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The Voyages Of Ki No Ronin

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They nod in agreeance, and then the show goes on. They sit and order some more of that Mango Liqueur that the Theater sells along with a few more Samosas. They stay and watch two more shows.

After the third show of watching Nidhi Odoriko-San doing her Dancing, they see that it is starting to get late and they must be off to get back to the Kawa Shima Maru.

So it is getting dark as they are making their way through the dark streets of Mangalor. They have had a bit much to drink, which is the traditional way that Japanese do when they are celebrating.

They do have a small map for getting back to the harbour where the Kawa Shima Maru and they do their best to follow it, but in their drunken state, they seem not to be able to find their way. They start getting a bit distressed as they must get back to the Kawa Shima Maru in time not to be late, or they all might suffer a punishment.

As they are looking at their small map, a native East Indian fellow comes up and makes a gesture that he was also in the Theater and has now noticed that they have lost their way and offers to point out the way on their map.

Ki No Ronin and his crewmates smile and agree and the East Indian waves them to follow him.

He leads them down an alley way and they are about half way down the alley way when there is a sudden "Kurthump", as several other East Indians come out of the shadows and one jumps on Miyazaki-San, attempting to knock him out with small bat.

Ki No Ronin immediately realizes that they are being Robbed by several thieves! He immediately takes out his Bokken Hard Oaken Sword and his secretly concealed Dagger and yells, "Abunai Desu! Dorobo-nin to Imasu! Atakai Suru Desu!", just as he smacks the first two Robbers with his Bokken and cuts the throat of a third.

Hirayama-San and Yoshida-San immediately take protective positions over their fallen comrad Miyazaki-San, who has already been knocked down by the Robbers. Those Robbers must have heard how they were offering Nidhi Odoriko-San money and figured that they must have Money that they can take.

It is dark, but there must be at least Six to Eight Robbers. Ki No Ronin has already killed one and smashed the head of one and smashed the knee of another. Hirayama-San and Yoshida-San have no weapons, but they do have the Martial Arts Training that Ki No Ronin has been teaching them during their Voyages.

One Robber takes a blow of a Club at Hirayama-San but he blocks the blow and takes hold of the Robber's Arm and puts it into a locking position in his two arms and puts crushing pressure on it instantly breaking it. The Robber yells in agony and runs off. Another tries grappling Yoshida-San, but with a simple Judo move, Yoshida-San flips him over and stomps onto his jaw with crushing force breaking the Robbers jaw and face. This Robber is now unconscious.

During that time, Ki No Ronin has swung his Bokken Wooden Sword masterfully and smashed another Robber head in and jabbed it into the abdomin of another Robber.

By this time, Miyazaki-San has now gotten back on his feet, although in quite a lot of pain and has some blood coming down the side of his face, he comes to his senses in time to help fend off blows from about 3 remaining Robbers he blocks a couple of blows that come from them.

In the next instant, now enraged, Ki No Ronin uses his Bokken to smash down the last 3 Robbers going in a clockwise direction around his Three Crewmates who have their backs to each other in a defensive circle. Ki No Ronin goes around smashing the last remaining Robbers with his Bokken. When he is finished, there is one dead Robber, and several laying about with serious injuries.

Ki No Ronin looks about and finds the original East Indian Thief that lead them into this attempted ambush and he is the Thief whose Knee he had smashed with his Bokken Wooden Sword (the reason he is not wearing his Katana as he is in this Port in Peace, so wearing a Katana ashore is forbidden, so he has to wear his Bokken instead).

Ki No Ronin takes the Thief up by the throat and puts him in a locking arm bar and orders, "Kono Dorobo no nodo ni Kidu Shimasu! Dorobo San-nin Ikiteiru ni Kangoku de Torimasu!", saying to take three Robbers captive to take to Jail and to kill the rest. He then uses some found rope to tie the hands of Three Robbers and uses his Small Dagger to kill the rest. Only one Robber managed to escape by running off after Hirayama-San had broken his arm.

They then march back to the Theater with their three captives and throw them down to the floor. The people in the Theater are surprised. After gesturing to his money pouch and to the Robbers, Ki No Ronin manages to make it understood that these are Robbers who attempted to rob them in a Dark Alley.

The Bartender immediately sends off a boy to get the local Guards and Nidhi Odoriko-San goes to Miyazaki-San and gives him some first aid in treating his head wound.

About 15 or 20 minutes later, some Uniformed Guards came back with the boy and the East Indians tell them what happened. They immediately take hold of the three surviving Robbers and take them away.

Ki No Ronin then takes the Guards to the alley way where they were attacked and shows them the bodies of the other Robbers who they killed. The Guards seem to recognise a couple of the Robbers and they agree that they were already known to them for being troublemakers. They then some questions about where they came from and Ki No Ronin shows them the Map (which has some blood on it) and shows them where their Ship is.

One of the Guards then volunteers to lead them back to their ship. After Nidhi Odoriko-San has finished giving Miyazaki-San some first aid, they set off.

Within about a half hour, the Guard has lead them to their ship and they get back on. Nobunaga Sensho-San, upon seeing what has happened, immediately rewards the Guard with a gift of a few Japanese Native Coins, which the Guard seems to enjoy receiving.

Ki No Ronin and his Crewmates are the last to arrive back from Shore Leave and they spend the evening telling the story of how they easily defeated a bunch of Thieves who had tried to rob them. After doing a reinactment of the attack a couple of times, they go to their hammocks and bunks and fall asleep.

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Ki No Ronin awakes to find that it has been Shooji-San who has been standing Night Watch and when Asagohan is being prepared, which is now Steamed Rice formed into squares and a square of Fried Egg put on it. It also comes with a slab of fried Fresh Chicken and salad of Leafy Lettuce. It seems that when they were away on Shore Leave the day before, that Fujikawa Bucho-San had a shipment of supplies for the Kawa Shima Maru to be brought in. There is now a good store of Eggs and Cured Ham Bacon, and some Chicken down below in the Ships Stores. They eat this with one of the Samosas that they brought on board.

During Asagohan Breakfast, Ki No Ronin informs Nobunaga Sensho-San about how he and his crewmates had seen a Beautiful East Indian Dancer Nidhi Odoriko-San and that he had invited her to come on board to entertain not only the crew, but also Shooji Chorishi-San, who has to stay on board due to it being a part of his Ship's Carpenter duties. He shows on the city map where the Theater is and recommends that the Captain stop by there and see her doing her Dancing Perfomance. Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Hai. Kyo no Kenbutus no aida ni kono Odoriko-San no Enso Suru wa Mimasu. Anata no moshi kumi wa Kangaemasu", saying that he will check out Nidhi Odoriko-San's act and consider his request.

Today, it is now Ki No Ronin's turn to stay on board with 6 Crewmates to stay to watch for anymore Thieves who might try to get on board to commit some petty pilferage. Miyazaki-San is found to have suffered a minor concusion from the blow he had on his head the night before, so Nobunaga Sensho-San orders that he stay in his hammock and have a day of forced rest to recover from his injuries.

Today is Yoshimune ShOko-San's turn to go for some Shore Leave. Along with Shooji Chorishi-San, Hirayama-San, Yoshida-San, Toranaga-San, Shimizu-San are to stay on board to watch over the ship and help look after Miyazaki-San, who is on his forced rest.

Shortly after the others have gone off on their Shore Leave, Ki No Ronin orders for Shooji Chorishi-San to go get rest in his bunk after having stood Night Watch and orders Toranaga-San and Shimizu-San to look after washing up the dirty dishes after Asagohan Breakfast. Ki No Ronin the has Hirayama-San go above into the sheltered Crowsnest to keep watch and he changes who is in the Crowsnest every hour.

For the next 3 hours Ki No Ronin stands watch on the Bridge and watches the busy port and wharf around his bustle with activity as many other Merchant Ships are busy with their own businesses. There is much coming and going along and dock and occasionally, a person stops to look over the strange design of the Japanese Merchant Ship. But for the most part, all the East Indians ashore come and go pretty much minding their own businesses, which is what Ki No Ronin perfers.

At about 11:30am, Shooji Chorishi-San gets up and start making some Hirogohan Lunch for him and the 6 other crewmates. He boils some noodles that they had gotten on board the day before and makes Chicken Ramen with some Bok Choi Celery and some Cauliflower. It is a far easier task since he has to make Lunch for only six instead of the usual 18 Crewmates.

The food is prepared and they have just started eating when suddenly, they see Fujikawa Bucho-San show up with someone who appears to be a City Guard, but this Guard's Uniform has a few more decorations on it than the other Guards that they met the night before when they were dealling with the Robbers. Fujikawa Bucho-San shouts up, "Fune no ue ni Kite mo Idesu Ka?", to which Ki No Ronin immediately replies, "Hai! Kite Kudasai Dozo!".

Fujikawa Bucho-San comes on board and introduces the East Indian that is with him, "Kore wa Abhaidev Chui Omowari-San. Kino yoru no aida ni Atashi wa Akuto Dorobo wa Koroshimashita. Kono Akuto wa Sho wa Arimashita. Kono Sho wa Anata tashi wa Kasegimashita. Kono Sho wa Go Hyaku Ruppies Arimasu", informing Ki No Ronin that one of the Robbers he and his crewmates killed the night before was a wanted villainous criminal and that there is an Award of 500 Ruppies for the capture dead or alive for him.

The East Indian Lieutenant Abhaidev-San then steps forward and comes up to the Bridge and bows respectfully to Ki No Ronin and pulls out a pouch full of coins. The pouch has the East Indian Imperial mark on it. The Lieutenant then counts out onto the Chart Table 500 Ruppies for Ki No Ronin.

Ki No Ronin then calls for his crewmates who had been on Shore Leave onto the Quarterdeck. Miyazaki-San is also brought up from his hammock and along with Hirayama-San and Yoshida-San, Ki No Ronin announces, "Kino Yoru no aida ni Watashi tashi wa hidoi Akuto Dorobo wa umaku ni Koroshimashita. Kono Akuto Shindai kara Go Hyaku Ruppie Sho Kasegimashita. Kono Indojin Chui-San wa kara kono Go Hyaku Sho wa Uketorimashita. Kono Indojin Chui-San de Aregataku Omotte O-Kudasai". After informing the crewmates of the award, Ki No Ronin turns to the East Indian Officer and bows politely. His crewmates also bow in appreciation.

Then Ki No Ronin gathers up the 500 Ruppies and issues 100 Ruppies to Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, and Yoshida-San, keeping 200 Ruppies for himself. The East Indian Officer then goes to each of the crewmen and bows to them politely and makes an apology that they had been so badly treated by a fellow East Indian.

After the reward is distributed, Ki No Ronin invites that East Indian Lieuttenant to stay on board and have some Chicken Ramen and Black Tea. The Officer accepts and while Shooji Chorishi-San is preparing some more Ramen for the Officer, Ki No Ronin gives Abhaidev Chui-San a quick tour of the Kawa Shima Maru and after finishing Hirogohan Lunch, Fujikawa-San leaves with Abhaidev Chui-San.

After the East Indian Officer leaves, there is a small celebration on the Kawa Shima Maru at their good fortune at having received such a nice reward for having disposed of a wanted East Indian Criminal. There is a quick round of "Bonsai"s, and the Miyazaki-San goes back to his hammock to continue his forced rest.

The rest of the afternoon is uneventful. After few more hours rest, Shooji Chorishi gets up and goes to work doing some Maintenance and Repairs with the rest of the crew helping him. He is in the endeavour of replacing all the old ropes of the rigging with new ropes.

After Bangohan Dinner, various members of the crew start retuned to the Kawa Shima Maru. They are all in good spirits and are overjoyed to hear the news how Ki No Ronin had brought such good honour to their ship by capturing and killing a wanted East Indian Criminal. When Nobunaga Sensho-San arrives and learns of the story, he orders an extra issue of East Indian Mango Liqueur to be issued in celebration.

There is no need for making Bangohan Dinner as the crews have brought in prepared East Indian Foods to have, so nothing needs to be cooked. After Dinner, Ki No Ronin goes to his Bunk for a few hours rest before doing the next Night Watch.
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It is Miyazaki-San who comes and awakens Ki No Ronin for his Night Watch at about 11 Bells. Ki No Ronin gets up and dresses and equips himself for his Night Watch, taking out a few darts for target practise if he should spot a Rat or something like that trying to get on board. As he is equipting himself, he sees that Yoshimune ShOko-San is in his bunk snoozing away. He had come back from his Shore Leave and has already gone to his Bunk to get some sleep. From the sound of his Snorings, he has had a few drinks and is quite passed out.

Ki No Ronin then goes up on the Quarter Deck and finds Nobunaga Sensho-San up on the Bridge standing watch with Shooji Chorishi-San. Ki No Ronin calls up, "Senkyo de Kite mo Idesu ka?", to which Nobunaga Sensho-San nods his head respectfully and says, "Hai, Kite Kudasai Dozo". As Ki No Ronin comes up to the Bridge, Shooji Chorishi-San excuses himself, bows politely to the Captain and goes down below to his Bunk for his night rest.

Ki No Ronin goes up and asks, "Mangalor no Gekijo de Ikimashita ka? Kono Utsukushi na Odoriko-San wa Mimashita ka?", asking if he had gone to the theater that he recommended and seen the nice beautiful East Indian Dancing Girl.

Nobunaga Sensho-San looks over, smiles, nods and says, "Mochiron. Kono Odoriko-San wa mochiron ni Utsu Kushii to Imashita. Anata no Kangae wa sugoi na Kangae desu. Nidhi Odoriko-San wa Yatoi Mashita. Kawa Shima Maru Ototoi no aida ni Kanojo no Ongakuka wa Tsukimasu soshite Enso Shimasu. Kore wa Sugoi Desu. Shooji Chorishi-San wa kono dekigoto wa Shirimasen. Sore wa kare no Odoroki Desu", saying that he confirmed hiring Nidhi Odoriko-San and her band to come to the Kawa Shima Maru the day after tomorrow to preform. Nobunagan Sensho-San continues, "Kawa Shima Maru no Shuppatsu Suru no mae ni kono Ongakuka wa Mimasu. Kono Enso Suru no ato ni, Watashi tashi wa Shuppatsu Shimasu", saying that the on the day just before leaving that the Beautiful East Indian Dancer and her Band will come and perform on their ship for the Crew and Shooji Chorishi-San.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then tells Ki No Ronin of some of his adventures ashore that day and how he found another Cafe which had some delicious East Indian Food and points out on the map of Mangalor where it is. "Ashita Kawa Shima Maru no ue ni Inorkorimasu. Yoshimune ShOko-San to issho ni Mangalor Toshi no mawari ni Kenbutsu Suru koto ga Dekimasu", informing Ki No Ronin that for the final days Shore Leave, Nobunaga Sensho-San will stay on board and that Ki No Ronin and Yoshimune ShOko-San will be able to go off together to have one last days Shore Leave together.

Ki No Ronin nods appreciatively and now looks forward to enjoying one last day ashore to tour Mangalor with his comrad Yoshimune ShOko-San. They might go off and find an East Indian Martial Arts School and see if they can learn any East Indian Martial Art Techniques that they may not have known about.

After about a half hour of some small talk, Nobunaga Sensho-San then bows politely to Ki No Ronin saying "Oyasumi Nasai" and goes below to his private Cabin and turns in for the evening.

This Night Watch is manned by Hirayama-San, Yoshida-San, Sakurazawa-San, and Muto-San. Muto-San takes first turn watching from the Crowsnest. The Monsoons are still raining and they keep to their shelters, occasionally venturing out with Kasa Umbrellas to check to make sure no Pirates or Robbers are trying to ambush the ship, which has been known to happen from time to time. There are times when a Pirate Ship will venture into a Harbour and sneak up on an unsuspecting Merchant Ship tied up to the docks, get on board in the middle of the night, ambush and kill the officers and crew and make off with the Merchant Ship with its cargo. But that will be very difficult to do on a Japanese Merchant Ship as they are usually very vigilant and not easy to ambush and defeat.

Below, they can hear the crew snoring away, many from sleeping off the affects of having been on Shore Leave and having had drunk the various varieties of East Indian Alcoholic Beverages that is available.

During this watch, there is not much activity. Occasionally, they see a Harbour Police Guard walking up and down the wharf keeping watch, but nothing else is seen as most people are staying in out of the Rains of this regions Monsoon Seasonal Rains.

They look out into the Harbour and most of the other Ships are firmly anchored. They do see a couple of East Indian Schooners going by, but nothing that seems to be threatening to anyone. This Nights Watch is nice and peaceful, which is the way things should ought to be. Not even a Rat is seen to be stirring.

Every hour or so, they switch positions in the Crowsnest and they help each other stay awake by taking turns telling stories of their adventures ashore. Sakurazawa-San even tells of how he and his companions went to an East Indian Bar and someone liked the Japanese Design on his tunic and wanted to trade for it and after some haggling, Sakurazawa got a nice East Indian Silk Shirt and East Indian Boots for his Tunic with a free round of Drinks. For the most part, everyone has had good experiences ashore, the only exception being Ki No Ronin and his Crewmates getting ambushed by some Robbers, who they were easily able to beat down and subdue. Ki No Ronin actually speaks of the incident as enjoyable because he got to get in some practise using his Martial Arts Skills.

At about 6 Bells in the morning, Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up onto the Bridge with four other shipmates and relieves them. He says, "Kyo no Kenbutsu ni Nemuri wa mo sukoshi ni Irimasu. San Jikan no aida ni Nemutte Kudasai, Dozo". Ki No Ronin then bows appreciately and goes down below with his Night Watch Comrads and get out of their Damp Clothes and goes to sleep. In a couple of hours, they will be able to go ashore again and have one more day of Shore Leave before leaving for their long journey back to Japan.

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After a few hours of sleep, Ki No Ronin is woken up by Yoshimune ShOko-San, "Sumimasen Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Riku no Kenbutsu wa ima Ikitai Desu ka?". It is about 10:30am or so and Ki No Ronin gets ready dressing and equipting himself, goes up on the Quaterdeck and with Yoshimune ShOko-San, bows politely to Nobunaga Sensho-San, both saying, "Kawa Shima Maru kara ima Shuppatsu Shite mo Idesu ka?", to which Nobunage-San replies, "Hai, Dozo. Yoroshii na Kenbutus Keiken Shite Kudasai".

The go down the gangway and out into the Street of Mangalor, each armed with their own Bokken Wooden Sword. Ki No Ronin follows Yoshimune ShOko-San, who has found a Buddhist Temple in Mangalor that is not only an O-Terai Temple of the Great Buddha, but is also a place where the East Indian Monks go to learn and practise a style of East Indian Martial Art that is called "Kalari-Payattu".

After about 45 of walking, they come upon a large castle like building. There is a nook next to the Big Doors and there is a strap hanging down. Yoshimune ShOko-San takes hold of it and pulls three times. Three times, a bell sounds and after a few moments, a Monks opens the door. He seems to recognize Yoshimune ShOko-San and welcomes him in warmly. Yoshimune ShOko-San points to Ki No Ronin and says "Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Ki No Ronin-San to Imasu. 'Ki-No-Ro-Nin'".

The Monk turns to Ki No Ronin and bows warmly and motions them to follow. They go into a greeat hall in which there is a big statue of the Great Buddha. Before the statue of the Great Buddha, there is an offerectory. Both Yoshimune ShOko-San and Ki No Ronin take out some of their Ruppies and throw them in and they clap their hands three times and pray. An Incense Pot is burning and they take some Incense Powder and throw it in to create some Incense Smoke. They then kneel down and proceed to do about a 1/2 hours MeisO Meditation dedicated to the Great Buddha as well as their Shinto Gods.

While they were meditation, there is a certain different sound Bell sounding. Yoshimune ShOko-San sort of nudges Ki No Ronin and says, "Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Kono O-Terai no Bushido no Renshu ima Hajimemasu. Kite Kudasai".

They get up and Ki No Ronin follows Yoshimune ShOko-San down a corridor that goes into a inner courtyard where the other Monks are starting to gather. As the Monks are gathering, a Drum is slowly and rythmically beaten. The Monks then form into a Circe and then some various types of weapons are brought out. As their Japanese Bushi guests stand respectfully by, the Abbot of the Temple comes out and proceeds to do demonstrations of their East Indian Martial Arts called Kalari-Payattu.

First, they start with punching exercises and some throwing techniques. After a few demonstrations, both Ki No Ronin and Yoshimune-San pair up with a Monk and practise the moves with their Monk Partners.

Then some Shields, Knives and Spears are brought out. The Abbot has their guests stand aside when he and his Monks demonstrate some moves with those weapons. After a few demonstrations, he invites their Japanese guest to try, and being experts in Martial Arts themselves, they are quick to get the hang of using these weapons very quickly with their Monk partners coaching them.

The they get out a type of weapon that looks very strange. Yoshimune ShOko-San goes to Ki No Ronin and explains, "Sore wa Ni-Bai Urumi Awarakoi na Katana no Ha Desu", explaining that this is some sort of flexible soft sword and he had never seen before. "Sore we Omoshiroi Okashi Buki Desu", saying that is a interesting type of strange weapon.

The Abbot then demonstrates the use of this weapon, swinging it around. It is a sharp flexible blade made of Steel that is so thin that it is flexible and it is attached to some leather straps and is swung around similarly to Nunchuku Sticks. Ki No Ronin has never seen anything like it before and is very interested. After a few demonstrations, the Abbot allows his Japanese guests to try it, with another Monk helping to guide them in their use. There is a practise dummy that is brought out and it is demonstrated how to practise hitting the dummy with the Urumi Blades. The dummy looks heavily used and has many gouges and chunks taken out of it.

Ki No Ronin first watches Yoshimune ShOko-San using the Ni-Bai Urumi and notes how he uses them. Then it is Ki No Ronin's turn. After a few minutes of slowly swinging around these strange Urumi Blades, Ki No Ronin gets more confidence and swings them around faster and faster. Getting the hang of this weapon is easy since Ki No Ronin has already had a lot of training and practise with Nunchaku. Ki No Ronin then turns and uses the Ni-Bai Urumi Blades on the practise dummy and he seems to be doing it correctly as he looks over, both the Monk Abbot and Yoshimune ShOko-San are smiling approvingly.

They spend about another half hour practising with these Ni-Bai Urumi Blades and then go back to some practise with unarmed Martial Arts practising some Kicks, Punches, and Throws.

They are in the middle of still doing this when the Bell again sounds and this signals the end of the Martial Arts Practise. They once again gather in a large circle, bow peaceably to one another, and they go to the Great Temple Hall to do another half hour of MeisO Meditation to the statue of the Great Buddha.

After making one more donation, they bow respectfully to the Abbot Monk and the other Monks, making it clear that they are leaving Mangalor tomorrow and it may be a few years before they see each other again, if ever. The say their Sayonaras and leave the Temple.

Then Ki No Ronin says, "Sugoi na Gekijo wa Shirimasu. Utsu Kushi na Indojin Odoriko-San to Imasu. Kochira ni Kite Kudasai", motioning to Yoshimune ShOko-San to follow him to the East Indian Theater to watch a beautiful East Indian Dancer that he has found.

So they arrive at the Theater and when they go in, Ki No Ronin is warmly welcomed and after they sit down, Nidhi Odoriko-San comes out and as the Music starts, she starts doing her dancing routine, with special attention given to Ki No Ronin, who is now known in that neighborhood as being the Hero that captured and killed a very bad wanted criminal.

They stay for three shows, enjoying the show while eating and drinking the food and drinks sold by the theater. When it is starts to get late, they confirm that they will be arriving at the Kawa Shima Maru the next day at about 10:00am to entertain the crew just before they shove off for Japan. The agree whole heartedly and indicate that they are looking forward to it.

Now they head back to the Kawa Shima Maru. They are tired now, espicially Ki No Ronin, who only got a few hours sleep the Night before, so he is eager to get back to the Kawa Shima Maru to get some sleep before his last Night Watch while still tied up to the wharf.

They arrive, bringing a supply of Samosas from a nearby Yatai Food Booth near the wharf. With all that Reward Money, they are able to splurge and bit and treat the Crew to a Dinner of Samosas to go along with their Steamed Rice for Bangohan Dinneer. The Crew bows appreciatively and after quickly eating, Ki No Ronin goes to his Bunk to get a bit of Sleep before his next Night Watch.

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Ki No Ronin is awakened for his Night Watch by the 11:00pm bell. He gets up equipting and arming himself and goes up to the Quarterdeck finding Yoshimune ShOko-San in command of the Bridge. "Senkyo de Kite mo Idesu ka?", Ki No Ronin politely shouts up the Bridge. Yoshimune ShOko-San looks down and nods as he simply says, "Hai, Dozo".

Ki No Ronin goes up the and Bridge and stands beside Yoshimune-San who is looking totally better and fully healed from the Kai Ketsu Byou Illness that he and the crew was sufferring. As a matter of a fact, during the past three days of being in a port getting Good Food and Rest, the entire crew is now looking and feeling a lot better and a healthier. Yuji-San, the crewman who had a Sprained Knee from a accident when climbing the rigging, has now almost fully healed. As a matter of a fact, on the 2nd day in the port of Mangalor, Fujikawa Bucho-San had arranged for Yuji-San to be taken ashore and taken to a Hari Kyu Accupuncturist Doctor to have his knee given some treatment. Right now, the prognosis is that after two or three more days of good food and some stretching exercises, Yuji-San can go back to work climbing the Sakugo Rigging of the Kawa Shima Maru.

After exchanging a few pleasantries and small talk with Yoshimune ShOko-San, he says Oyasumi Nasai and leaves Ki No Ronin in charge and goes down to his Bunk. Ki No Ronin is left in charge with his three favorite comrads Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San and Yoshida-San. Yoshida-San is up in the Crowsnest and Miyazaki-San is watching from the bow forecastle while Hirayama-San is positioned down on the Quarterdeck tending to the decks and watching.

During their watch, they do get a little bit of excitement. At about 3:00amish or so, they see a Rat starting to climb out across on one of the moring ropes, but before they can do anything about it, from out of nowhere a small Hawk swooped down and picks off the Rat. They think this is Subarashii Desu as they consider it a good omen for their ship and voyage. This could mean that Spirits of Mother Nature are smiling over their Ship and that the rest of the Voyage back home to Japan should be Well, Happy and Peaceful. They all smile happily at each other for the rest of the Night Watch.

At about 6:00am, Nobunaga Sensho-San comes up onto the Kanpan Deck and they can hear Shooji Chorishi-San down below getting the Asagohan Breakfast started. They are going to have Gohan Rice and some fresh Saba Makerel Fish and Eggs with some rewarmed up Samosas. That is the best thing about being in Port is that the morning Breakfasts are a lot more varied in menu as well as tastey. When you have been out at sea for a while and have to go to the survival rations for over a month, they one gets a better appreciation for nice fresh food when one gets back into Port.

As the Asagohan Breakfast is being Cooked, the 6:00am Bell is rung to awaken the crew who all get up and gather on the deck, they then spend about an hour doing some exercises and getting some practise climbing the rigging. They need a dose of such exercise before going back out to Sea.

Then Asagohan Breakfast is served out and they eat at the Captain's signal. They eat with gusto because they like the Samosas, which is served with a Hot Spicey Sauce for them to dip their Samosas into.

They the gather in their dishes and are in the middle of washing them up and getting ready to cast off for Sea when a couple of carriages suddenly pull up alongside the Kawa Shima Maru. It is a bit early, but it looks like Nidhi and her Dancing Troop have arrived, and not only has she arrived, but it seems that the word had gotten out that she was coming to do a Dancing Preformance for the Kawa Shima Maru and Fujikawa Bucho-San along with a few more East Indians have arrived to watch. It seems that Nidhi Odoriko-San has some Fans around in Mangalor and some of them have come to see her do her Dance Routine on the Kawa Shima Maru.

Unfortunately, only Fujikawa Bucho-San is allowed onto the Kawa Shima Maru to watch. Nidhi Odoriko-San then starts coming on board with her three Musicians who play the Sytar, some Bongo Drums, and a Traditional Flute. A Tarp is rigged up between the two carriages to give the spectators who have gathered some shelter from the perpetually falling Monsoon Rains that have been falling.

As she is coming on board, Yoshimune ShOko-San has Shooji Chorishi-San brought up to the Quarter Deck with a blindfold on. Bringing Nidhi Odoriko-San was mainly a surprise for Shooji Chorishi-San and the surprise had been successfully kept.

When Shooji Chorishi-San is brought up to the Bridge blindfolded and seated before the Chart Table and Nidhi Odoriko-San and her musician comrads are escorted up to the Bridge as well. When they get set up and start playing, the blindfold is removed and Nidhi Odoriko-San is standing before Shooji Chorishi-San. He immediately realizes what is happening and smiles very happily, nodding is appreciation for this surprise entertainment.

Nidhi Odoriko-San then starts her Dance routine with her Silk Scarves and is using them to give them attention to Shooji-San. As she steps about Shooji-San in time with the Music, she gently waves the Scarves about the head and shoulders of Shooji-San, who is continuing to Smile Happily. One of the Musicians sings a traditional chanting song for Nidhi Odoriko-San to dance to.


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The rest of the crew down on the Quarterdeck are now shouting up words of praise for the beautiful Nidh Odoriko-San saying things like "Utsu Kushii", Subarashii Desu", or "Kawaii Desu".

After spending some some dancing around Shooji Chorishi-San, she then goes go Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San and gives him a special display of East Indian Dancing. He puts his hands together and bows in appreciation. Then she goes down in rank as she turns to dances around Yoshimune ShOko-San and then Ki No Ronin, putting her hands together and making a motion to the heavens and seeming to bring down the Spirits of Deity to Bless her audience and the Ship on which she is Dancing.

Then in rhythm to the Music, she elegantly goes down the ladder in a swooping flight like motion to the Quaterdeck goes about the Deck doing he dance routine, giving each Sailor some special attention each. Each Sailor is beaming with joy and they in their own turn bow down to her in appreciation. She goes about the entire quarterdeck giving the Ship a thurough enchantment of Good Spiritual Energies. Then she goes back up to the Bridge and spins around the Ships Wheel and gives motions of Blessing to the Kawa Shima Maru's Crest.

She then gets down on her Knees and does a Praying Motion of Blessing and does this several times until the music and singing chant stops. She then gets back up and bows indicating that her Dance routine is over.

Everyone, including the people on the wharf start to clap in appreciation, with the sailors shouting "Sugoi!", "Bonzai!", and "Utsu Kushi Desu!". Captain Nobunaga Sensho-San then goes forward, takes the Beautiful Nidhi Odoriko-San by the hand, kisses her hand and leads her down to the gang plank. It is time for her to go and for the Kawa Shima Maru to cast off and set off on their Journey. Both Yoshimune ShOko-San and Ki No Ronin personally give thanks to the Musicians who had accompanied Nidhi Odoriko-San and escort them to the gang plank.

They then bring out the pouch of 150 Ruppies for Nidhi Odoriko-San and about 100 meters of French Cloth for her. The Sailors are also putting in some of their own Ruppies as tips for Nidhi Odoriko-San and her Musicians. This totals out to be about 160 or so more Ruppies.

When they, and Fujikawa Bucho-San safely off the Kawa Shima Maru, they start unfurling sail to catch some Wind, and then casting off ropes. On the Wharf, the Musicians have started playing again and Nidhi Odoriko-San, surrounded by her fans, are waving goodbye.

The Kawa Shima Maru then pulls away and slowly glides away from the wharf. As they make distance, they can still see their well wishers waving from the Dock. It is when they eventually get about 500 meters away that they stop waving and they set sail to exit the Harbour of Mangalor. They are now on their way back home to Japan.

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As they exit the Harbour, the catch the wind that is going into the Harbour and set course for South. With the direction of the 12 Knot Winds and the currents direction, although they are steering for South, they are actually going 10 degrees to the East, which follows the coast. And since they are going against the Wind, they are sailing at a meagerly slow 5 Knots.

As they get out of the Harbour, they start doing some Emergency Practise Drills followed by some exercises until Hirugohan Lunch is ready, which is Saba Mackerel Sushi with some warmed Samosas.

After Hirugohan Lunch, they continue doing some Tai Chi Exercises and practising tending to the Rigging. Nobunaga Sensho-San keeps the Kawa Shima Maru in the proper shipping lanes where a lot of other Merchant Ships come and go. He was briefed about those lanes by Fujikawa Bucho-San and that if he stayed about 500 Meters to 1 Kilometer from the shoreline, in those shipping lanes, the Kawa Shima Maru will be less likely to encounter any dangers of Pirates. They avoid these Shipping Lanes as they are regularily patroled by the East Indian Navy.

They have to get down to Southern Point of India and then turn East out across the Indian Ocean towards Indonesia. On the way, they especially have to avoid going West towards the Lakshadweep Group of Islands as that is where a lot of Pirates lay in wait for any Merchant Ships that have gone off course by accident and picking them off.

All day, they have been encountering other Merchant and Fish Boats, each time dipping their Japanese Flag in salute to them and their country. Just before Dinner, they actually spot a medium sized Man-O-War of the East Indian Navy. They go to semi alert as this size of Warship are sometimes used by Pirate Ship who have disquised themselves as East Indian Navy Ships. Fortunately, when they dip their Japanese Flag, they salute back in return and carry on their way.

By Bangohan Dinner, the crew have gotten in a lot of refresher drilling on manning the rigging and have gotten back their sea legs. The Harbour of Mangalor is now far out of sight and they are now watching the coastline glide by. For Bangohan Dinner is steamed fresh Vegetables on top of beds of Steamed Rice.

After Bangohan Dinner, Ki No Ronin goes to sleep for a few hours before doing his first Night Watch after leaving Mangalor.

For the next few days, they make painfully slow progress. With the Winds and the Currents they way they are, they take several days to make it to Parakkad, the village where they traded some Fabric for their Mangos. Upon coming upon that village again, they look out with their Spyglasses. They notice that several Windows of the Village now have drapes made of their French Fabric and several people are now wearing clothes made from their Fabric. It looks as though they really liked their Fabric and are making good uses of it all.

While sailing, they regularly put over the ships Launch and put in Fish Equipment to catch Fish to suppliment their Fresh Food Supplies. They seem to regularly catch more Mackerel along with the occasional Tuna.

After about a week of sailing along without much incidents other than saluting the occasional other Merchant Ships that went by, they come to the last city before rounding the Southern Tip of India. Nobunaga Sensho-San decides that since this is that last opportunity before going across the Indian Ocean past the Bay of Bengal toward Indonesia, that they would put into this Port for a quick one days Shore Leave. This is the City of Kovalam. They arrive at about 10:00pm and just outside the Port, Nobunaga Sensho-San has the Crew brought up on deck and announce, "Kono Minato no naka ni Ichiban no ato ni Ichi Nichi dake na Engan Kyujitsu wa Suru koto ga Dekimasu. Kono Ninato no Futo no mawari ni dake Inokori Nakareba Narimasen. Yon Jikan no aida ni dake Engan no mawari ni Inokori Nakareba Narimasen. Kono Yon Jikan no ato ni Kawa Shima Maru de Kaeri Nakareba Narimasen dewa Kawa Shima Maru no naka ni Nemurimasu.

The Crew give a short cheer of happiness at this last opportunity to get a bit of Shore Leave before going off across the Bay of Bengal towards Indonesia. They then sail into the Harbour of Kovalam with their Flags Dipped and find a vacant wharf to tie up to.

Yoshimune ShOko-San goes ashore with most of the Crew to tour around the wharf area to basically stretch their legs and there is actually a few Market Yatai Food Booths near the Wharfs where they are able to get a good supply of Samosas. They have really fallen in love with the taste of Samosas. They also get rid of their garbage for the last weeks sailing and Ki No Ronin helps Shooji Chorishi-San do some maintenance on the Kawa Shima Maru. Only Four Crewmates are not allow this bit of Shore Leave, for which they get light duties promised for the first few days when they put back out to Sea. They are Ki No Ronin's constant comrads Hirayama-San, Miyazaki-San, and Yoshida-San along with Fujii-San. Nobunaga Sensho-San also stays on board in order to watch over his ship.

About 4 hours later, Yoshimune ShOko-San and the rest of the Crew start coming back to the Ship. Just as the last few members of the Crew are returning, there is a sudden disturbance from Shore. An East Indian Man suddenly comes running up who actually manages a few words of Japanese shouting, "Sumimasen! Sumimasen! Matteimasu!".

He comes up to the Gang Plank of the Kawa Shima Maru, and as he approaches, he is seen to be waving a scroll of parchment. Nobunaga Sensho-San then looks over to Ki No Ronin and orders, "Kono Hito no imi wa Metsukete Kudasai. Hito no Shorui wa Yonde Kudasai".

Ki No Ronin bows and say, "Hai!", and goes down from Bridge across the Quarterdeck and down the gang plank to the East Indian man who is waving his scroll of paper. As Ki No Ronin approaches, the Man presents Ki No Ronin the scroll. Ki No Ronin takes it and reads it. It is entirely in Japanese and goes:

"Taskete! Nihon no Fune wa Irimasu! Takusan Kinu wa Nihon de Toteke Nakareba Narimasen. Kore wa Chubu no Nagoya Toshi no Daimyo no Kinu Kiji Desu. Kono Hito no Musume no To Kekkon Kimono wa Tsukurimasu. Kono Haitatsu Suru no ato ni takusan Sho wa Arimasu", the parchment saying that they are in need of a Japanese Ship to transport some Silk Fabric to the Daimyo of Chubu Prefecture for his Daughter's Wedding Kimono Dresses.

Ki No Ronin immediately understands and holds his hand up in a motion meaning to wait for a moment. He then goes back up on board and shows that Parchment to Nobunaga Sensho-San. Attached to the Parchment is a purchase receipt and way bill of delivery. They had expected another ship to take the fabric, but that ship had run aground in a storm before arriving to pick up the Silk Fabric. There are Four Sailors from that ship that survived the sinking and they need transport back to Japan, so they will also be paid for providing transport these Sailors.

Nobunaga Sensho-San nods in agreeance. He would like nothing more than to have the honour of completing this delivery for a Great Daimyo of Japan. Ki No Ronin goes back down the gangway and bows respectfully to the East Indian Man, who now identifies himself as Hardeep-San. He then signs that he will be back shortly. He then hurries to an awaiting horse drawn Taxi and departs.
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For the next few hours, Nobunaga Sensho-San has space made in the Ship's Hold for the extra rolls of Silk Fabric that is now expected to arrive. The receipt attached to the way bill document states that the shipment is for 10 Rolls of Kinu Silken Fabric. The Daimyo of Chubu, whose name is Maeda Daimyo-Sama, must be planning on having Kimono Dresses made for not only his Daughter, but also for her entire retinue of Ladies in Waiting for her Wedding Ceremony. Also, he must have ordered extra rolls of this highly prized and expensive Fabric to have to trade with. Such fine Kinu Silks are highly prized and if put up for resale in the Japanese Markets, would fetch a handsome price. It is obvious that Maeda Daimyo-Sama must be hoping to make some profit from this trade in East Indian Silks as well as providing for his Daughter's Wedding Dresses.

They also make four extra places for their Japanese Passengers. There is not much space in the Orlop Deck's bow for any extra passengers. There is space enough for one since they had lost Isono-Sama many months before, but it is decided that space must be found in the Hold to set up Tatami Mat Beds for their Four Passengers.

Preparations are still being made when a couple of Carriages suddenly pull up alongside the Kawa Shima Maru. In the Carriages, they see an East Indian Driver, the East Indian Hardeep, and four others, all of whom appear to be Japanese. They are riding with their eyes down with looks of shame upon their faces.

They get out of the Carriages and appear to unpack some bags which probably contain the personal belongings of the four Passengers. They pick up their bags and follow Hardeep-San to the gangway that leads up to the Kawa Shima Maru. Ki No Ronin hurries down the gangway and meets them. Hardeep-San puts his hands together and bows respectfully and presents Ki No Ronin with another Shorui Scroll. Ki No Ronin unfolds it and reads. It is the information on the four Japanese Sailors who are to be their passengers. They are Ikuto-San who was their ship's Chorishi Cook, and the rest are ordinary Funenori-nin Sailors. They are Koshin Funenorinin-San, Saimoto Funenorinin-San, and Aoki Funenorinin-San. The document also states that name of the ship that they lost, and that was the Kishu Shima Maru, which was owned and operated by the Daimyo Maeda-Sama himself. It seems that all the other officers including the Captain had gone down with the Kishu Shima Maru. Only the Ship's Cook and Carpenter survived along with three deckhands, all who had managed to swim to the shore and safety after their ship had smashed onto some rocks during a Storm when they were on their way back from quick errand to Sri Lanka.

Ki No Ronin puts up his hand and says, "Chotto Mattekudasai", and then turns and goes back up to the Quarterdeck of the Kawa Shima Maru and hands the Document Scroll up to the Bridge for Nobunaga Sensho-San to read. He takes it and reads it over. After a while, Ki No Ronin asks, "Nobunaga Sensho-San, kono shorui wa Yoroshii Desu ka? Kono Homon Kyakusama Yon-nin wa Kawa Shima Maru no ue ni Kite mo Idesu ka?".

Nobunaga Sensho-San nods and replies, "Hai! Kite mo Idesu ni Dozo". Ki No Ronin then goes back down the gangway and waves to the four Japanese Sailors to follow him. Still with their eyes down, they follow Ki No Ronin up the gangway. They then line up on the Quarterdeck. They keep their eyes down to the deck as they feel shame for having been part of a crew who had lost their ship. They say nothing to each other and are waiting to be spoken to.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then goes to the rail of the Bridge and asks down, "Ikuto Chorishi-San wa Donata wa Imasu ka?". One of the shamed Sailors, while still not looking up, puts up a hand and simply says, "Sensho-San, Watashi wa Ikuto Chorishi-nin". Nobunaga-San states the name, "Koshin Funenori-San?". "Hai", comes a reply from another of the four. "Saimoto Funenori-San?". "Hai", comes another reply. "Aoki Funenori-San?". "Hai", the last sailor replies. The all stand there looking over these four sailors, looking them over to in order to gain recognition of their new shipmates and passengers.

Then Nobunaga Sensho-San says, "Kawa Shima Maru no naka ni Irrashiamasu. Watashi toshi no issho ni kono Fune wa Hataraki Nakareba Narimasen. Anato no Meiyo wa sai Tsukurimasu. Rai Go Fun no aida ni anata no shinamono wa Tsukekomo Shimasu. Sore wa Shooji Chorishi-San", motioning his hand towards Shooji-San in introduction and then continues, "Shooji Chorishi-San to issho ni Iki Nakareba Narimasen. Kono Chorishi-San wa anata no Tokoro wa Misemasu. Ima Itte Kudasai".

Shooji Chorishi-San steps forward and says, "Hajimemashite Funenorinin Yon Hito. Watashi to issho ima Kite Kudasai". The Four Sailors bow, still without looking up, and obediently go with Shooji Chorishi-San down below to stow their belongings. Five Minutes later, they are back up on the Quarterdeck.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then addresses the only surviving officer of the Kishu Shima Maru Ikuto Chorishi-San, "Nan Shu no mae ni anata no Fune wa Chinbotsu Shimashita ka?". Ikuto-San replies obediently and politley, "San Shukan no mae ni Sensho-San". Nobunaga Sensho-San goes on, "Dakara San Shukan no mae ni Funenori Saino wa Renshu Shimasen Deshita. Mo Sukoshi ni Anata Tashi no Funenori Saino wa Yowai Desu. Ima kara takusan Renshu Shi Nakareba Narimasen. Takusan Undo wa ima Shi Nakareba Narimasen".

Nobunaga Sensho-San then has Shooji Chorishi-San put the four new passengers put to practise getting used to the rigging and equipment of the Kawa Shima Maru. The are made to practise climbing the rigging, including the Kishu Shima Maru's only surviving officer, who is now unceremoniously demoted to rank of Ordinary Futsu na Funenorinin Seaman.

After about an hour of such drills, practise and exercise, Hirugohan Dinner is prepared and served out. The Four New Passengers are last to get their bowls of Gohan Rice and while everyone else gets a Samosa, they do not.

During Hirugohan Dinner, a messenger suddenly arrives with a note that had been translated into Japanese which informs them that the shipment of Kinu Silk is ready for loading from a certain wharf Kovalam City and that in the morning, they have to sail over to that wharf to collect their cargo.

After Hirugohan Dinner, Nobunaga Sensho-San decides that the new Crewmen should do Night Watches so that the regular crewmen can get better sleep from now on. As usual, Ki No Ronin will continue to be in charge of the Night Watch. This turn of events makes Ki No Ronin a bit disgruntled, although he hides his feelings. He is disgruntled because he is now not able to do Night Watch with his Secret Ninja Comrads, so that means he wont be able to secretly teach them the arts of the Ninja during the Night Watches anymore. His Ninja Comrads are also a bit disappointed and express their displeasure by actively shunning the new Crewmen/Passengers.

Right after Dinner, Ki No Ronin has the Four New Crewmen go down to their Tatami Mat Beds in the Hold to get a couple of hours rest before their first Night Watch Duty and then he goes to his Bunk to get his rest as well.

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Fujii-San awakens Ki No Ronin just 10 minutes before 11:00pm and Ki No Ronin then gets up and dresses and arms himself. He immediately goes down into the Hold to get the new Crewmates. He is intent on getting them up and giving them a hard time if he finds them still asleep, but is sort of surprised to find them already up, dressed and ready for their first Night Watch. Ki No Ronin looks at this and is a bit impressed at their tenacity for showing how they want to get back to doing their Duty. He curtly orders, "Niban Kanpan de ima Iki Nakareba Narimasen!". The four Funenori-nin smartly reply "Hai!" and immediately file past Ki No Ronin going up the ladder as fast as they can, going up the next ladder taking them from the Orlop Deck to their posts on the Quarter Deck. Ki No Ronin follows them up.

Once on deck, he sees the Afternoon Watch with Nobunaga Sensho-San on the Bridge. Ki No Ronin quickly quips up to the Bridge, "Kite mo Idesu ka?". Nobunaga Sensho-San replies, "Mochiron ni Kite Kudasai, Dozo Ki No Ronin Bushi-San".

Ki No Ronin then goes up the the Bridge and then realizes that previously Nobunaga Sensho-San had made a rule forbidding any of the disgraced Sailors from coming up to the Bridge, but if that rule stands, Ki No Ronin would have to man the helm himself. He then turns to Nobunaga Sensho-San and whispers quietly, "Sumimasen Nobunaga Sensho-San. Kono Funenori Yon-nin wa Fune no Senkyo de Kiru koto ga Kinji Shimasu. Anata no Toriastukai Setsumei Desu. Keredomo Watashi no Yugatta na KOtai Gumi no aida ni Darin Hito wa Irimasu de nai to watashi wa Kawa Shima Maru wa Untenshu Shi Nakareba Narimasen Desho. Tabun Ikuto Funenorinin-San wa kore no shitogo wa Suru koto ga Dekimasu ka? Sumimasen".

Upon hearing Ki No Ronin's recommendation that Ikuto Chorishi-San be made Helmsman during his Night Watches at sea, Nobunaga Sensho-San looks thoughtfull for a moment and replies, "Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Anata wa Tadashii Desu. Ashita Yugatta no Kumai Gumi no aida ni Darin Hito wa Irimasu. Ikuto Funenori-San wa kono shigoto wa Shite mo Idesu. Kono KOtai Gumi no aida dake Senkyo no ue ni Kite mo Idesu. Yugatta KOtai Gumi no ato Ikuto Funenori-San Kiru wa Kinju Suru Desu".

Ki No Ronin nods in agreeance to the Captain edict that Ikuto Funenori-San can come up to the Bridge to act as Helmsman when they are out at sea again, but for tonight, since they are tied up in the Harbour, that he is forbidden to come up to the Bridge.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then takes one last stroll about the Bridge doing one last inspection before retiring and then orders, "Gogo KOtai Gumi ima Shuppatsu Shite mo Idesu. Ima Kutsurogu Suru koto ga Dekimasu soshite Nemutte mo Idesu, Dozo". The Afternoon Watch Crewmen all bow to the Captain and all file off down below to the Orlop Deck to their Hammocks, although some are heard getting out their Dice Game and starting a game of Crap Dice Game.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then turns to Ki No Ronin and says, "Oyasumi Nasai Ki No Ronin Bushi-San. Anata no Gimu ni Ki wo Tsuketekudasai". Ki No Ronin does a quick bow and replies, "Oyasumi Nasai Nobunaga Sensho-San".

After Nobunaga Sensho-San leaves, Ki No Ronin decides to do put the new Crewmen through a few Emergency Drills, Practise with Jari Spears, Climbing the Rigging and some Exercises. First he has Ikuto-San go up to the Crow's-Nest to keep watch, and he switches that around every hour or so.

The Four Crewmen had been thuroughly trained before in the use of the Jari Spear for their Voyages and it does not take long for them to get back into Practise with this weapon. Ki No Ronin then has them practise some basic Judo and Japanese Karate and it does not take him long to get them back into shape with that as well. Ki No Ronin thinks to himself that these Crewmen are very capable in regards to Martial Arts and being able to climb and tend Ship's Rigging. He now thinks to himself that coming up these Sailors might have been Good Fortune for the Kawa Shima Maru although their skills were not able to save the Kishu Shima Maru.

After about 3 hours of drills, Ki No Ronin calls for the men to take a break and he becons Ikuto-San, who was an officer of the Kishu Shima Maru over and asks, "Sri Lanka de Doyatte ni Ikimashita ka?". Ikuto-San replies in a whisper after looking about to make sure no one off board can hear, "Kono Kinu Kiji ChUman no ato Tsukurimashita, Sri Lanka no Safaia HOseki wa Kaimashita. Kore wa Daimyo Maeda-Sama no Musume-Sama no to Kekkon Okurimono Deshita. Kishu Shima Maru Chinbotsu no naka ni mada Arimasu. Ima Nakushita Deshita. Zennennagara Deshita".

Ki No Ronin raises an eyebrow and asks, "Kono Safaia HOseki dono kurai Arimashita ka?". Ikutsu-San replies, "Sore wa Safaia San Hyaku Ko Deshita. Kore wa Takai na Takaramono no Safaia Desu", saying that the Daimyo had them buy 300 Sri Lankan Saphires for his daughters wedding gift, but they were all lost when the Kishu Shima Maru went down in the storm.

Ki No Ronin now knows that a fortune in Saphire Gemstones now lays at the bottom of the sea somewhere close by. He takes Ikuto-San by the arm and leads him up to the Bridge to the Chart Table and he pulls out some Charts of the East Indian Southern Coastline and asks, "Ichiban Chikaku ni Kishu Shima Maru wa doko ni Chinbotsu Shimashita ka?".

Ikuto-San then looks at the Maps thoughtfully and looks and after a while of looking over the maps, points to a general area of the Map and says, "Tabun Koko ni Arimasu. Tabun Higashi ni Ichi Ni Ju Kiro Desu", saying that the Kishu Shima Maru went down about 120 Kilometers up the Coast. "Tabun sai Metsukeru koto ga Dekimasu", he continues saying that he is pretty sure that he can refind the spot where his ship when down.

Ki No Ronin writes the information down and orders, "Senkyo kara ima Itte Kudasai". Ikuto-San obediently then leaves the Bridge and goes back to the Quarter Deck.

They then spend the rest of the Night Watch doing some more Practise Drills and Exercise until Nobunaga Sensho-San gets up at 6:00am and comes up to the Bridge. Ki No Ronin takes him to the Chart Table and tells him the story that Ikuto-San had told him. Nobunaga Sensho-San then also gets wideeyed and immediately calls for Ikuto-San to immediately report to the Bridge.

Ikuto-San again, with hushed voice, tells Nobunaga Sensho-San the story of the lost Saphire Gems Stones that were ment for the Daimyo's Musume Daughter's Wedding present. They were ment to be made into Rings and Necklesses for her. Her name is Nichiko Daimyo Musume-Sama.

Nobunaga Sensho-San then dismisses Ikuto-San. He then calls for the Morning Watch to come up on duty and after Asagohan is served out to the Crew and eaten, they start to untie the Kawa Shima Maru. They bring down the Boats Launch and use it to help tow the Kawa Shima Maru to the wharf where they are to pick up the Silk Kinu Kiji Fabric. They have to as there is little wind and they will move faster if towed by the last with four men in it rowing.

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They get to the wharf that Ikuto-San guides them to and the tie up. After handing over their way bills for their cargo, the 10 rolls of Silk Fabric are brought out covered with canvas to keep them from gettin wet. They are brough alongside the Kawa Shima Maru and the crew use block and tackle rigs to pick up the Rolls of Fabric three at a time and put them down into the hold. The work takes now time at all since there are four new Crewmen helping who seem to know what they are doing. It seems that they were highly experienced Merchant Sailors and they work very efficiently. They are doing their work so well that it is now beginning to be thought that the loss of their ship was by the will of Mother Nature and nothing of their faults. And another thing that saves them some face if the fact that their Captain and First Officer had gone down with their Ship and Cargo.

After getting the 10 rolls of Fabric loaded on, they immediately untie from the loading dock and there is now a stronger wind for them to catch and they make for sea out of the Harbour of Kavalam. They start heading East along the coast of East India. Nobunaga Sensho-San now allows Ikuto-San free run of the Bridge and gives him a spyglass to watch for any sign of the area where the Kishu Shima Maru may have went down.

After they leave the Harbour of Kavalam, they have Hirugohan Lunch. Right after Lunch, Ikuto-San is thuroughly questioned by Nobunaga Sensho-San for details about their adventures for information on how to spot the area where the Kishu Shima Maru had gone down.

Ikuto-San relates how they were at the mouth of a Bay that had its mouth a Rocky Outcrop that they were attempting to get by in the Arashi Storm that they found themselves in. The Winds were to great and they ended up crashing up against the Rocks and once the Hole breached their Hull, the fate of the Kawa Shima Maru was sealed. Before they could get their Launch out, the Kawa Shima Maru's Kanpan Deck were awash and they all had to swim for their lives. It must have been quite a big hole at the Kawa Shima Maru's Hold was pretty much empty as they had brought a load of Good Japanese Products as well as a supply of Pearls to trade for the Saphire Gems and Kinu Silken Fabrics that they had come for. They had gone to Kavalam before and placed the order for the East Indian Silks, and dropped off what they were Trading for it, which was a large supply of Japanese Pearls, Dried Rice and Fine Roll Pounded Steel Knives and Weapons for the East Indian Military. The Japanese is famed for how well they make their Steel Knives and Weapons because of the way the roll pound their Steel Metals many times to make them more stronger and able to hold edges a lot more better, so in order to trade, they brought a supply of Knives and Weapons to trade for the Silks and Saphires that Daimyo Maeda-Sama wanted for his Daughters Wedding.

Ikuto-San then relates how after he and only three others managed to swim to shore in the Arashi Storm and when they made it to shore, they looked back and could only see the top of the Masts being left as they disappeared under the waters and then there was a few heads bobbing about in the waves of the Arashi Storm, but as they tried to swim into shore, waves would throw them onto the Sharp Rocks just a bit farther down the shore and they were knocked out and thus were not able to get a hold of the Rocks to climb out as he and his three Shipmates had been lucky enough to be able to do.

They stayed for a while, watching for anyone else who might be able to swim to safety, but there was none. So after a few hours, they started making their way along the coastline to get help. They knew their destination was about 120 Km West down the coast, so that was the direction that they started to walk. They were now Hungry and Cold and they managed to make a camp by making a jerry rigged shelter out of some Bamboo shafts that they managed to fashion and thatched it with some Palm Fronds. They had no way to start a Fire to get warm by, so they had to stay together to get some Body Heat from each other. But the temperature in this climate is Warm and Humid, so they may have been wet and uncomfortable, but they managed to make it through to the next morning.

The next morning, they did take a look at the site where the Kishu Shima Maru went down and tried to memorize the site as best they could as they did know that inside the ship lay a fortune of Saphires that an expedition might someday come back to retrieve. Depending on the depth of the wreck, they might end up having to come back someday with some Ama Onna-nin, who are the famous Japanese Female Pearl Divers who can go down to great depths to harvest Pearls. If the Kishu Shima Maru is over 60 or so feet down, only they have the skill to go down to such depths to try to get to the Captains Cabin in which Captain Nishimoto Sensho-San was believed to have stored the Saphire HOseko Gems for safe keeping.

Then the started to walk along the coastline. It actually took about 2 days of walking before they came upon a Fishing Village. When they managed to describe that they were Crewmen of a ship that had gone down, they managed to get a ride from a Fishing Boat to Kavalam to report to the Fabric Dealer what had happened. A message had been sent to Mangalor, where they knew there was a Shinto Shipping Company Office that they could get help from, but about a week after the messenger had been dispatched, the Kawa Shima Maru was sighted arriving into Kavalam. The East Indian Silk Merchant spotted the Kawa Shima Maru displaying a Japanese Flag and ran off to make contact.

So the first thing they have to do is make a siting of the Fishing Village that they came to, and then go down the coast about 30 to 40 Km to find the spot where the Kishu Shima Maru went down. Judging by the speed that the Kawa Shima Maru is going, it shouldnt take to much time for them to get to the spot where the small Fishing Village is.

Ikuto-San then draws the a Map of how the Bay looked where their ship had gone down and how the coastline looked leading to the Fishing Village. He figures that after going past the Fishing Village by about 20 Km, that he should go ashore and find the path they had walked along to get to the Fishing Village and then retrace his steps to the Bay where the Kishu Shima Maru went down. Judging by the speed of the Kawa Shima Maru, they might not get to the Village until next Morning. They are not past the Kavalam near the southern tip of East Indian, so the winds are now a lot more in favor for them making good progress.

During the time that Ikuto-San is relating the story to Nobunaga Sensho-San at the Chart Table, the entire crew has been doing Emergency Drills, Exercise and working with the Kawa Shima Maru's Rigging. They also do some practice with the Jari Spears. Ki No Ronin is drilling the crew and getting the new Crewmen in shape and used to working with their new Crewmates. After finishing get the whole story from Ikuto-San, Nobonaga Sensho-San says to him, "Kono Joho ni Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Ikuto Funenori-San. Kono Renshu Suru ni Fukumimasu". Ikuto-San bows and obediently goes down to the Quarter Deck and joins in with the Exercises and Practices.

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