Android Engineer

At Meetup, we bring people together, 15 million of them so far. We did all that with a web site and email reminders, but now we’re rebuilding Meetup around the expanding capabilities of mobile devices. As an Android Engineer at Meetup, you’ll work across teams to build new features into our Android app. Should running meetups be able to track their distance collectively? How about using location services to help lost members find their meetups? Help us decide!

As an Android Engineer, you will develop mobile experiences that impact communities worldwide by working closely with other smart, dedicated engineers, designers, and product managers. You are expected to write robust, maintainable code that performs well across a range of devices.
An ideal candidate has:

  • Commitment to helping cultivate local community worldwide
  • Experience developing a quality Android application from conception to launch
  • A strong product sense: you understand Meetup and have ideas for how to make our Android app better.
  • Background interacting with HTTP APIs
  • A love of building software, demonstrated through interesting side projects, open source contributions, or other involvement in the tech community
  • A portfolio of fast, usable, well architected Android apps in the Play Store is a plus 
Our team is smart, ambitious, and supportive — above all, we are excited by what we do. While meeting regular deadlines and being focused on quick, quality completion of projects, the environment is relaxed and fun.

Every member of the Meetup Team is expected to: be an Innovator; be a Collaborator; be a Champion for their ideas; be an Expert; have High Standards; be dedicated to the power of self-organized groups and our mission of A Meetup Everywhere About Most Everything ("MEME"); and most importantly, Get Stuff Done That Makes a Difference!

Check out our dev blog:
And scenes from our latest hackathon:

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Android Engineer

we get to focus
on a simple dream

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what if it were easy
to find the others?

what if the future
had more community?

what if every city
were a meetuppy city?

what if people
were more powerful?

what if we used the internet
to get off the internet?

what if the world
had a billion new friendships?

what if meetup
keeps growing forever?

what if there's
a meetup everywhere
about most everything?

that's our mission.

come help.

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Duncan Ariey, QA Engineer
Sadaf Shahsahebi, UI Engineer