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The secret of longevity among Okinawans

Okinawan food culture in the Ryukyu island is one of the world's most interesting culture because its consumers have the longest life expectancies and low disability . Let's study new vocabraries.

Word file 61K Eri Sep 16, 2007

How to survive NATSUABATE ­09­5

Japan's summer months are notoriously hot and muggyJapan's summer months are notoriously hot and muggy, which can lead to a range of health problems. Nihon no natsu ha atsukute, mushiatsu desu.

Word file 38K Eri Sep 8, 2007


Rryokan (旅館­?) is a type of traditional Japanese inn. They typically feature tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and other public areas. Why don?t we learn a ryokan and a onsen( a hot spring) more?

Word file 359K Eri Sep 4, 2007

Sushi Etiquette

How to eat sushi and sushi bar etiquette... that's what this document is about.

Word file 75K Eri Aug 18, 2007


I pick up some Janglish( English/English-like­ words used in Japan)

Word file 27K Eri Aug 18, 2007

japanese slang 8307

Here is the list of Japanese Slangs. You might hear or see some of them at Manga or TV.

Word file 38K Eri Aug 7, 2007


This is actual advertizement of the beer. The beer is called as " texas Select".

Word file 29K Eri Aug 7, 2007

0803 ビ­ール­説明­

Let's read advertizement of a beer. The beer is callsed as " Texas Select". It is refreshing taste and non-alocohol. Let's find out more.

Word file 174K Eri Aug 7, 2007

Traditional Japanese color

the word "color" is "IRO" in Japanese, "IRO" is used for meanings of sexy, sexual feeling, attractive, becautiful. "IRO PPOI" means sexy. Please read this file, learn more about iro (color).

Word file 38K Eri Jul 31, 2007

727 janglish

This is the list of Janglish. They are confusing, because the meaning is different from English words.

Word file 29K Eri Jul 31, 2007

What_is_Haiku ­0713

Haiku is one of the most important forms of traditional Japanese poetry. Chousen shitekudasai!!

Word file 31K Eri Jul 16, 2007

Tanabata 0713

I brought Onomatopoeic Phrases. Mite kudasai.

Word file 82K Eri Jul 16, 2007

Japanese Rice ball

I talked about history of an Onigiri ( a rice ball) and the history.

Word file 145K Eri Jul 11, 2007

List of Janglish

Japanese think these words are English, but they are different meaning from English words.

Word file 29K Eri Jul 11, 2007

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