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Japanese Meetup Group Message Board › The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

Surrey, BC
Post #: 983
When Ki No Ronin gets up, he finds that both Yamazaki-San, and Sakurazawa-San, who were the orginal Crewmen to come down with the Illness, have now become too Weak to get out of their Hammocks. They have been put on permanent Sick List with Yuji, whose injured Knee is now so swollen and discoloured that Shooji Chorishi-San now fears that the damage might be permanent and that his leg might even have be eventually Amputated from mid thigh down. Yoshimune ShOko-San has gotten worse now, now not being able to even roll over in his Bunk.

Ki No Ronin, also being very weak now, gets his Yari Spear to use as a crutch to get up onto the Deck.

He finds that the excitement of having Kamome Sea Birds and encountering the Fish Boat has really sapped away whatever strength the Crew had left.

Ki No Ronin helps to get his fellow Night Watch Crewmate up and ready for their Duty. He goes up to the Quarter Deck with Fujii-San, Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San and Yoshida-San. Ki No Ronin, with the hand up from Nobunaga Sensho-San. Once on the Bridge, Yoshida-San also comes up to man the Helm away from Nishikara-San. Ki No Ronin looks around and sees that the members of the Afternoon Watch are looking weaker than ever before. Wisely, he speaks to Nobunaga Sensho-San, "Yoru Komaigumi Funenori-nin wa taihen Yowai Desu. Watashi wa Teian ga Tazune mo Idesu Ka?", asking permission to make a suggestion. "Hai, Dozo", replies Nobunaga Sensho-San. "Gozen Ichi ji made kono Yoru Komaigumi-nin no Shitogo wa Suru koto ga Dekimasu. Gozen Ichi ji, Futari Okikae Funenori-nin tabun Irimasu", suggesting that there be two replacement Crewmen come onto duty to replace a couple of crewmen who are the weakest and needing extra rest. Nobunaga Sensho-San looks thoughtful for a moment and thinks about it for a short while. Then he replies, "Hai, Yamashiro-San soshite Shimizu-San wa to Imasu. Kono jikohuhyo wa ima Tori Kae Shimasu".

Nobunaga then says, "Oyasumi Nasai" and goes below with the rest of the Afternoon Watch to get their rest, but first, he notifies the Crewmen involved of the Night Watch Change. Ki No Ronin can hear the Crewmen reply to their Captain's instructions with a firm although weakened "Hai".

Ki No Ronin orders, "Fujii-San! Kawa Shima Maru no Masuto no ue ni Ikette Kudasai!", to which Fujii-San replies, "Hai!". He goes up the Mast to the Crows Nest slowly and carefully, not wanting to fall like what happened to Yuji-San with a safety belaying rope that is held by Miyazaki-San and Hirayama-San. He gets there without any trouble.

It is still light out and Ki No Ronin calls up, "Nandemo wa Mite Mo Idesu Ka?" to Fujii-San. After getting himself in the small rope basket serving as a Crows Nest, Fujii-San looks around for a few moments and then calls down, "Nanomo Ki No Ronin Bushi-San! Subete Yoroshii Desu!".

Ki No Ronin then takes his Spyglass and looks about. Sure enough, there is nothing. There are however, 3 more Kamome Sea Birds flying about the Kawa Shima Maru and that is providing the Crew with something to do during their shift, having to watch out for and cleaning up any messes that they might drop onto the Ship.

For Two Hours, they Sail along in the good strong 15 knot winds that are blowing. Then the Night is starting to fall, so before the light goes away, Ki No Ronin has Fujii-San replaced doing Watch from the Crows Nest by Miyazaki-San.

Just when Miyazaki-San gets up there, he suddenly shouts down, "Akari wa tabun Arimasu! Tonan Desu!", pointing to the South East. "Ki No Ronin looks with his Spyglass at the direction that Miyazaki-San is pointing, but can not see anything. "Toi Desu Ka?", Ki No Ronin asks. "Hai! Kono Akari wa Toi Desu. Anato no Kanpan kara tabun Miru koto ga Deimasen. Kono Akari wa Kasuka na Desu. Watashi no Yowai na Me tabun Suppai Desu", saying that the light he sees is Faint, but it could be his failling Weak Eyes.

Ki No Ronin quickly checks the Compass and the Charts and the direction that Miyazaki-San is pointing could not possibly be Alapusa Harbour. He says to Hirayama-San, "Nobunaga Sensho-San de Iite Kudsai!". Hirayama-San goes down below to tell the Captain.

About 10 minutes later, Nobunaga Sensho-San, who now needs Hirayama-San's help now because of his weakness, comes up onto the Quarter Deck and then up to the Bridge, "Nani ni Shiteimasu Ka?". Ki No Ronin points to the South East and replies, "Kochira ni Kasuka na Akari wa tabun Arimasu", and then looks up to the Crows Nest and asks, "Miyazaki-San! Kono Akari wa mada Arimasu ka?". Miyazaki-San replies, "Ei. Ima Kiemashita. Tabun Mamukai ni Itteimashita. Ima Shuppatsu Shimashita", saying that perhaps the light he was was going away from them and has now disappeared.

Nobunaga Sensho-San now has a Spyglass and is now looking. He confirms, "Hai, Kono Okashi na Akari wa ima Arimasen".

They spend the next 5 to 10 minutes looking. Ki No Ronin now notices that Hirayama-San has been looking around different directions of the Kawa Shima Maru from the Bow Pinacle. Ki No Ronin thinks to himself that is good to keep an eye on all directions. A light in the Dark could be used as a distraction or Pirates to come up from behind and do a sneak attack.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San shouts up to the Crows Nest, "Kawa Shima Maru no mawari ni Mite Kudasai. Mo sonna Fune wa tabun Arimasu". Miyazaki-San then looks all around and shouts down, "Totemo ni ima Nanimo".

Nobunaga Sensho-San then says, "Miru wa Tsuzukette Kudasai", and with Hirayama=San's help, goes back down below.

The rest of the Night Watch goes without any incident. At 1:00pm, the Relief Watch comes on board. Shimizu-San is sent up to the Crows Nest to relieve a tired Crewmate, and Yamashiro-San stands watch on the Quarter Deck. Ki No Ronin sends Miyazaki-San and Fujii-San down below to get extra rest.

They rotate positions in the Crows Nest for the rest of the night, and by Morning, nothing else of any consequence has happened.

Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up and the regular Morning Watch comes on. After Asagohan with Dried Pork, Ki No Ronin and his Four Crewmen, of which Yoshida-San and Hirayama-San are the most tired as so is Ki No Ronin.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 985
Ki No Ronin sleeps so soundly that he misses the Lunch signal and sleeps on until 5:00pm when Shooji Chorishi-San comes and awakens him, "Sumimasen Ki No Ronin Bushi-San, Ima Sametekudasai. Bangohan wa sugu ni ryori shimasu". Ki No Ronin looks about and asks, "Bangohan desu Ka? Nan Ji Desu Ka?". Shooji Chorishi-San replies, "Gogo Go Ji sugu ni Arimasu. Hirugohan no aida ni itsumo Nemuremashita soshite anata no Nemui wa Jama Shi taku nai deshita. Nobunaga Sensho-San no Meirei Deshita. Anata no Nemui wa tabun Iri Nakareba Narimasen", saying that when Ki No Ronin did not get up for the Lunch Signal that the Captain ordered him to not be disturbed.

Ki No Ronin looks about a bit and listens. He seems to hear the rythmic patter of Rain Drops on the above Quarter Deck. "Ame wa ima Furimasu ka" Ki No Ronin asks. Shooji Chorishi-San replies, "Hai, San Jikan no mae ni Hajemiru Furimashita. Tabun Indojin no Ooame Kisetsu desu", saying that it had been raining for the last 3 hours and it might be the beginning of the East Indian Monsoon Season.

Ki No Ronin then gets dressed after getting a little help getting out of his Bunk by Shooji Chorishi-San. After arming himself, he goes up to the Quarter Deck. He finds that the crew are busy keeping the Decks clear of water as it is now raining fairly hard. Ki No Ronin then looks up to the Bridge and finds that they had rigged up some sort of Shelter with a Canvas Sail to protect the Chart Table. Nobunaga Sensho-San is sitting there making measurements with his navigational equipment. Nobunaga Sensho-San simply gives a gesture of invitation for Ki No Ronin to come up to the Bridge, "Kono Ooame Kisetsu wa ima Hajimemashita", he simply says, "Atarashi Mizu Basho wa Totteimasu", pointing down to the Sailors who have out basins and kegs to gather in the water. "Kawa Shima Maru no soto ni Furui na Mizu Basho Nagetteimashita soshite Atarashi na Mizu wa Totte mo Idesu", saying they had thrown out all of the Kawa Shima Maru's old water stores and have been gathering the New Water to refreshen the Kawa Shima Maru's Water Supplies.

Ki No Ronin sees this and nods politely, "Hai! Sugoi na Kangae Desu. Indo Riku wa sugu ni Tsukimasu Ka?", asking when he thinks they might make it to Land. Looking at the Chart, Nobonaga replies, "Kono Chizu no ue ni Kawa Shima Maru Arimasu", pointing to the spot on the map that they might be, "Soshite Kaze wa Ju Ni Notto ima Fukimasu soshite kono sukodo no naka ni asu ni Riku de tabun Tsukemasu", saying that in the 12 knot winds, they might get there tomorrow.

They can now smell the Rice being steamed and getting served out for Bangohan Dinner and soon they are brought two bowls of hot Gohan Steamed Rice with some Dried Fish in it. At the Captain's Signal, they all start to eat.

While they are eating, the Crewman Nishihara-San, who is watching from the Crows Nest, shouts, "Fune wa Arimasu! Fune wa Arimasu!", pointing in an Easterly direction. Both Nobunga Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin put their bowls of Gohan Steamed Rice down and take hold of their Spyglasses. They look, but they cant see what Nishihara-San is pointing to. Nobunaga Sensho-San calls up, "Nani ni Miteimasu ka?". Nishihara-San replies, "Tabun Fune San-Dai no Ho wa tabun Miteimasu", saying that he thinks there are sails on the Horizon of Three Ships.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then orders, "Abunai! Abunai! Abunai Desu! Subete Funenori-nin kanpan no ue ni Ki Nakareba Narimasen!", ringing the alarm bell three times, waiting a moment, and then ringing three more times.

All available sailors come up on board armed with either Yari Spears or Bows & Arrows. They take up positions on the railling on the Starboard Bow where Nishihara-San is pointing to. A couple of Sailors even help out Yoshimune ShOko-San. Even how weak he is, he still comes out armed with a Bow & Arrow. He has the crewmen sort of prop him up against a railling where he can shoot his Arrows at any enemy ship.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then orders, "Kawa Shima Maru no Shiro wa Torikae Shimasu. Yori Kita Moto de ima Ikinakareba Narimasen!", ordering that the Kawa Shima Maru's course to be changed to a more Northerly direction. He then turns to Ki No Ronin, pointing up to the Mast where Nishihara-San is ordering, "Miteikudasa Ki No Ronin Bushi-San!". Ki No Ronin then obediently goes up the rope ladder to the Crows Nest next to Nishihara-San. He now gets wet in the Monsoon Rains that is falling, but he does not care as he looks out at what Nishihara is pointing to saying, "Kono Fune San-Dai wa Arimasu".

Ki No Ronin then looks and sees that there are indeed Sails of Three different ships and that all he is able to see is their Sails and nothing else much else. He shouts down, "Kono Fune San-Dai no Ho dake wa Mite Mo Idesu! Kono Fune wa Tooi desu soshite Fune no Dochiro wa Kizukeru goto ga Dekimasen", saying that the ships are too far away to tell what kind of ships they are. "Keredomo kono Fune no Ho wa tabun Samui desu. Kore wa tabun Samui Fune Desu", saying that they are small sails so they might be small ships.

They sail North for a while, and those ships sails fall below the horizon out of sight. Ki No Ronin reports, "Kono Fune San-Dai ima Kiemashita. Ima Agari Mo Idesu ka?", asking if he can get down now. Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Hai, Dozo! Soshite Yamashiro-San no bun no Masuto no Gimu Desu", ordering a change in the Crows Nest and that it is Yamashiro-San's turn to go up the Mast.

So obediently, both Ki No Ronin and Nishihara-San climb down from the Main Mast and Yamashiro-San goes up. Once Yamashiro-San is up the Main Mast, he looks and then reports down, "Kono Fune San-Dai mada Kiemasu".

After about 15 minutes of watching and continued reports of no more sightings of the 3 ships, Nobunaga orders the crew to relax from general quarters. Both he and Ki No Ronin now take up their now cold bowls of Rice and start eating again. The rain is still falling fairly heavily. The crew that is off duty now go back down below to dry out, taking Yoshimue ShOko-San with them.

When they are finished their bowls of Rice, Nobunaga Sensho-San then puts Night Watch onto duty and he and his afternoon shift of crewmen now go below to rest and get some dry clothes on.

Ki No Ronin then sets to doing his extended Night Watch.
Surrey, BC
Post #: 988
This is Ki No Ronin's First Watch since the Monsoon Rains had started. Luckily, this is a warm Rain and not cold, so he and his Crewmates are not chilled too badly.

Muto-San and Toranaga-San are set to be crew replacements at 1:00am and the watch goes without too much trouble. The Rain helps to keep everyone awake and Ki No Ronin has the Night Watch Crew set up a Rain Shelter at the Bow Forecastle of the Kawa Shima Maru, that way, at least two Crewmen can have some shelter from the Rain. The Watch starts with Miyazaki-San up in the Crows Nest with Fujii-San manning the Helm. Ki No Ronin rotates the positions so that a crewmen can have some time in the Bow Forecastle shelter at a time. There is even a time that Ki No Ronin goes up the Mast to Watch so that a couple of Crewmen can have a chance to stay underneath the shelter

He also has them work on keeping the Deck mopped and cleared of Rain Water so that it does not seep down below into the bowls of the Kawa Shima Maru. The French Fabrics they are taking back to Japan must be kept dry so that no moulds or mildews do not start accumulating amongst it, so Ki No Ronin has a couple of Crewmen working on keeping the Decks clear of water fairly frequently. This actually helps with the boredom of doing such a long Night Watch. When Fujii-San is up in the Crows Nest keeping watch, Ki No Ronin takes the opportunity to do some practise with Hirayama-San and Yoshida-San of the Secret Ninjitsu with Miyazaki-San is manning the Helm looking on.

At 1:00pm, Ki No Ronin gets up Muto-San and Toranaga-San and has them replace Fujii-San and Yoshida-San, who he judges are the Crewmen who are needing the rest the most.

By the end of this Night Watch, they do notice that a couple more Kamone Sea Birds are now flying about the Kawa Shima Maru. That means they are getting even closer to the coast.

The winds are still blowing at a consistant 12 knots and they are able to catch the winds well enough to make best speed with the winds available.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up on deck with the rest of the Morning Watch and is in the middle of exchanging pleasantries with Ki No Ronin and checking the Charts and Maps to make sure they are on course when Toranaga-San suddenly starts yelling excitedly from the Crownest, "Riku Desu! Riku Desu! Bonzai!".

He has sighted Land!

Both Ki No Ronin and Nobunaga Sensho-San look with their Spyglasses, but they can not see anything yet. "Toranaga-San! Sai Kakureru Desu Ka? Riku wa Arimasu ka?", yells up Nobunaga Sensho-San. "Hai Nubunaga Sensho-San! Arimasu!" yells down Toranaga-San.

They can hear dome excited chatter down below as the Crewmen below has heard what Toranaga-San has been yelling.

For about 15 to 20 minutes, of waiting and look, Ki No Ronin, using his Spyglass, finaly spots the shadow image of Land with his Spyglass. He turns to the Captain saying, "Hai! Kono Riku wa ima Miru goto ga Dekimasu!" with a smile on his face. Nobunaga Sensho-San, whose eyesight must not be as good as Ki No Ronin's, finally sees it with his Spyglass. He immediately orders, "Monna Funenori-nin Kanpan no ue ni Kite Kudasai, Dozo!", giving permission for all the crew to come up to the Quarter Deck to see for themselves.

Without much more encouragement, the Crew now comes up on Deck except for Shooji Chorishi-San, who has to stay below staying to his duty of Steaming the Rice for the morning's Asagohan Breakfast.

The Crew take turns using Yoshimune ShOko-San spyglass to look and see the Land that is looming ahead, which is becoming more and more visible now. They start chanting "Bonzai! Bonzai! Bonzai!" throwing their arms into the air with excitement.

As they come closer, they see that it it is a coastline with Trees, Plants and Indian Jungle, but no sign of Alapusa Harbour. Upon seeing this, they are a bit down hearted as they had hoped to come straight into Alapusa Harbour to get some Fresh Supplies and have some Fresh Food to eat after a couple of months of nothing but Rice Steamed with Sea Water and some Dried Fish or Pork.

This make things a bit gloomy to their previous shouts of joy. By this time, they remember their Hunger and Shooji Chorishi-San has the bowls Gohan Rice distributed to the Crew. As the crew eats, Nobunaga Sensho-San says to Ki No Ronin, "Monsun Ame Kumo no ushiro ni Taiyo wa Arimasu. Taiyo wa Irimasu sorekomo KoKo Suru no Dogu wa Shiyo Suru koto ga Dekimasen", noting that with the Rain Clouds, they will not be able to us their Navigational Sextant to gauge exactly what Longitude they are at. Without that knowledge, they wont be able to know if they should try sailing North or South to get to Alapusa Harbour.

They then change Watches and Ki No Ronin goes below, leaving Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San to work out how to figure out which way they should go.

Ki No Ronin is just starting to get undressed out of his Wet Clothes when there is a shout from above, "Fune wa Arimasu! Abunai! Abunai!". Along with this is a ringing of the Ship Bell. Ki No Ronin goes back to the Quarter Deck with his Yari Spear.

He sees a small floatilla of Cargo Barges just North of them. There is Six of them. Four are just Barges with one at the front being in Full Sail and one in behind in Full Sail.

Nobunaga Sensho-San orders the Kawa Shima Maru's Japanese Flag be dipped in salute to the Barges. He orders the Kawa Shima Maru to sail up close to the Barges, and then orders Ki No Ronin to take the Bridge Command. Nobunaga Sensho-San then goes to the Bow Forecastle and waves to the East Indian Crewmen on that Barges, who are smiling and waving back. Nobunaga-San uses whatever East Indian words his knows with a lot of hand gestures asking for where Alapusa Harbour is. He gestures with his hands, pointing to his eyes and acting like he is looking for something shouting over to them "Alapusa?! Alapusa?! Alapusa?!". The Barge Crew then smile politely that point towards the North replying back something in their own language everyone can not understand except the word "Alapusa".

Seemingly to understand, Nobunaga Sensho-San bows politely back at them and orders them to set sail as quickly as they can, still be fearful that these East Indian Natives might notice how weak they are from the Kai Ketsu Byou Illness that they have.

After they have reset their course, Ki No Ronin now gets to go back down to his Bunk to get his rest. He falls fast asleep.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 993
A couple of hours later, Nishihara-San awakens Ki No Ronin, "Samete Kudasai Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Nobunaga Sensho-San wa Daishikyu ni Irimasu!".

Nishihara-San then helps Ki No Ronin out of his Bunk and helps him arm himself. They both go up to the Quarter Deck and Ki No Ronin sees that the Crew is now getting the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch ready for being put over the side.

Ki No Ronin then quickly looks out the Starboard side of the Kawa Shima Maru and sees that they are nearby what appears to be a Village. He also sees that surrounding the Village is a grove of what appears to be Mango Fruit Trees.

Shooji Chorishi-San is also on the Quarter Deck and appears to be organizing the putting over the side the launch.

Suddenly, Ki No Ronin hears Nobunaga Sensho-San's voice coming from the Bridge, "Ki No Ronin Bushi-San! Senkyo Kanpan no ue ni ima Kite Kudasai! Hanashi Nakereba Narimasen!".

Ki No Ronin nods saying "Hai!", as he climbs up the small ladder to the Bridge. He then takes his place next to Nobunaga Sensho-San. "Sensho-San, Anata no Toriatsukaisetsumei wa Nani Desu Ka?", bowing politely to the Captain. "Mura wa ima Tsukemashita. Kono Mura no mawari ni Mango Kudamono Kajuen wa Tabun Arimasu. Kono Mango Kudamono ima Kai tai Desu. Kono Mura de Shooji Chorishi-San ima Itteimasu. Kono Mura no Reda-San to issho ni Hanashimasu. Kono Kudamono wa sugu ni irimasu". They are sending Shooji Chorishi-San out from Kawa Shima Maru on the launch to see about making a trade to buy some of the Mangos that they village Mango Orchard.

Ki No Ronin sees that the Villagers have already seen that the Kawa Shima Maru has arrived and has already sent three small boats out to greet them. By the time that the Kawa Shima Maru has set its Launch into the water, three small boats are already half way to the Kawa Shima Maru, whose Japanese Flag is already dipped in salute in respect to their country.

With 4 of the strongest healhiest looking Sailors, Shooji Chorishi-San sets off towards the small floatilla of boats. Nobunaga Senso-San says to Ki No Ronin, "Shooji Chorishi-San Ikuru no aida ni Kawa Shima Maru wa itsumo Kibishi ni Hogo Shi Nakareba Narimasen. Ima Mitte Kudasai".

So both Nobunaga Sensho-San and Ki No Ronin both look on as they watch Shooji Chorishi-San making attempts to make the Villagers understand that they are wanting to make a trade for their Mangos. Ki No Ronin sees that Shooji-San has a sample of the French Fabrics that they have in the hold. Shooji-San is trying to make the East Indians understand that they want to make a trade of a roll or two of their French Cloth that they have in the Kawa Shima Maru's Hold for some of their Mangos. They see him signing to the sample of Fabric, pointing to their Orchard of Mango Trees and signing that they wish to take and eat their Mangos.

The East Indians seem to understand and that Shooji Chorishi-San wants to come to their Village to see the quality of their Mangos. Then Shooji-San is seen getting into one of the East Indian's Boats and he then is being taken back to the Village. The other two Boats also accompany them back to the Village. The Kawa Shima Maru's Launch then turns around and returns back to the Kawa Shima Maru.

When the Launch gets back to the Kawa Shima Maru, Toranaga-San is the only Crewman to get out and up onto the Quarter Deck. He goes up to the Bridge and reports, "Kono Mura no Reda-San to issho ni Shooji Chorishi-San wa ima Aitteimasu. Kono Kaimono no Shobai ima Iiteimasu. Mo sukoshi ni jikan no aida ni ima Mattei mo Idesu. Sumimasen Sensho-San", making an apology to the Captain that he has to wait for Shooji Chorishi-San to do the negotiations.

They look out with their Spyglasses and they see the Three Boats just arriving back at the Village. They see Shooji Chorishi-San getting out and being escorted into the Village. They seem to see him being introduced to someone who seems to be someone in charge. He must be as Shooji-San is bowing very respectfully to him. They then see some Mangos being brought before Shooji-San, who is nodding and bowing respectfully. Shooji-San examines the Mangos and then he seems to be invited into one of their larger Huts.

For about 20 minutes, there seems to be several Villagers surrounding the Hut trying to look in to see what is happening. There is also a lot of Villagers who have gathered at the wharf of their Village looking out at the Kawa Shima Maru.

Ki No Ronin then orders, "Kawa Shima Maru wa Hayai ni Soji Shite Kudasai!", ordering for the Kawa Shima Maru be cleaned and made ready for any visiting dignitaries of the Village.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then orders, "Sumimasen! Meiyo ni Ichiban Byoki no Funenori-nin wa ima Kakutte Kudasai. Sumimasen!", while apologizing for embarrassing them, he orders that the most ill of the Crew be hidden down below as best as possible. They can not allow the Villagers to find out that they are Weak or they might gossip allowing word to spread to Pirates.

While this is being done, there is a bit of a commotion down below. They hear Yoshimune ShOko-San making some sort of fuss about his having to be hidden. Nobunaga Sensho-San, hearing this, says to Ki No Ronin, "Agaru ni ima Ikimasu. Kono Mura no Dekigoto wa Miru koto ga Tsuzukette Kudasai".

"Hai" replies Ki No Ronin says as the Captain then goes down below. Ki No Ronin then can hear the Captain politely and as quickly as possible trying to make Yoshimune ShOko-San understand that his Honour is not be questioned as to his suitability for being First Officer of the Kawa Shima Maru and that it is his duty to accept the Captains decree and please obey his order. After a few exchanges back and forward, Yoshimune ShOko-San seems accept the situation and complies.

While Nobunaga is doing that, Ki No Ronin has a couple of Rolls of the French Fabric brought up to the Quarter Deck, being carefull not to let it get wet as the Monsoon Rains have still been falling. They have rigged up a Canvas Sail Shelter to keep the Rolls of Fabric dry.

No sooner as Nobunaga Sensho-San is back up on the Bridge that they see Shooji Chorishi-San emerge from the Large Hut that he has been in. Following a respectable distance behind the man who seems to be the Leader of the Village, he goes down to the wharf and gets into the one of the Boats. The Village Leader gets into another one. They launch and start coming out to the Kawa Shima Maru.

Slowly, the three Boats sail out to the Kawa Shima Maru and eventually come alongside the Starboard side, which is the opposite side from the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch.

First to come up is the Village Headman followed by Shooji Chorishi-San. Shooji-San then introduces the Village Headman to Nobunaga Sensho-San, "Sore wa Shaikh Hazrat Nizam-San to imasu. Hito no Mura no Namae wa Parakkad Mura Desu".

Nobunaga Sensho-San then comes down from the Bridge to the Quarter Deck and says couple of words in East Indian to Shaikh Nizam and bows politely. Shaikh Nizam bows back in return.

Surrey, BC
Post #: 994
Nobunaga Sensho-San, while trying not to look too weak, then displays for the Leader of Parakkad Village the two rolls of find French Fabric that they had just brought up from the Kawa Shima Maru's hold and Shaikh Hazrat Nizam-San examines it.

The first roll has a design of Pink Roses with a Pink background and the send roll also has Pink Roses with Green Leaved Stems with a Red background. The East Indians dont have those types of flowers and the design is new and well crafted.

Nobunaga Sensho-San has a Chart brought forward and he shows Shaik Nizam-San where they are on the Charts, and were France is on the Charts and then indicates that this strange Fabric is from that far off country, which the Village Headman has only heard stories about. Shaik Nizam-San seems to be impressed and makes an off of 100 Mangos per roll of Fabric. Nobunaga Sensho-San conciders the offers for a moment, and decides that they only need about 100 Mangos for their Nutritional Value in order to get to their destination of Mangalor. He then makes signs that he will let the Shaik Nizam-San have the roll of his choosing for 100 Mangos. There is enough Fabric in one roll to make about 150 garments, and Shaik Nizam-San is looking forward to being the only Village in the Region that has their clothing made from French Designed Fabric. He chooses the pattern of Pink Roses with Pink Background. But as the Roll of Fabric is being loaded into the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch, Shaik Nizam-San is wanting both rolls of French Fabric, so he signs that he wants to have both rolls and that he is will to give 300 Mangos for the two rolls.

Nobunaga Sensho-San conciders the offer and decides the fact that the crew can not eat 300 Mangos in time before they would go rotten. But then again, when he gets to Mangalor, he could set up a small Mango Kudamono booth at the docks and sell the 100 or so Mangos that he does not need and then have some East Indian money extra to take back to Japan to donate to the Shinto Temple, so he agrees and orders, "Kono Niban Fransu Kiji Maki wa Kawa Shima Maru no Chisai na Fune no naka ni Zukuri wo Shite Kudasai".

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San makes a single to Shaik Nizam-San that he agrees gesturing to the Crewmen who are now loading the other roll of French Fabric down to the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch. Shaik Nizam-San smiles warmly and waves down to the men in the Three Small Boats that are on the Kawa Shima Maru's Starboard side and says something to them.

A couple of men in one boat then takes out some small Flags and starts singalling to the shore and another takes out a concealed small bag and hands it up to Shaik Nizam-San. Shaik-San opens it and displays Six nice fresh Mangos, takes one out and hands the bag to Nobunaga Sensho-San. Shaik Nizam-San then makes a signal that he needs a Knife and something to cut on. Nobunaga Sensho-San understands immediately and signals to Shooji Chorishi-San who immediately goes below to the Galley and momentarily returns with a Kitchen Knife and a Cutting Board and hands them to the Captain, who in turn, hands them over to the Village Headman. Shaik Nizam-San then cuts up the one Mango into nice equal slices and hands the cutting board back to Nobunaga Sensho-San who takes Slice and hands it around to the rest of the crew who all take a Slice and eat it.

The Crew on Deck have not tasted Fresh Fruit in over 2 months and the taste is the best sweetest thing they have eaten in a long time. The Delight on their faces are quite evident.

While the Crew are enjoying their first tast of Fresh Fruit in months, the Village Headman Shaik Nizam-San has had a chance to examine the Knife that he has been using. Ki No Ronin notices that the Village Headman seems to have an impressed look on his face about the good quality of the Kitchen Knife that he has been using. He politely nudges Nobunaga Sensho-San and says, "Shaik Nizam-San wa Watashi tashi no Chori Shitsu no Hojo wa tabun Niatteimasu. Kono Indojin wa Nihon no Tabemon no Ha wa tabun Kai tai Desu", saying that it looks like the Village Headman is seeming to be impressed with the quality of the Kitchen Knife, which is inferior quality of steel to that of Japanese Weapons such as their Katanas and there might be a market in India for Japanese Kitchen Knifes and Utencils. Nobunaga Sensho-San then hands Shaik-San another Mango and the now empty cutting board and invites him to cut up some more of his Mangos. Nobunaga Sensho-San then watches how the Village Headman seems to be impressed with the Kitchen Knife as he is cutting up the second Mango. He does notice how the Village Headman does seem very impressed with the quality of the Kitchen Knife that he is using. While the second Mango is being cut up, Nobunaga Sensho-San hands the bag of the four remaining Mangos to Shooji Chorishi-San saying, "Kono Mango wa Ryori Junbi Shite Kudasai soshite Byoki na Funenori-nin de Hayai ni Atatte Kudsai", instructing him to prepare the Mangos and give some to the Sick Crewmen below quickly. Shooji takes the Bag and says, "Sumimasen, Watashi no Daisuki na Hojo wa ima Irite mo Idesu. Sumimasen". At this, Nobunaga Sensho-San politely takes back the Kitchen Knife from Shaik Nizam-San and gives it back to Shooji Chorishi-San and then follows him down to the Orlop Deck. While Shooji-San is busy cutting up the Mangos, Nobunaga Sensho-San quickly goes through the Galley's Cutlery Stores and finds a couple of older, but of just as good quality Kitchen Knives from the Galley's Drawers and goes back up onto the Quarter Deck. He gives the two Kitchen Knives to the Village Headman indicating that it is a Gift. Shaik Nizam-San has a look of surprise and happiness, he looks over the Knives and nods happily while smiling. He puts takes them, bows in appreciation and then heads down the Starboard side to his Boat. He then signals for them to depart the Kawa Shima Maru.

With that, the three Smaller Boats depart for shore. They see that Villagers are already bringing crates of Mangos to the pier to load them onto the Kawa Shima Maru's Launch.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then turns to Ki No Ronin and orders, "Kono Engan no Futo de Itte Kudasai soshite Mango San Hyaku Kudamono te ga Irite Kudasai", instructing him to go to shore to get the 300 Mangos.

Obediently, Ki No Ronin bows to Nobunaga Sensho-San saying "Hai" and gets down into the Launch, and then immiediately gives the order, "Ima Ikimasu!". With that, the Launch lets go of the Kawa Shima Maru and sails off towards the shore.

They have put a Ships Sail Canvas over the French Fabric to keep it as dry as they can as the Monsoon Rains continue to fall. They make good time now since the rowers of the Ships Launch are already feeling better and more healthier now that they have had a taste of good Fresh Mangos.

They get to the Pier and the get help from the Village taking the two rolls of French Fabric out of the Launch onto a sturdy cart on the Peir. The Villagers have brough down to the Peir 30 Baskets which hold 10 Mangos each. They use the Sail that covered the French Fabric as sort of a large net to take on the 300 Mangos and use a flap of the Sail to cover the Mangos.
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Although Ki No Ronin would not mind getting ashore to visit the Village and have a look around, he must get back to the Kawa Shima Maru. As soon as the last Mango is loaded, he bows politely to Shaik Nizam-San and to the other Villagers on the Peir who are there. They then shove off and set sail, heading back to the Kawa Shima Maru.

When they get back, they notice that many of the Crewmen on the Kawa Shima Maru who are on Deck are already looking a lot better. They use a yardarm as a crane and they lift the 300 Mangos in their Canvass Sail up and lower it straight into the Hold where they are stowed away.

Following the load of Mangos, Ki No Ronin climbs up and back onto the Kawa Shima Maru while the lines are being attached to the Launch for it to be taken back aboard the Kawa Shima Maru. No sooner as the Launch is being lifted out of the water as the order is given to weigh Anchor and set sail. All the crew is very busy stowing the Launch, weighing the Anchor and setting the Sails. Within 20 minutes, everything is prepared and they set sail.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San gives what seems to be a strange Order, "Minami no Shiro de Tsukurimasu. Minami de ima Itte Kudasai!".

Seeing as ordering the Kawa Shima Maru to go South from Parakkad instead of North to Mangalor, which is their actual destination, has put a confused look on Ki No Ronin's face, Nobunaga Sensho-San then explains, "Kono Mura no Hito wa Kaizoku Shiriai-nin tabun shirimasu. Kono Hito de Ninami no Shiro wa Mise Shiteimasu soshite Kaizoku-nin de Machigai Shiro wa tabun Iimasu. Kita de sugu ni Kururituo Mawarimasu", saying that they are making the people of the Village think they are going South so that if they have any Pirate acquantances, they might tell them the wrong direction that they are actually going and that they will be soon turning North.

They keep sailing South for a few hours until just after Sunset and then they turn right towards West to get slightly out of sight of the coastline, then turn North West and keep going until they get to the same Latitude as Mangalor and then Sail East along Mangalor's Latitude until they come to it.

While doing all this, Shooji Chorishi-San has prepared the usual Gohan Steamed Rice with some Dried Pork Meat for Bangohan Dinner, but for Desert, every Sailor gets to have half of a Mango. That is all each Sailor gets as having too much could cause some digestive problems with have to much Mangos suddenly put into their Diet.

They eat with gusto and after the meal is over, everyone seems a lot more Happier, Energetic, and Healthy. After Dinner is over, Ki No Ronin then goes down below to get a quick two or three hour nap before his Night Watch is on.

When he gets up, he discovers that the Kawa Shima Maru is running without showing any Candles or Lights. It seems that for their deception of their false course to being discovered, Captain Nobunaga is running with all Lights out.

So Ki No Ronin gets up at about 9:00am and goes up to take his Night Watch position. Although the Winds are still at a steady 12 to 15 Knots, they are going slightly against the Wind, so they are not able to travel as fast as they would like. It might take them about three or four days to reach the proper Latitude of Mangalor before they can turn back with the Wind and make better speed.

During their Long Night Watch, they do not see any other ships coming or going that they would have to be aware of.

Actually, at about 1:00am, something does happen. Yoshimune ShOko-San suddenly appears on the Quater Deck. He is still looking sick, but he is definitely looking a lot better as a lot of pale complexion has healed. He is still needing to use his Yari Spear as a crutch, but he a lot more sturdier none the less.

"Senkyo Kanpan de Ikite Mo Idesu ka?", he calls up to Ki No Ronin who replies, "Hai! Dozo Yoshimune ShOko-San". Hirayama-San gives Yoshimune ShOko-San a slight hand up the short ladder to the Bridge and Yoshimune ShOko-San then goes over to the Chart Table and sits down.

"Yori Genki Moto ima Shiteimasu", Yoshimune ShOko-San says with a smile at Ki No Ronin, "Watashi no Ashi no Kinniku wa Undo Shitai Desu", saying that he is getting better and just wanted to have a walk about to get some exercise for his legs, which has not be used for a while.

Yoshimune ShOko-San then examines the Charts and then takes up some navigational tools and takes some Angle Berrings off of a few Stars. He takes the information, and caculates where they should be on the Chart and says, "Kono Chizu no ue ni tadashii no Basho ga Arimasu. Subete ima Yoroshii Desu".

Fujii-San is manning the Helm and Yoshida-San is up the Main Mast in the Crows Nest. Hirayama-San and Nishihara-San are on the Quarter Deck keeping the Decks mopped up from the Monsoon Rain that is continuing to fall.

To celebrate Yoshimune ShOko-San's getting a bit better, Ki No Ronin goes down below into the Hold and gets out one Mango. He takes it up to the Bridge and cuts it up and shares it out equally with Yoshimune ShOko-San and the other Sailors, leaving a share for Yoshida-San for when he gets releaved of his Crows Nest Duty. They eat happily as they sense that having this Fresh Fruit is what is making them feel better.

For about an Hour, Yoshimune ShOko-San keeps them company during their Night Watch and then excuses himself, "Sumimasen. Nemeru ni ima Tsuzukitai Desu. Oya Sumi Nasai", and goes back down below to get some more rest.

Shortly after Yoshimune ShOko-San had gone below that Miyazaki-San gets to man the Helm, and Hirayama-San goes above to the Crows Nest. Shimizu-San and Muto-San come up for releaving a couple of Tired Crewman and Fujii-San and Yoshida-San get to go down below to get some rest.

At about 6:00am, Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up on Deck with the rest of the Morning Watch and takes command of the Bridge. He is also looking a lot better. They have Asagohan of Gohan Steamed Rice with some Dried Fish accompanied with a Half of a Mango to go with it.

While they eat, Ki No Ronin informs Nobunaga Sensho-San and Shooji Chorishi-San that he had taken one Mango and had shared it with his Night Watch at about 1:00am.

When Ki No Ronin goes down to his Bunk to get his rest, Nobunaga Sensho-San follows after him and quietly asks Ki No Ronin to step into his cabin. In there, he says, "Sen Yugata Shinsetsu dekigoto wa tabun shimashita. Ureshi na Funenori-nin wa Iritai Desu. Keredomo kono Mango Kudamono Toru no mae ni Watashi no Kyoka wa Iri Nakareba Narimasen", saying that even though it was a nice thing to do to bring up his Night Watch Crew's Moral to give them some Mangos that in the future to get his permission before taking anymore Mangos, "Mangalor no naka ni Kyu Ju Kyu Mango Kudamono Utaetai Desu. Kono Okane wa Shinto Shukyo de Kifu Shitai Desu".

Understanding his mistake, Ki No Ronin apologizes with a soft voice, "Hai! Sumimasen. Ima Wakarimasu. Mo ichido Shimasen".

He then backs out of Nobunaga Sensho-San cabin and goes to his Bunk and climbs in. Looking over his shoulder, he sees Nobunaga Sensho-San going up above to take his spot on the Bridge. Ki No Ronin then looks over and sees that Yoshimune ShOKo-San is sleeping soundly and is now looking even better in his complexion.

Ki No Ronin then goes to sleep.
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Waking up, Ki No Ronin prepares for his Night Watch. When he gets out of his Bunk and starts getting dressed, he notices that the swelling in his limbs has greatly subsided and the bruise like discolourations seem to be healling up. Ki No Ronin also is feeling a lot more energetic and refreshed. He also notices that Yoshimune ShOko-San is not in his Bunk.

Ki No Ronin goes over and notices that the Captain is in his Cabin asleep. Nobunaga Sensho-San is looking a lot better with better colour in his face and is looking a lot better.

Ki No Ronin goes up to the Quarter Deck and finds that Yoshimune ShOko-San is sitting at the Chart Table with Sakurazawa-San manning the Helm. They both are looking a lot better now. As a matter of a fact, Yoshimune ShOko-San has recovered so well that he has taken up doing his regular Afternoon Watch.

Ki No Ronin ask, "Kombanwa Yoshimune ShOko-San. Yori Genki Motto ima Genki Desu Ka?". Yoshimune-San replies, "Hai, Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Okagesama Desu Yo". Ki No Ronin replies, "Hai, Genki Desu Yo", smiling as he shows off how much better he looks. "Senkyo de Itte mo Idesu ka?", asks Ki No Ronin politely, to which Yoshimune ShOko-San replies, "Hai, Dozo".

Ki No Ronin goes up to the Bridge and looks about. It is still Raining, but not as hard as it was when they were right up against the coastline. They are still heading in the North West direction and they are still running with as little light out as possible. Nishihara-San is up on the Main Mast keeping Watch and Ki No Ronin turns as asks Yoshimune ShOko-San, "Kaiyo no mawari ni Nishihara-San wa nandemo ni Mimashita ka?".

Yoshimune ShOko-San replies, "Ichi jikan no mae ni chissai na Sakana Tsuri Fune wa mimashita. Shikashi Abunai wa Arimasen Deshita. Shizuka ni kono Fune no mawari ni Ikimashita. Mondai wa Arimasen", saying that they had spotted a small Fishing Boat about an hour before and they had silently gone around it. "Dewa Nobunaga Sensho-San wa Nemuritai Deshita", saying that after that, the Captain decided to go off to sleep.

"Kaze wa Nan Sokudo wa ima Ikimasu Ka", asks Ki No Ronin. "Ima Juni Notto Desu. Mada Seihoku de ima Fukiketteimasu", replies Yoshimune ShOko-San, saying that the Wind is 12 knots and blowing in a North Westly direction, which as been the normal direction of the Wind since they arrived in this hemisphere of the Indian Ocean about a month and a half ago.

"Hachi notto wa Kawa Shima Maru ima tabun ni Itteimasu", continues Yoshimune ShOko-San, saying that the Kawa Shima Maru is going about 8 knots in the water in the Wind. They have been using a Chip Log to measure the speed of the Kawa Shima Maru, which is a small Weighted Wood Panel that was attached to the reel of Rope, and a Time Measuring Device and the amount of Rope that is run out from behind the ship tells how fast the Ship is going in the Water. With the Wind going slightly against them, they need to use it to tell how fast they are managing to go despite the Wind being against them. But the Wind is not against them enough to cause them to not able to go at all, so they are making some progress.

Ki No Ronin then asks, "Itsu Made Anata no Gogo na Komaigumi Shiteimasu ka?", asking how long is Yoshimune ShOko-San planning on doing his watch. "Futsu na Ji made Desu. Tabun Gogo Ju Ichi Ji made Desu", saying that he feels like doing his normal Watch.

Deciding that this would be a good time for inspect the Kawa Shima Maru and get below where it is dryer as the Monsoon Rains are continuing to fall, Ki No Ronin excuses himself, "Hai. Dakara kono Fune wa Mite Miteimasu. Sumimasen. Ichi Jikan no ato ni Mata Ne". Yoshimune ShOko-San replies "Hai", and Ki No Ronin goes down below to see how things are doing.

He goes to the Hammocks where the crew is sleeping and checks on them. They are looking a lot better now, and even finds Yamazaki-San and Shimizu-San are in good spirits and are out of their Hammocks playing a Dice game. There had not been much gaming going on in the Kawa Shima Maru for the past month or so while everyone was so sick. No one was in the mood to play games. Ki No Ronin thinks to himself that it is good so see games being played again and the crew looking happier now.

He checks on Yuji-San, who has been having a lot of Trouble with his Sprained Knee since it was not healing due to that Kai Ketsu Byou illness. Ki No Ronin looks and sees that Yuji-San's facial colour is a lot better and he is looking more alert and happy. He asks anyways even though he knows that answer, "Yuji-San. Yori Genki Motto to imasu ka?", to which Yuji-San replies, "Yori Yoroshi Motto Desu Ki No Ronin Bushi-San", and to show Ki No Ronin, Yuji-San demonstrates by getting out of his Hammock and back in without much trouble or assistance.

Ki No Ronin smiles and say, "Sugoi Desu. Anata no Futsuna Gimu wa sugu ni Suru koto ga Dekimasu".

Then Ki No Ronin goes down to the Hold and inspects to make sure there is no Monsoon Rain Water seeping down into the Hold. All seems dry enough, but when he checks the Ballast area, finds that there is some Water accumulations. He thinks that in a few hours, they will have to man the manual Pumps to get rid of some of that water.

Ki No Ronin then checks on the supply of Mangos and makes sure there are no sign of any Mice, Rats or other Vermin that might be eating their store of fruit. There seems to be no sign of that and all is well.

He goes back up onto the Orlop Deck and finds Yamazaki-San and Shimizu-San still playing their Dice Game. Ki No Ronin thinks that would be a good way to pass the next hour until his regular Night Watch begins, so asks to be included into the game. They politely inform him that they are just about finished a game, and he could be included in their next game. About 10 or so minute later, their game is finished and Ki No Ronin joins in.

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So for about two hours, Ki No Ronin gets to participate with some revelry with the Crew playing Dice Games with them.

After seeing Ki No Ronin enjoying a Dice Game, Katayama-San and Sakurazawa-San also join in.

They play a Dice Game that they learned in the UK's Valley of the Maidens that uses Five Dice and the rules goes that the the Dice are thrown three times. First throw is with all the Dice, and you need 1s or 5s. 1s represent 100 Points and 5s equal 50 Points. On the first toss, all Triples are value of the Dice times 100, so 3 Sixes would be worth 600 Points, and Straights are 1,000 points. After first toss, you have to try to get through all your three Dice Rolls by getting nothing but 1s or 5s and then getting to roll again. The goal of the game is to get to 10,000 Points first without going over.

You have to keep rolling your Dice until you get a turn where you get at least 1,500 points. Once you get to 1,500 points and stop, then you are on to start Scoring Points.

Each round after that, you get to Score Points, but if you fail to roll a 1 or 5 and Bust, you loose the whole Score.

The Five Comrads have a Game of Dice.

They throw Dice to see who goes first. They throw Dice to see who goes first. Highest valued toss goes first. Sakurazawa-San gets a 6, Shimizu-San gets a 5, but all the rest all get 1s. So the three players who got 1 must throw again.

Ki No Ronin gets a 2 while both Katayama-San and Yamasaki-San both get 3. They must roll off again and they tie again with 4s, so they toss again.

Yamazaki-San gets a 6 and Katayama-San gets a 5. So the game is Sakarazawa-San first, followed by Shimizu-San, Yamazaki-San, Katayama-San and then Ki No Ronin.

Sakurazawa-San then takes his first toss:
2 Sixes, 1 Five, 1 Two, and 1 One. He keeps the 1 for 100 points and throws again and gets a Six, 1 Five, 1 Three, and 1 Two. He keeps the Five for fifty points and throws again. He gets 1 Five, 1 Four, and 1 One. He decides to Gamble by keeping the One and the Five and rolling the Four over again to see if he can get a 1 or a 5. He rolls and gets a 4. That is a Bust, so he loses all the points.

Shimizu-San goes now and throws his Dice:
1 Six, 1 Five, 1 Four, and 2 Threes. That is close to a Long Straight. Shimizu-San can take one of the Threes and rolls that to see if he can get a two to make a Large Straight getting a 1,000 Points. He considers it and decides to do the Risk. The takes up one of the Three Dice and rolls it again. He gets a Four. He considers what to do. He can go for a Third Toss and if he gets a Two, he gets a 1,000 Points. If he gets a 1 or a 5, he will have to keep that and rethrow all the Dice in hopes of getting something good. He goes for it and throws the Four Dice. Then he gets a One. That means he must take 100 points and go again. He can keep the 1 Five Dice amongst the Straightage. He rolls 3 Dice now. He gets a Four, a Two and a One. He keeps the One for another 100 Points and rolls the two others over again. He gets a Five and a Three. He keeps the Five for 50 Points and rolls the Three Dice. He gets a Two and that is a Bust, so Yamazaki-San goes now.

Yamazaki-San makes his toss and gets:
1 Five, 2 Fours, 1 Three, and 1 Two. Five to Two is a great position to be in this game. Yamazaki-San now takes the Four Dice and rolls that to see if he can get a Large Straight and 1,000 Points. The Rolls and gets a Six. He makes the 1,000 Points! He jumps up and celebrates a bit.

But now Yamazaki-San has to roll all the Dice again to see if he can get to the 1,500 Points he needs to get qualified in the Game to gain Points. The throws the Dice and gets:
Two Fours, Two Ones and a Five. Yamazaki-San now tries for what is referred to as a Full House in the Game. If you get Full House, you get 500 Points. He has Two Throws to do it or go Bust. He has two throws of his Five Dice to get either another One or a Four. If he fails, but manages to get a Five on his third Toss, then he has to take 250 Points and roll the 2 Fours. He throws the Five Dice and gets a One!

Yamazaki-San is Very Happy now. He just qualified to get 1,500 Points. He Wisely decides to abandon his right to retoss all Five Dice again to see if he gets more Points. If he makes another Toss and gets no 1s or 5s, or anything else, he will Crap Out and forfeit his 1,500 Points. So he stops and takes his Points.

It is now Katayama-San's turn. He rolls his Dice and gets:
1 Five, 2 Fours, and 2 Threes. He can either go for a Full House of Fours and Threes, or he can go for a Large Straight. He decides to try for the Large Straight. He rolls and gets a Five and a Four. He tries again and gets a One and a Six. He has to take the One as 100 Points and rolls all the Dice again. The gets 2 Sixes, 1 Five, and a Four. He keeps the Five for 50 Points and rolls again. He gets 2 Fours and a One. He takes the 100 Points and rolls again. He gets a Three and a Two and Busts.

Now it is Ki No Ronin's turn. He rolls the Dice and gets 2 Fours, a Three, a Two and a One. He decides to keep the One for 100 Points and rolls again. He gets 3 Twos, and a 6. The 3 Two are a Triad Match andt that is 300 Points. He takes that and rolls the Six Dice over. He must get a 1 or a 5 be able to toss again with all 5 Dice to get to the 1,500 Points he needs to get on. He rolls and gets a Four. He Busts!

So in the First Round, Yamazaki-San gets on and in the Next Round, Sakurazawa-San Busts at 400, Shimizu-San Busts at 1,200 Points, Yamazaki-San rolls again on 200 Points and gets a Bust.

after getting 2 One and 3 Fives, Katayama is able to roll again a Full House of Fives and Sixes. He now has a Thousand Points and rolls all again and while trying for a Full House of Fours and Fives, he Craps out.

Ki No Ronin Craps Out when trying for a Full House of Threes and Fives.

Sakurazawa-San then also Craps Out while trying for a Full House of Threes and Twos.

Shimizu-San gets 3 Ones and 2 Fives. He gets to roll all Dice again and Craps out when he was a 4 Ones.

Yamazaki-San rolls three times and stops when he has 350 Points. He now has 1,850 Points.

Katayama-San Craps Out at 250 Points.

Ki No Ronin Craps Out at 250 Points.

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Next Round, Yamazaki-San gets a Large Straight for a Thousand Points, and rolls all the Dice again 350 more for a total 3,200 Points. He is now almost 1/3 of the way to 10,000 Points. Katayama-San Craps Out and so does Ki No Ronin.

Next Round, Yamazaki-San gets a roll of 3 Sixes and a Five Dice. That is 650 Points. Everyone whistles at Yamazaki's Luck as he now has 3,850 Ponts. Both Katayama-San and Ki No Ronin Bust on their attempts to get on.

Next Round, Sakurazawa-San Craps Out at 1,300 Points. Yamazaki-San Craps Out while trying for a Large Straight. Katayama-San and Ki No Ronin once again Crap Out.

Next Round, Yamazaki-San gets 1,100 Points for a total of 4,950. No one else gets 1,500, so no one else gets to be able to score yet.

Next Round, Everyone Craps Out and Busts. Yamazaki-San Busted on his 2nd Roll when he had a Five Dice for 50 Points.

Next Round, Yamazaki-San grabs for 200 Points while everyone else Craps Out. He now has 5,150 Points.

Next Round, while rolling at 900, Shimizu-San gets 3 Sixes for a total of 1,500 with One Dice remaining. He wisely stops and takes his 1,500 Points. Yamazaki-San rolls and gets 350 Points for a total of 5,500. Neither Katayama-San or Ki No Ronin get the 1,500 Points they need to get on to Score.

Next Round, Shimizu gets 350 Points and stops and now has a total of 1,850 Points. Yamazaki-San 1,650 after getting a Large Straight and 3 Sixes for a total of 7,150. Then Katayama-San rolls 4 Fours and a Six. When you roll four of a kind, you take the Three of a Kind Triple and you double it. So 4 Fours are worth 1,600 Points. Yamazaki-San Celebrates as he is able to score that up and now has 8,750 Points. Again, Katayama-San and Ki No Ronin fail to get 1,500 Points.

Next Round, Shimizu-San Craps Out but Yamazaki-San get another 350 Points for a total of 9200 Points. Sakurazawa-San, Katayama-San and Ki No Ronin again fail to qualifty.

Next Round, Shimizu-San gets 550 Points and Yamazaki-San gets 300 for a total of 9,500. Yamazaki-San now needs exactly 500 without going over to Win.

Next Round, Yamazaki-San gets 600 Points and goes over 10,000, so he loses his Score. Shimizu-San Craps Out and no one else qualifies.

Next Round, everyone Craps Out.

Next Round, Shimizu-San gets 300 Points for a total of 2,700 but then Yamazaki-San get a Full House of 3 Fives and 2 Sixes. He now has 10,000 Points and has Won the Game.

He cheers, "Kashimashita! Kashimashita! Bonzai! Bonzai! Bonzai!".

Everyone congratulates him on his Victory and Ki No Ronin now has to get ready for doing his Night Watch.

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When Ki No Ronin arrives at the Quarter Deck to find that Nobunaga Sensho-San and Yoshimune ShOko-San had devised a way of using an extra Sail to build an upside down V shaped shelter down the middle of the Quarter Deck. It is big enough to provide shelter to up to 6 Crewmen who are on duty. It is something necessary for Watches so that Crewmen on duty can have a shelter to stay ouf of the Monsoon Rains that have been following now for almost 2 straight weeks.

That is one thing about SE Asia around India is that when the Monsoon Rain season starts, it can Rain constantly for up to 4 months at a stretch with stop, so they have decided to build an Deck shelter.

Ki No Ronin looks up to the Bridge and sees that there is now a larger Sail put together on the Bridge to cover the Ships Wheel and the Chart Table. These shelter constructions is well put together and they actually help enhance the beauty of the Kawa Shima Maru.

Ki No Ronin then asks, "Senkyo de Itte mo Idesu ka?". Nobunaga Sensho-San greets him and so does Yoshimune ShOko-San bows politely, "Ima Nemuretai Desu. Shipatsu Shite mo Idesu ka?". Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Hai, Dozo. Oyasumi Nasaii Yoshimune-San". Yoshimune ShOko-San, who is now looking greatly recovered from the Kai Ketsu Byou Illness, now goes down below to his Bunk for the evening.

Nobunaga Sensho-San shows Ki No Ronin how the new Deck Rain Shelters were put together and how to check and maintain them. Nobunaga Sensho-San had decided to order such a construction and it was Shooji Chorishi-San who designed it. It was then a common effort with Yoshimune ShOko-San helping to get the whole thing built.

Now the Crew on Duty can have a place to stay dry when they have their breaks while on Watch.

The Night Watch goes uneventfully with positions on the Helm, who is in the Crows nest, and who gets to dry off a bit in the new shelter they just built on the Quarter Deck. Having built this Shelter causes a great improvement in the Ship's Moral.

6:00am comes without any incident out of the ordinary during the Night Watch and after Asagohan Breakfast of Gohan and Dried Salted Pork, with three large slices of Mango, Ki No Ronin then dismisses himself and goes off to his Bunk to gets some Rest.

Ki No Ronin rests until Hirogohan Lunch is called and gets up. He gets dressed and goes over to check on the Crew. Everyone seems to be getting better and better from that Illness that they were suffering. Yuji-San's injured Knee is now seeming to get better and better. The weird bruise marks are going away and it is starting to heal. Yuji-San has recovered enough that he is once again able to help Shooji Chorishi-San out with his Cooking Duties.

Ki No Ronin goes up to the Quarter Deck and then the up to the Bridge. He reports, "Yuji-San wa mitemiteimashita. Ima Noatteimasu". Nobunaga Sensho-San agrees, "Hai. Minna Funenori-nin ima Narotteimasu. Watashi wa ima Genki Desu yo. Mo Sukoshi ni Shinsen na Tabemono dake Irimashita. Kawa Shima Maru no Funenori-nin ima Genki Desu".

They are happy that the Illness is now over and everyone is getting back.

Then Nobunaga-San, feeling happy and wanting to celebrate getting better, then suddenly proclaims, "Muryo na Nishi Desu. Minna Funenori-Nin Kutsu Rogu ni Narimasu!".

To this, the Crew of deck cheers and go below to inform the rest of the Crew. The Captain has proclaimed a time on the Ship when everyone can Relax and do as they feeling wilt.

With that, several Crewmen come up to the Quarter Deck and they enjoy trying out the new shelter they had just built. Most of the Crew come up to the Quarter Deck and sit about relaxing and being care free. Ki No Ronin even gathers a few Sailors together on the Quarter Deck and leads them in a exercise of Meditation. Sakurazawa has gotten out some fishing net with a long hand and trying to net any Fish that might be swimming alongside the Kawa Shima Maru.

Then Nishihara-San, who is up in the Crow Nest keeping Watch, calls down, "Fune wa Arimasu! Koshiru Desu Higashi Desu!", pointing towards the East.

The relaxing attitude suddenly evaporates from the Crew as they then arm themselves and make ready for an encounter. Nobunaga Sensho-San looks out on his Spyglass. It is a small Fishing Boat that is in the midst of gathering in something. Most likely a Net full of Fish.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then looks around from side to side and there doesnt seem to be any other Ships or anything. He then decides to attempt to approach the Fishing Boat. Maybe they might like to trade some of their Fresh Fish for some Mangos.

"Higashi de Kururito Mawarimasu! Kono Fune de ima Itteimasu. Shinsen na Sakana wa tabun Kau koto ga Dekimasu!" To this, the Crew nods approvingly at the idea. "Kono Mango Kudamono Hyaku Bon ima Kite Kudasai", he orders for the extra 100 Mangos that they have to be brought up from out of the Kawa Shima Maru's hold.

When they get to about 100 Metres to what is now obviously a Fishing Boat that is gathering in a net of Maguro Tuna. The appear to have about 7 good sized Tuna on their Boat.

Nobunaga Sensho-San gives the order for the Japanese Flag to be dipped in salute as they approach and goes down to the Quarter Deck to use whatever East Indian Language that he does know to get them to understand that they would like to trade some Mango's for a couple of their nice fresh Tuna.

And some words of elementary East Indian, and some Hand Signaling, they agree to give two Tunas for 50 nice fresh Mangos.

They make the exchange and they dip their flags to each other again and sail away. This time, Nobunaga Sensho-San sets the Course for directly 5 degrees East of True North and he figures from their navigations that is now the straightest course to their original destination of Mangalor.

Then then have a great Bangohan Dinner of Rice with Fresh Maguro Tuna and Mangos for Desert. They get to eat an extra helping of Mangos before Afternoon Watch takes over. Yoshimune ShOko-San has recovered sufficiently to once again attend to his usual Watch Duties.

Ki No Ronin now goes down below to rest for his next Night Watch Shift.

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