was that all the effort in pulling up the rolls of Fabric to sort through them really took a lot of Energy. The activity of washing out the bedding and sewing new Hammocks and Sheets took a few days and after all that on the next Getsuyobi Morning, the Crew had become more Sicker than ever. Yoshimune ShOko-San was now so weak that he could barely get out of his Bunk now and Yuji-San had now gotten so Weak that even with his best efforts, he could not make it out of his Bunk with fainting and collapsing. He was now so weak that he was now forced by the course of his Illness to have to stay in his Hammock.

Nobunaga Sensho-San, also very Sick now, formally absolved Yoshimune ShOko-San of responsibility of being responseable for the Navigations of the Kawa Shima Maru and promised him that if they go off course, that he himself would commit Sepuku instead of Yoshimune ShOko-San.

Now Shooji Chorishi-San was now so weak that he required at least two more helpers to help him with his duties. They were selected on a permanent basis due to their having had experience as Sea before. That was Toranaga-San and Miyazaki-San. They were also not as Sick as most of the others, so they were best suited for that duty for that reason too.

After making an Inventory of the Kawa Shima Maru stores, it is discovered that they are also low on Sake now. That ment that until they reach Alapuza for their Emergency Supplies and Medical Help, they would not be able to have anymore Kinyobi Friday Sake rations. This sort of deflated the Crew's Moral.

Sakurazawa-San and Yamazaki-San, the first two Crewmen who had started coming down with the Kai Ketsu Byou, were pretty Sick too, but not as bad as Yuji-San now become. They were permanently put onto Afternoon Watch dong light duties.

They still did daily Tai Chi, but only for the Crew that still were healthy enough. Sakurazawa-San, Yamazaki-San and Yuji-San were now excluded as they had to stay in the Hammocks now.

On Suiyobi Wednesday afternoon, Shooji Chorishi-San made a suggestion to Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San, "Kono Yaomono Ippen wa Gohan no naka ni Ryori Shite mo Idesu Ka? Mo Sukoshi ni kono Yaomono Tabemono kara minna Funenori-nin tabun Naoru koto ga Dekimasu". But there supply of Veggie Flakes that had been stored away would probably only last for just one last meal. Knowing this, Nobunaga Sensho decides that it is best to conserve them until they finally get close to the Harbour that they are headed for, so he replies, "Sumimasen Shooji Chorishi-San. Chakaku Riku ni kono Yaomono Ippen wa Ryori Shite mo Idesu. Ichiban Kaiyo Tori wa Miru no ato ni Ryori Shite mo Idesu", saying that once they see the Sea Bird, then they will be close to Land, and that will be when to use the remaining ration of Veggie Flakes for their Gohan Steamed Rice. "Hai!", Shooji-San obediently replies.

Then Nobunaga takes a Navigational Berring and notes onto the Charts their position. Seeing that Ki No Ronin is now on deck and looking on states, "Tabun Ichi Shu kan Alapuza Minato de Tsukimasu", and seeing as they dont have much money in the Ship's Stores for any extra supplies, so he muses, "Kono Alapuza Minato no naka ni Sensen na Bushi wa Irimasu. Kore wa Fransu Kiji to KOkan Shimashoo", saying that they might have to Barter some of the Ships Cargo in order to get Fresh Supplies. Ki No Ronin then half jokingly replies, "Hai! Shikashi Yori Nezumi Motto wa Hakai no mae ni kono Fransu Kiji wa Nozomi ni Shimasen", saying that he hopes that will be hopefully before more mice ruining any more of the Fabric.

The Captain, not in any mood for any jokes, replies, "Sore kara subete nezumi wa Tsukamaeri Nakareba Narimasen! Wakarimasu Ka?!", to which Ki No Ronin replies, "Hai! Watashi no Yoru KOtaigumi wa Miru dewa Tsukamaerimashoo", saying that during his Night Watches, he will have some Men keep an eye out for them. "Ima Mi Nakareba Narimasen!" Gruffly orders Nobunaga Sensho-San, to which Ki No Ronin obediently replies, "Hai" and then smartly turns, goes down, gets Suzuki-San and Yoshida-San and goes down to the Hold and spends the rest of the Watch looking and listening for any more Mice.

Incredibly, after a few hours of looking, they actually manage to see one. It is spotted crawling along the Starboard side along a roll of Fabric. Ki No Ronin uses what is left of his Strength and Corridination, and despite his somewhat weakened condition, quickly pulls out his Wazi Zaki Sepuku no Ha and throws it and picks off the Mouse from 20 feet away. The Mouse is cut cleanly in half and there is no damage to the roll of fabric that it was doing across. Suzuki-San and Yoshida-San, seeing this, applaud and bow respectfully at their Leaders skill.

As the evening falls, the Bangohan Dinner is served out and the Crew eats. Once they are finished their meal, Ki No Ronin dismisses himself a goes below to get his Rest. He quickly checks on Yoshimune ShOko-San and finds that he is still as Ill as ever, but he is still well enough to get up and do a bit of Evening Watch.

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For the following Night Watch, Ki No Ronin is on Watch with Suzuki-San and Fujii-San. Suzuki-San is taking the Helm with Ki No Ronin standing by. Fujii-San on the Quarter Deck making sure that the Deck is in good order as Ki No Ronin dictates.

Seeing as they are all so weak now, the Helmsman now has to man the Kawa Shima Maru's Wheel seated on a stool and so does Ki No Ronin at the Chart Table. Fujii-San is keeping the Quarter Deck swept and is sort of using his broom as something to keep himself steady on.

Suzuki-San sort of muses out loud, "Kono Alapuza Minato itsu ne Tsukimasu Ka? Shinsen na Tabemono wa sugu ni Tabe Gaiteimasu". Ki No Ronin, who has been taking a couple of berrings off of the Stars and notes in down on the Charts replies, "Ichi Shukan ni tabun Tsukimashoo. Ichiban Kaiyo no Tori miru no ato ni Riku kara tabun San Nichi kan ni Arimasu ", saying that after they see the first Sea Bird, they may be about Three Days travel from land.

Suzuki-San decides to have a bit of small talk to help pass the time, "Ki No Ronin-San. Kono Indo Minato ni Indo Tabemono wa Daisuki ni Donna Tabetai Desu Ka?". Ki No Ronin thinks of how he enjoys East Indian Curried Beef with Rice and replies, "Kare na Gyu Niku Gohan dewa Hachi Mitsu Yogashi Dezato wa Tabetai Desu", including that he likes having their Honey Cake Balls for Dessert after the main course.

But after a while, they fall silent upon realizing that talking about such things is just making them more and more miserable and more anxious to get to their destination.

Suzuki-San and Fujii-San takes turns during the Watch as the other goes about makin sure the Decks are in good order and eventually, the Sun starts coming up over the Horizon. Then Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up on Deck to start his Morning watch. They can even smell the Gohan Rice being steamed down below for Asagohan Breakfast. Nobunaga Sensho-San is looking very pale and not well at all. "Ohaiyo Gozaimasu Nobunaga Sensho-San", says Ki No Ronin, "Yori Naoru Moto to imasu Ka?", inquiring if he is feeling any better at the same time bowing politely. "Hai!", lies Nobunaga Sensho-San, being mindful that a leader should never show any weakness, "Okagasama Desu Ka?", asking if Ki No Ronin is also doing fine. "Kono Komaigumi wa Yoroshi Deshita. Mo Sukoshi ni Yowai Deshita soshite Monoui Desu. Keredomo kono Yoru Komaigumi wa Suru goto ga Dekimasu. Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai". Nobunaga nods and says, "Kon Kesa no Asagohan Kowaki Sakana Gohan wa Arimasu", to which Ki No Ronin simple nods. Ki No Ronin, as well as the rest of the Crew have had nothing but Gohan Steamed Rice with Dried Fish or Pork for over a month now and it is getting boring and tedious to have the same thing every day, so he just simply nods saying nothing bad. He knows that would be disasterous for the Crews Moral if he should say anything negative.

By this time, Shimizu-San has appeared with a tray with bowls of Gohan Steamed Rice for everyone on the above Decks. Once everything has been distributed, and at Nobunaga Sensho-San's signal of permission, they all eat.

Once they are finished, Ki No Ronin dismisses himself and goes down below to the Orlop Deck. He does a quick inspection to make sure all is in order and then goes to his Bunk to get some rest.

When he awakens and manages to get out of his Bunk, he goes over and checks on Yoshimune ShOko-San. He is not looking well at all! He seems to be laying there without any energy to move a single muscle. Upon checking, he finds that his breathing is shallow and all his skin is totally discoloured and dark.

He turns to see that Shooji Chorishi-San is checking Yuji-San. Ki No Ronin asks, "Shooji-San, Yuji-San wa Doyatte ni Genki Desu", to which Shooji -San simply looks at Ki No Ronin and gives a sad shaking of his head. The worried look on his face says it all. Upon checking himself, Ki No Ronin sees that Yuji-San is now always semi unconscious and there is little responce from him now. When they get to Alapuza Harbour, both Yoshimune ShOko-San and Yuji Funenori-nin are both in the most need of some Herbs and Medical Attention. Having his wounded knee and insisting on doing his duty while very sick has really taken the strength out of Yuji-San.

He sees that Yoshimune ShOko-San is now trying to sit up in his Bunk in order to do some duty this day. He goes over and assists his comrad in getting out of his Bunk and get dressed and armed with his Katana Sword and helps him get up to the Bridge. Yoshimune ShOko-San, although very slowly and weakily, takes up some Navigational Instruments and does a checking of the Ships Latitudes. It is found that they corroborate the Ship's Location that Nobunaga Sensho-San had just wrote into the Kawa Shima Maru's Log.

They then get the Hirogohan Steamed Rice for Lunch served out and they eat. After Lunch, Nobunaga Sensho-San announces, "Kyo no Tai Chi Undo wa Toritkeshi Desu. Monogatari Gemu wa ima Asobimasu", announcing that instead of Tai Chi Exercise that they will play Story Telling Game. He hopes that doing such a thing will help bring up the Crews Moral. So the Crew comes up on Deck, except for Shooji Chorishi-San and one helper Miyazaki-San, who are down below cleaning up after Lunch and looking after Yuji-San as best they can.

They get into a Circle on the Quarter Deck and they start playing the Game.

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With Nobunaga Sensho-San on the Bridge of the Kawa Shima Maru with Yamazaki-San manning the Helm, it is left to Ki No Ronin to start the Story Game. Knowing how they are in need of seeing some sort of Sea Bird, which indicates that they are nearby land, he starts a Story about a Taka Eagle.

He starts the story while holding a Talking Sacred Quartz Crystal:

The Taka Eagle is flying high above the Minato Bay of Sui Tachi Bana. It is a male Taka Eagle who is known to other Taka Eagles as Sora Taka. He is in search of some food for his Mate Kumoko Taka, who is back sitting on their nest.

Ki No Ronin stops and passes the Quartz Talking Criystal to Fujii-San who continues:

Suddenly Sora Taka spots a Hae Fly in the water of the Bay. Knowing almost instinctfully that Fish like coming up to eat Hae Flies, he circles around about 30 Meters above, keeping an eye on the Fly.

Quartz Talking Crystal is passed to Katayama-San:

Sora Taka Eagle circles and circles, patiently waiting for fish to come to get the Fly, which is a tiny spec on the water. But with his Excellent Taka Eyesight, he can see the Fly. It is actually still alive struggling in the water where it had fallen a few minutes before.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Hirayama-San:

But as Sora Taka is circling, he suddenly spots movement amongst the Ishi Rocks of the nearby beach. It is a Nezumi Rat poking its nose out in search of some food for itself. Sora Taka thinks to himself, "Kore wa Tabun ni Nezumi Tabemono Desu!".

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Miyazaki-San:

Sora Taka then flies over stealthfully, hoping that the Nezumi Rat has not looked up yet to spot him. He times it just right as just as the Nezumi Rat looks down intently into the ground, where it is digging for something. Just as the Rat looks down, Sora Taka suddenly swoops down to make its strike.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Nishihara-San:

And there is a sudden squeek as Sora Taka makes his strike and plunges his Yokukireru Claws into the back of the Nezumi Rat. As he flies off with the Nesumi Rat, Sora Take uses his Yokukireru Beak to bite into the back of the nect of the Nezumi Rat, killing it instantly.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Sakurazawa-San:

And with the Nezumi Rat quite dead and in his claws, he give a long triumphant cry that can be heard for miles. It is such a loud cry that he can hear his mate Kumoko cry back in responce. Her cry is a very happy one.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Shimizu-San:

And he flies in a Northerly direction towards his nest. It takes only a few minutes flying to arrive there and there is his mate Kumoko, who is sitting on the two eggs in their nest.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Suzuki-San:

Sora Taka lands on the side of the nest. He drops his kill for his mate Kumoko Taka to have. She cries happily to him, and then takes a big bite out of the side of the Nezumi Rat. She bites it in half, eating the shoulders and head, leaving the hind quarters for Sora Taka to have.

Quartz Talkig Crystal is handed to Toranaga-San:

After quickly gulping down his share of the Nezumi Rat, he is once again off, flying back to the Minato Bay. He sees the Fly is still in the water, still struggling. Once again, he sets his eyes on it, watching for a fish.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Yamashiro-San:

Having his belly full of Nezumi Rat, he now can afford to take his time watching the Hae Fly in the water. Occasionally, he looks about the countryside to enjoy the splendid scene of the landscapes of the Riku Land, the Minato Bay, and the Kaiyo Oceans outside of the Minato Bay.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Yoshida-San:

After looking about the landscapes, Sora Taka looks down and notices that the Hae Fly has just disappeared. By the ripples in the water, a Fish had just come up and taken it. It is already gone. Sora Taka curses his luck and carelessness.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Muto-San:

But then he spots a Human on the side of the Ishi Rock beach of the village below him. He appears to be equipped for Fishing. He knows this Human. He is a kindly old man to sometimes leaves him some Fish to take after he is finished his fishing.

The Quartz Talking Crystal is handed back to Ki No Ronin, who looks up at the Bridge saying to Yamazaki-San, who is on the Helm, "Anata no Bun Desu", and Yamazaki-San, while holding the Wheel, continues the story:

The Fisherman looks up and waves at Sora Taka. He is a wise old Fisherman who loves and respects Eagles and he knows of Sora Taka and his mate Kumoko Taka. He likes leaving some Fish for them every now and then.

Ki No Ronin, who still have the Quartz Talking Crystal continues:

So for the next few hours, the Fisherman gets 3 Sake Sakana Fish and a Coi Carp. He then gets a Saba Mackerel. During all this time, Sora Taka is constantly circling overhead. Seeing as he has his share. The Fisherman throws out one of the Sake Salmon Fish for Sora Taka.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Fujii-San:

And as the Fisherman turns and starts to walk away with his catch, Sora Taka gives a great cry of delight, and swoops down and scoops up the Sake Salmon that has been left for him. He starts flying happily back to the nest.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Katayama-San:

He is flying on to his nest, when there is a suddenly lound sounds coming from the land below him. He looks down and notices that all the Trees, Hills and the buildings of the Village below him are all shacking. He realizes that there is an Jishin Earthquake happening below him.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Hirayama-San:

He gets back to his nest and finds that Kumoko Taka is upset as the Tree that their nest is in has been shaking too. She is working desperately to make sure none of her Eggs fall out of the Tree.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Miyazaki-San:

Just as he lands, he notices that a couple of Houses in Sui Tachi Bana Village has collapsed and caught on Fire. Both he and Kumoko Taka are alarmed to notice that the Fire has caught the nearby Trees on Fire and that the Fire is now catching and spreading towards them.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Nishihara-San:

Sora Taka drops the Sake Salmon into the nest and takes off again to fly above the Fire to keep an eye on it. He sees that the Trees of the Forest just south of their Nest are catching on Fire and it looks like the Fire is spreading towards the Tree with their Nest in his. He gives some warning cries to Kumoko, but is still hopeful.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Sakurazawa-San:

Just then, the Kumo Clouds, which have been overheard, sudden darken, and then Ame Rain starts to fall. Just has the Fire was getting halfway to the Tree with their Nest in it, the Rain has started falling, slowing the progress of the Fire.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Shimizu-San:

After about a half an hour, the Rain strengthens and becomes Heavy Oo Ame. This rain helps to put out the Fires that had started, and Sora Taka is relieved. He flies back to his Nest, bobbing his head in a reassuring fashion to let his Mate Kumoko Kaka know that everything is going to be alright.

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Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Suzuki-San:

They happily groom each other and they both settle down into the Nest to rest. They do see the Humans in the Village running about excitedly, making repairs and starting on rebuilding the Houses that had been Burnt.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Toranaga-San:

So Sora Taka takes off and flies off over the Village. He sees the Old Man who gave him the Sake Salmon. He appears to be Crying as he and his neighbors are putting out the Flames of his House. He looks very sad and dejected.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Yamashiro-San:

So Sora Taka decides to help out the kindly Old Fisherman. He flies out to the Harbour, and keeps an eye out on the Water for a Fish coming up close to the Surface. He swoops down just at the right time and scoops up the Sakana Fish. It is a nice Saba Mackerel. He takes is back to the Village, and with the Saba Mackerel still Alive and Struggling, swoops down and drops it at the feet of the Old Fisherman.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Yoshida-San:

The Old Man looks up with amazement as the Taka Eagle, who he had been sharing his Fish Catches with, flies away back towards its nest. He scoops up the Saba Mackerel and puts it into a nearby basket. He thinks how nice it was for the Taka Eagle to give him such a present at his time of need.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed to Muto-San:

So the Old Man then spends the rest of the evening, with the help of his neighbors, salvaging what he can from his burnt out house. Most of his Tsurizao Fishing Equipment has been burnt as well as most of his other possessions.

Quartz Talking Crystal is handed back to Ki No Ronin, who once again winks at Yamazaki-San who is still manning the Helm, "Tsukutteikudasai, Yamazaki-San", Ki No Ronin quips. Yamazaki-San continues:

A few of his neighbors have also lost their Homes, but they are taken in by a couple of Neighbors as well as there is some shelter for them at the nearby Shinto Temple. The next day, the villagers get together and build some small temporary shelters for the people who had lost their Homes in the Jishin Earthquake.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San, who has been listening to this story unfold, decides that it is time for the game to end. He puts up his hand and states that the Fisherman's Sister, who lived with her Husband in a nearby Village, came and gave assistance to her Brother. After a time staying with her, he returns to his old Village after his new house is built. He gathers new Tsurizao Fishing Equipment together and is eventually once again Fishing on the Ishi Rock Beach where he is once again shares his catch with the Taka Eagles that helped him out with providing him with a nice tastey Fish to eat at his time of need. He is especially delighted to see the Baby Chick Takako Eaglets as they take their First Flights around him. They circle around him because they know from their Parents behavior that he is a Good Man and they can Trust him. And from that time on, the Old Fisherman and the Taka Eagles lives in Peace and Harmony from that time forward.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San states, "Sumimasen, kono Monogatari wa Owari Desu. Ima Yasunde Kudasi. Asaru ni Ikitei Kudasai", stating that the Story Game is over and the crew should go down below now and get some rest.

Obediently, the make their way down to the Orlop Deck. Yamashiro-San and Hirayama-San are asked to now help Shooji Chorishi-San with preparing Bangohan Dinner. Toranag-San is now put onto manning the Helm with Muto-San and Nishihara-San being up on the Quarter Deck to do Maintenance of the Kawa Shima Maru. Everyone else gets into their Hammocks and rest to save whatever Strength they have left from this strange Kai Ketsu Byou illness that they are all now suffering from.

Ki No Ronin stops at Yoshimune ShOko-San's Bunk. Yoshimune-San is looking very weak now. "Yori Genki Moto Desu ka?", asks Ki No Ronin. Yoshimune ShOko-San opens his eyes and with some tears, states, "Mada mo sukoshi ni Yowaii Desu. Ima Heiwa ni ima Inotteimasu. Chikaku Alapusa Minato no ue ni Heiwa ga Iri Nakareba Narimasen. Kaizoku Teki ni Atakai no aida ni Sepuku dake Shimasu", stating that he is spending his time being sick praying for Peace and he hopes that nearby the Alapusa East Indian Harbor they have nothing but Peace and that there would be no Pirate Attacks because during a Pirate Attack, all he could do is just commit Sepuku for all the use he would be to defending the Kawa Shima Maru.

Ki No Ronin replies, "Watashi mo Nozomi Desu. Ima Yasund Kudasai. Anata no Inoru wa Tsukette Kudasai." stating that that is his wish as well for the Ship.

Ki No Ronin then goes over and gets into his Bunk and goes to Sleep for his next Night Watch tour of duty.
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At the sound of the 10:00 Bell, Ki No Ronin arouses himself, but he is feeling so Weak and Listless that it is hard for him to get up. He can hear the groans and moans coming from the Hammocks of the other Crewmen at the bow section of the Kawa Shima Maru's Orlop Deck.

Although a bit dizzy and lacking strength, Ki No Ronin manages to sit up out of his bunk. He did not bother with getting undressed before going to rest, so he just gets up in his old clothes. He finds that similarly to Yoshimune ShOko-San, he needs to have a Yari Spear to help keep himself up.

As he slowly gets out of his Bunk and strapping on his Katana Sword on, he notices that Yoshimune ShOko-San's bunk is empty. He must be up on the Bridge doing what he can as part of his Watch.

Ki No Ronin goes over and looks into the Captain Cabin. He sees Nobunaga Sensho-San. Although he is asleep, he is not looking very well at all either.

Using the Yari Spear to keep himself up, he semi staggers over to the Crew Hammocks and finds Nishihara-San and Suzuki-San, who are to go on Night Watch with him. He prods at them gently at first, and when they awaken, they nod weakly at him and it does take some help from Ki No Ronin to get them out of their Hammocks. Ki No Ronin has a measure of empathy for the crewman as he is suffering from the same Kai Ketsu Byou illness. Ki No Ronin gently takes the men by their Shoulders and Arms and gently lifts them out of the Hammocks instead of just throwing them out as what would be normally done if a Sailor is being slow in getting out of his Hammock for his Watch.

They all help each other getting up to the Quarter Deck and then the Crewmen help Ki No Ronin get up to the Bridge where Yoshimune is slumped at the Chart Table with Yamashiro-San is manning the Ships Wheel. "Genki Desu Ka?", asked Ki No Ronin with a weakened voice. Yoshimune ShOko-San replies, "Watashi no Komaigumi no Gimu wa mada suru koto ga Dekimasu. Kawa Shima Maru no KOkO wa mada shite mo Idesu", holding up the sextant navigation instrument that he is still holding, "Tabun Jip go fun no mae ni KOkO Shimashita. Kawa Shima Maru koko ni arimasu", pointing the nautical chart that is on the Chart Table to where he had plotted the location of the Kawa Shima Maru. They may be about 200 or so kilometers from the port that they are trying get to. "Go Nichi kan Alapusa Minato de tabun Tsukimasho".

"Hai", replies Ki No Ronin, "Ima Yasumeru koto ga Dekimasu. Oyasumi Nasai Yoshimune ShOko-San", bowing politely to Yoshimune-San. "Hai", replies Yoshimune ShOko-San. He turns to Yamashiro-San saying, "Ima Sagarimasho Yamashiro-San". Ki No Ronin then gives the weakened Nishihara-San up the small step ladder to the Bridge and helps him to the Wheel to relieve Yamashiro-San. Yamashiro-San, "Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Oyasumi Nasai", bowing politley to both Ki No Ronin and Nishihara-San. He then goes down the step ladder with the help of Yoshimune ShOko-San as he is fairly weak and then he helps Yoshimune-San down too. The Gozen Afternoon Komaigumi Watch then goes down below to their Bunk and Hammocks. Only Suzuki-San is left on the Quarter Deck, who goes about doing what ever Deck maintenance duties that he can, despite his being Sick.

Shortly after the change of the Watch, Ki No Ronin, starts chanting rythmically, "Itsumo Samete Nakareba Narimasen! Itsumo Samete Nakareba Narimasen! Itsumo Samete Nakareba Narimasen!". He keeps chanting that rythmically in order to help his two Night Watch Crewmates as well as himself awake. With this illness, it is now hazardous that they might fall asleep at the wheel, so Ki No Ronin keeps this Chant going to help encourage Nishihara-San and Suzuki-San awake as well as himself. Occasionally, he goes over and gives each Sailor a pat on the Shoulder to make sure he is not nodding off to Sleep in their weakened conditions. It would be disasterous if they should fall asleep and let the Kawa Shima Maru go off course. If that should happen, not only would Ki No Ronin have to commit Sepuku, but the two Crewmen would be executed by the Captain and thrown into the Indian Ocean to fed the Fuka Sharks. So they do their Meditative Chants all night long, but not too loudly as to disturb the rest of the remainder of the Crew.

His Chanting seems to work and they maintain their Watch fairly vigilantly until the Taiyo Sun starts coming up over the Horizon. The Wind has held firm at the usually 12 to 15 knots and the smell of steaming Gohan Rice can be smelt. They sort of grimace at each other. It has been nothing but this Gohan Steamed Rice with a bit of Dried Meat for the past Month and half now and they are now getting fed up with it.

Slowly, the Morning Watch start staggering up onto Deck except Yamazaki-San. It seems that Yamazaki-San is not down with the Illness so badly that he can not get up out of his Hammock anymore. He was one of the first to start coming down with this illness and he is now too weak to get up out of his Hammock. So now both Yuji-San and Yamazaki-San are now too weak to do their daily duties. And it is also discovered that Sakurzawa-San is also very weak now too. They give those crewmen their Asagohan Breakfast while they lay in their Hammocks and give them a small sip of Sake Rice Wine to help get their Spirits as well as their Health back up.

The Bowls of Asagohan are distributed amongst the rest of the Crew, and they eat slowly with their eyes looking off onto the Horizon towards where the Bow is pointed, wishing to get to their destination as quicking as possible so that they can get hold of some Good Food for the first time in ages.

After Breakfast, Ki No Ronin and Yoshimune ShOko-San, who had come up to the Bridge to get his bowl of Gohan Steamed Rice, help each other go down to their Bunks to get in to get much needed rest in order to keep their Strength. Ki No Ronin then goes off to sleep.

But a few hours later, Ki No Ronin is awakened to some Shouts! He struggles to get up quickly as he can as it might be Pirates! He straps on his Katana Sword and heads up to the Quarter Deck.

When he gets there, with his hand on the Hilt of his Katana to take out and give battle, he finds nothing but Smiles and Laughter. He sees the Crewmen pointing up to amongst the Masts of the Kawa Shima Maru. There, Ki No Ronin sees a Stout and Lively Kamome Seagull sitting there.

Upon seeing that, Ki No Ronin joins in the shouts of joy! "Bonzai! Bonzai! Bonzai! Utsukushii Kamome Tori Desu! Bonzai! Bonzai! Bonzai!". Seeing the Beautiful Seagull has caused the men to have more energy and encouragement than they have had in about 2 weeks. They must not be much more that 3 Days sailling to Land now!

Yoshimune ShOko-San has not come up onto the Quarter Deck and now has joined in with the Celebration, throwing is arms up chanting "Bonzai!".

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But shortly after this, the excitement of all this Celebrating takes a lot of Energy out of Yoshimune ShOko-San and he suddenly collapses, passing right out. Several Crewmen pick him up and take him down below to his Bunk where Shooji Chorishi-San gives him a few herbs to help him rest.

Ki No Ronin follows them down and gets back into his Bunk, getting the rest he also needs after all that excitement. He is now very happy now that it is certain that they will now make it to land and hopefully Alapusa Minato Harbor in order to get Fresh Supplies and recover from the Kai Ketsu Byou disease that they have been suffering from.

When Ki No Ronin gets up about an hour later when the Hirogohan Bell rings, he goes up on Deck. His Bowl of Gohan Steamed Rice with a bit of Dried Pork is there waiting for him. They have all been waiting for Ki No Ronin for 15 minutes or so. He takes his Bowl and bows respectfully to Nobunaga Sensho-San saying, "Sumimasen Sensho-San. Hirogohan de ima Otoi Desu. Sumimasen". Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Shimpai Shinaide Kudasai. Ima Tabete mo Idesu!", to which he starts eating his bowl of Gohan Steamed Rice.

Ki No Ronin looks at his Bowl of Rice and sees that it is sprinkled with the last bit of Shooji Chorishi's Veggie Flakes. He looks about and notices that everyone else has some Veggie Flakes on their Gohan Steamed Rice. The Captain has kept his promise that once the first Kamome Sea Bird was sighted, that they would use up the last of the Veggie Flakes in hopes that they might get a bit of their strength back.

After eating and the Bowls all cleared away to be washed, Nobunaga makes the Speech and along with giving some Orders, "Kyo Kesa no aida ni Ichiban Kamome wa umaku ni Mimashita. Dakara San Nichi Riku kara tabun Arimasu. Alapusa Minato no naka ni Shinsen na Bushi wa Metsukeru koto ga Dekimasu. Keredomo Kiken na mada tabun Arimasu. Kaizoku no Fune Abunai tabun Arimasu. Futsu na Komaigumi ima Irimasu and Atakai no Shikata ima Renshu Shimasu. KyUdo no Renshu ima Shi Nakareba Narimasen. KyUdo no Renshu ima Junbi Shi Nakareba Narimasen. KyUdo no Renshu no ato ni Sake Bun wa Nomeru koto ga Dekimasu", saying that now that they are Three Days from Land, they must prepare for possible Pirate Attacks by practising Archery and having full watches put on. They will now do Archery Practising and then have a Sake Ration to celebrate being so close to Land.

The Crew then get the Archery Range set up and they get out the Bows and Arrows. They practise for about 3 hours. Their strength is weaken to the point that they loose several arrows, with Ki No Ronin himself even loosing one.

They leave the Archery Range made with the Boat Launch set up as it is as taking it back down would sap some much needed Strength of the Crew. They just tie it down so that it is guaranteed that it the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch wont come loose and fall overboard or fall about the Quater Deck of the Kawa Shima Maru.

After this is all done, the Celebratory Ration of Sake is distributed out with one Saka Zuki Sake Cup of Sake issued to each Funenori Crewman. During the KyUdo Archery practise, it was Muto-San had the best score and did not loose a single Arrow, so he got to have a double ration. They now only have about One Tokkuri Sake Jug worth of Sake left. This is something Nobunaga Sensho-San decides should be reserved for the Officers of the Kawa Shima Maru. The Ships Officers have had to work more Shifts and be more Alert than the others, so Nobunaga Sensho-San decides that the last of the should be reserved for the Officers to have for an Officers Mess Celebration for when they sight Alapusa Harbor.

Now it comes time for Bangohan Dinner. There is just enough Veggie Flakes for just three more bowls of Gohan, so they give those Bowls to Yuji-San, Sakurazawa-San and Yoshimune ShOko-San as they are the ones now suffering from the Kai Ketsu Byou illness more than anyone else at the moment.

After Bangohan Dinner, Ki No Ronin arranges it for it so that his original watch mates of Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, and Yoshida-San to be back onto his regular Night Watches. He makes this request he feels it is the right time to make such a request since Nobunaga Sensho-San is now in a good mood. But Nobunaga Sensho-San also puts on Fujii-San on Night Watch to have an extra set of eyes out during the Night in case there is any Pirates.

So they put on Full Watches now and even send a man up the Mast to keep watch for any Kaizoku Pirates or any other Ship. They keep the Yari Spears and KyUdo Bows and Arrows handy at all times. After making these arrangements, Ki No Ronin and his four Night Watch Crewmates go down below to get the rest they need for their Komaigumi Night Watch.

When they get up, they all go up on Deck to find Yoshmune ShOko-San on the Watch. He is looking Very Weak! He is having to stay next to the Chart Table to keep his balance. He Arms and Legs and badly discolured and swollen and he is only semi conscious. Ki No Ronin immediately relieves him of his Duty and has him sent down below with the rest of his Watch Crewmates and sets to work manning his Night Watch.

Unfortunately, Ki No Ronin does not feel much better. He immediately starts a new Chant to keep himself and his Night Watch Crewmen away by going "Chikaku de Riku wa Arimasu, Bonzai! Subarashi Desu! Chikaku de Riku wa Arimasu, Bonzai!"

Ki No Ronin sends Fujii-San up the Mast to keep stern watch while he and Hirayama-San man the Wheel with Miyazaki-San and Yoshida-San watching from the Quarter Deck from the Bow of the Kawa Shima Maru.

While Fujii-San is watching out, Ki No Ronin stealthfully goes down to the Quarter Deck and quietly starts giving Miyazaki-San and Yoshida-San some refresher instructions in the Secret Ninjitsu Martial Art that they had not been able to Practise for a long time with Hirayama-San at the Wheel looking on from the Helm. After a couple of hours of this, Ki No Ronin sends Yoshida-San to man the Helm and gives Hirayama-San some instruction on the Martial Art quietly.

But about halfway through the Night Watch, it appears that Fujii-San is getting fatigued so Ki No Ronin has him brought down and sends up Miyazaki-San.

The rest of the Night Watch goes on uneventfully and by the time Morning comes, they change Watches with the Captain's Morning Crew. They have Asagohan Breakfast and then go down below to get some rest.

Upon going down to the Orlop Deck, Ki No Ronin sees that the Crew is looking a bit worse than the day before. Yuji-San is now having to be helped in and out of his Hammock when he has to do his abolutions at the head of the Ship, and Yoshimune ShOko-San is now so weak that he has to be Helped as well by Shooji Chorishi-San and a couple of Crewmates. Sakurazawa-San is also very weak to the point that he can not do any Duty, although he is still just able to attend to his own abolutions. It is a bit alarming how fast Yoshimune ShOko-San is getting worse with this mysterious Kai Ketsu Byou Illness.

Ki No Ronin now gets into his Bunk and gives a quick Prayer for speedy arrive to Land and new Fresh Supplies so that they can cure themselves of this Illness. He then goes to Sleep.
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Suddenly, while sleeping, Ki No Ronin is awakened by Yamazaki-San, "Sumimasen Ki NoRonin Bushi-San. Sakana Tsuri no Fune wa tabun Arimasu! Hayai ni Agarette Kudasai!, saying that they have just sighted a Fish Boat and for Ki No Ronin to come quickly.

Ki No Ronin climbs weakly out of his Bunk and notices 4 more Crewmen getting aroused out of their Hammocks as he is strapping on his Katana Sword. He also notices that Yamazaki-San is helping Yoshimune ShOko-San get out of his Bunk and helping him arm himself with his Katana. There is no Alarm being sounded at the moment.

Ki No Ronin then goes up onto the Quaterdeck and quips, "Kite mo Idesu ka?" to Nobunaga Sensho-San who quickly waves him up to the Bridge. Ki No Ronin then goes up to the Bridge and sees that it is Shimizu-San who is up in the Mast looking out. Ki No Ronin notices that Nobunaga Sensho-San is looking out in that general direction with his Spyglass, so Ki No Ronin also takes out his and looks. He quickly also notices that there is now quite a few Kamome Sea Birds flying about now. Katayama-San is busy breaking out some Bows and Arrows and is issuing them out to Toranaga-San, Muto-San, Yamashiro-San and Nishihara-San as they come up on Deck.

Indeed, there is a Fune Boat of some sort and does look like a Fish Boat which looks like it has about 5 Fishermen on it. It is only about a third of the Kawa Shima Maru's size. The Crew on that Fish Boat look distinctly Eastern Indian. When they came out from Japan on business about a year ago, they done business in East Indian enough that Nobunaga Sensho-San does know a few words in their language such as "Peace", "Stop", and "Need Food".

They notice that the Fishing Boat has now also noticed he Kawa Shima Maru and are looking to check it out. "Ju Byo ni Nihon no Hata wa Hanbun made Sagarette Kudasai", orders Nobunaga Sensho-San, "Dewa Indo no Hata wa Miseru ni Agarette Kudasai", ordering for the Japanese Flag to be quickly dipped to half mast in salute and the East Indian Flag to be put up in salute so that the Fishermen will know that the Kawa Shima Maru is a Japanese Ship that is coming in Peace and also pays respect to their country. "Kawa Shima Maru no Shiro wa Ima Tsuzukimasu," ordering that the Kawa Shima Maru's course be continued, "Soshite Shizuka na in Natte Kudasai. Watashi no Yowai Guai wa Kakure Nakareba Narimasen!"

Yoshimune ShOko-San has just come up onto the Quaterdeck with the help of Yamazaki-San and a Yari Spear, using it as sort of a crutch to keep on his feet. Nobunaga Sensho-San sees this and noticing how weak Yoshimune looks instruction with a soft voice so that what he says does not carry out across the Ocean to the other boat, "Sumimasen Yoshimune-San. Ima Agarettekudasai. Anato no Yowai na Guai wa Kakure Nakareba Narimasen. San ban Kanpan no naka ni Atakau ni Junbi Tsuzukete Kudasai", although the Captain wants Yoshimune to go below to hide how weak he looks, he want him to stay prepared to Fight if the need arises. Yoshimune ShOko-San bows obediently and goes below with Yamazaki-San helping. Down below, it can be heard that Yoshimune ShOko-San is organizing and arming 2 or 3 more sailors in order to be prepared if there is a Fight.

Nobunaga Sensho-San is trying hard to get past this Fishing Boat without them realizing that they are weak with Kai Ketsu Byou Illness because if they realize and tell other Fishermen, then the word might spread to some East Indian Pirates who will try attack the Kawa Shima Maru. Pirates like attacking Ships with Crews that are weak with Illness, so word of their weakness must be kept concealled.

Ki No Ronin quickly looks down and notices that at the very botton of the steps going down to the Orlop Deck, Yoshimune ShOko-San is prepared with three other Sailors armed with Yari Spears to come up from the Orlop Deck to fight any attackers, but they are trying to hard to stay out of sight so that the Sailors of the other Boat dont notice them. The Four Crewmen who have been issued Archery equipment keep their weapons concealled below the deck raillings so that the Fish Boat does not see them and become Alarmed in some way.

The Fishing Boat is about 500 Metres away at about 20 degrees off of the Port Bow. They see that the Kawa Shima Maru has dipped her colours and has raised the East Indian. That Boat has quite a few Kamome Sea Birds flying around it and they have flown over to check out the Kawa Shima Maru and to visit their friend Kamome who is still in the Rigging of the Kawa Shima Maru. The Sailors of the Fish Boat then dip their East Indian Flag and wave back.

Nobonaga Sensho-San says softly, "Watashi dake Te ni Furemasu. Ichiban Hayai no sokudo ni ima Iki Nakareba Narimasen", saying that only he is to wave back and to go at Full Speed Ahead. The Crewmen then set the Sails to pick up the best winds possible in the Northerly 12 to 15 knots winds and the Kawa Shima Maru goes on at its best speed.

They watch the Fishing Boat and it seems to maintain its position as they have Fishing Nets in the Water so they are too busy doing their Fishing to do anything else. After about a half hour, the Fishing Boat falls out of sight, seemingly keeping their minds on their own business.

By this time, it is past Noon and once the Fishing Boat is out of sight and seemingly not posing a thread, Nobunaga Sensho-San, "Kono Abunai ima Owari Desu. Hirogohan wa Ryori Hajimete mo Idesu", ordering for Lunch to start being prepared.

Shooji Chorishi-San, who had been one of the Sailors that Yoshimune ShOko-San had armed with a Yari Spear, stows away his weapon and enlists the help of the two other Sailors that had been with him armed with Yari Spears to help him with his making Hirogohan Lunch. It will be Gohan Steamed Rice with Dried Fish and Soyu Sauce and a cup of Water.

After Hirogohan has been made, distributed and eaten, Captain Nobunaga then says to Ki No Ronin, "Yoshimune ShOko-San ima Yowai Anmari to Imasu. Gogo Hachi Ji kara anata no Komaigumi wa Hajimenakareba Narimasen", Nobunaga Sensho-San then calls up Shooji Chorishi-San and orders, "Mai Nichi Gogo San Ji kara Yoshimune ShOko-San no Komaigumi wa Shi Nakareba Narimasen", to which Shooji Chorishi-San obediently replies, "Hai". From this time forward, until they get to land and get cured of this Illness, Ki No Ronin will have to start his Night Watch from 8:00pm and Shooji Chorishi-San will have to do the rest of the Afternoon Watches from 3:00pm to 8:00pm as Yoshimune ShOko-San is now too weak to do his duties anymore.

Both Ki No Ronin and Shooji-San obediently reply "Hai". Ki No Ronin then goes down below to his Bunk to get as much Rest as he can before having to do his 12 hour Graveyard Night Watch.

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